How to make a self-made Martisor: simple options

Want to make a traditional Moldovan spring symbol? Read how to make a Martisor with your own hands from paper, thread and other materials. You do not need anything expensive. The execution technology is also simple. Choose your favorite way. Create beautiful elegant ornaments.

What does this souvenir look like?

Martisor is popular in Eastern European countries, symbolizes spring and love. It is made, as a rule, manually. The product consists of two identical in shape figures of white and red. These can be balls, stars, men, flowers and other elements. Give Martisors on the first day of spring. By tradition, the jewelry is worn on clothes the whole of March, and when the trees start to blossom, they hang them on the branches. Want to join this tradition? Make such a thing to make a Martisor do it yourself

History of Martisor

The legend tells about how Spring came out of the forest at the appointed time and met a snowdrop breaking through a snowdrift that did not melt. She decided to help him reach for the sun, pushing the snow and branches. Seeing this, winter got angry and sent a blizzard. When Spring began to stretch her arms through the thorny branches to save the flower, she pricked herself and dripped blood from her finger directly onto the snowdrop. He came to life. It is the confrontation of Spring and Winter and the victory of a new life over a blizzard and blizzard that symbolizes Martisor. White and red color for snow and blood.

According to another legend, a young man met a snowdrop, who told him about the beginning of spring. Winter did not like the fact that the little flower is not afraid of her and notifies of the arrival of the new season. Started a strong storm. The young man began to fight with her in the hope of protecting the flower, but could not overcome Frost and, reaching the snowdrop, covered it with his breast. Drops of blood, feeding straight from the heart to the ground near the flower, gave the fragile creature the opportunity to escape. The young man at the cost of his life defended spring.

manufacturing processes

As is clear from the previous section when creating a souvenir symbol, the most important thing is to observe the corresponding light range. As for how to make a martsishor with your own hands, that is, there are a lot of methods to perform them. The choice is determined by your imagination, the materials at hand and the technique in which you know how to work. In fact, all methods are quite simple. Even if you have never done this, it will not be difficult to make a souvenir. So, the options are as follows:

  • tassels, pompons or human-like figures of threads;
  • any form of beads;
  • macrame;
  • Crochet;
  • paper crafts, including in the technique of to make a Martisor do it yourself

Used materials and tools

Before studying the sections, which tells about how to make a Martisor with your own hands, decide on what you will do. Depending on this, you will need to prepare the following:

  • thread;
  • paper or cardboard;
  • beads;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

How to make a Martisor with your own hands out of thread

The easiest option is making jewelry in the form of pompons or tassels. To make circles or balls, do the following:

  1. Cut a ring of the appropriate size from cardboard or heavy paper. If you make a fluffy ball, you will need two blanks to make one piece.
  2. Lay both parts on top of one another and thread the surface.
  3. Make a cut around the perimeter of the circle.
  4. Drag a contrasting or similarly-colored thread to the resulting workpiece.
  5. Make a second matching shade.
  6. Connect both parts.

You can also use a single cardboard blank, which is enough to wrap with threads without subsequent cutting. You will have a flat to make a Martisor do-it-yourself

So, you can choose the easiest way how to make a Martisor with your own hands. Gradually performing the rear, you will easily make such a product yourself. Another variant of the souvenir is the thread dolls. They, like pom-poms, are easy for even children to perform. how to make a Martisor do-it-yourself in stagesThe technology of creation is as follows:

  1. Twist from white and red (sometimes use pink) thread harness, tying knots at the ends of the workpiece.
  2. Take a rectangle of thick paper or cardboard about the size of a business card, wind it with threads across the width of the rectangle. This size corresponds to the growth of the future pupa.
  3. Tie a knot from one side of the wound part, cut it from the other with scissors.
  4. From the side of the knot, tie the bundle a short distance away. This will be the head of the doll. By the way, you can stop at this and make two brushes and connect them to the harness made in the first stage.
  5. To get a doll, continue to work. Separate a small amount of thread to create handles and tie the blank again.
  6. At the ends of the handles, also perform on the waist. One figure left such. It turns out, as in a skirt.
  7. The second pupa performs another constriction, dividing the lower part into two legs.
  8. Both figures are connected to the two-colored flagellum performed in the first stage. Souvenir is ready.

How to make a Martisor do-it-yourself paper

The easiest way is to cut out blanks of the desired shape (in the form of a circle, a flower, etc.) from sheets of the corresponding shades. A more complicated option is to use the techniques of application, origami, quilling. For the second method, blanks will be required; for the third method, narrow strips of paper and tools for twisting them into the souvenir elements will be required. how to make a Martisor do-it-yourself paperSo, they carry out not only small crafts from two elements, but even more complex panels.

Now you know how to make a Martisor with your own hands. From the beads, by the way, you can also make very spectacular decorations. If you do not know how to work in this technique, use beads or glass bugles of the corresponding shades just for decorating paper products or threads with glue. Although weaving a flower, ball, leaf or other simple form is also not very difficult. Need a special needle and fishing line for to make a Martisor do it yourself from beads

So, you have learned how to make a martsishor with your own hands. Choose your favorite way. Create beautiful souvenirs, decorations for your friends and loved ones.

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