Actor George Epifantsev. What is known about his life and work?

Actor George Epifantsev. What is known about his life and work?

  • Unfortunately, it is worth saying that this handsome and truly talented actor has lived a rather short life, only 53 year. But nevertheless, she was bright enough in his case.

    Born in Kerch, a young man came to conquer the capital. And it should be noted that he was immediately noticed and he easily entered the famous school-studio of the Moscow Art Theater. Also, after it was over, he was admitted to the theater at this studio - the Moscow Art Theater. True, he served there not for long, only seven years, after which he moved to another, equally great theater - Theater on Taganka.

    Also, his acting career was rather positive. In his filmography, there are a lot of bright works and main roles, in real cult series, such as:

    "A gloomy river";

    quot; Thomas Gordeev;

    "Nine days of one year";

    "With your loved ones, do not part";

    It is also worth saying that the famous actor and director Vladimir Epifantsev, is the son of George Epifantsev.

    Actor George Epifantsev. What is known about his life and work?

    In this case, the son inherited from his father an actor's talent and bright appearance. In addition to Vladimir, Georgiy Epifantsev had two more children, his son Mikhail, who died quite early, at the age of thirty, and daughter Natalia, who is far from the cinema world.

    Georgiy Semenovich did not become 27 July 1992. He died very tragically, a train got under the wheels.

  • George Epifantsev, it's a pity that the young generation practically does not know about such a great actor.

    In due time the film Ugryum the river thundered on all country. He was awarded a Diploma for the best screen version at the All-Union Film Festival in Leningrad in 1969.

    Actor George Epifantsev. What is known about his life and work?

    Georgiy Semenovich was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

    Born an artist in the village of Kamysh-Burun Krasnodar Territory. Kerch became a native city for him, where he lived and studied.

    In twenty years he graduated from the School-Studio. Nemirovich-Danchenko at the Moscow Art Theater. He immediately got lucky, he was accepted into the Moscow Art Theater's troupe, he worked on the stage of this theater for thirty years. Only a year left his native theater in Tagankovsky.

    A creative person wrote pictures, poems, plays. Two of them are delivered in the Moscow Art Theater: "Ball by candlelight"; and "Friends". But he did not indulge in the main roles in his native theater. Epifantsev left Oleg Efremov for free sailing. I tried to create my own theater ("theater of one actor").

    From theatrical life.

    During the tour of the Taganka Theater in Transcaucasia Epifantsev saved the life of his friend Vladimir Vysotsky.

    Theater director Yury Lyubimoy invited the actors to visit his friends. Resting at the dacha, which is located on the banks of the Kura, Vysotsky decided to take a walk and swim. It is worth noting that in those days Vysotsky did not drink at all. Although Vladimir was an excellent swimmer, he could not calculate his strength, and almost drowned. Epifantsev, sensing something was wrong, jumped into the water, and managed to get a friend out of the water when he was almost left.

    Actor George Epifantsev. What is known about his life and work?

    The most significant successes occurred in his young years.

    Foma Gordeev was played by him in the second year.

    The role of Prokhor Gromov, from the Ugryum River, brought him the all-Union glory. And he was at that time almost thirty years.

    The role of Prokhor Gromov, probably - the main role in his acting career.

    George's relatives and friends called Zhora. After the release of the picture on the screens, he was foretold by his fate: "The beginning will be good, the middle is stormy, and the end is terrible"; So in life almost happened ...

    The sixties were the most successful in his film career.

    Nine days of one year, Teht Volga, Flower on a stone - 1962

    Unexpected history - 1963

    Loyalty to the mother 1966

    Then there were only a few roles:

    Privalovskie millions - 1972

    Origins - 1974

    We are together, Mum is 1976, in this picture he starred with his eldest son Mikhail.

    With your loved ones do not leave - 1979

    And the last picture, in which Georgy Epifantsev was filmed. It's me fool - 1991.

    The hardest trials came for the years of feasting in the cinema and theater. The act went to sell to the Kiev market, but to muffle pain and longing for creativity, like most of the actors of his era could only alcohol.

    With my wife Tatiana George met when he was already famous after participating in the picture of Thomas Gordeyev, she also studied economics and came to appear in the crowd. Previously, most students were making money. During the filming of the Ugryum River they were married.

    First-born Michael was born in 1968 year. The guy grew up in an acting family, and so he wanted to become an actor. At the age of five he, along with his father and younger brother Volodya, played in the Moscow Art Theater production "Stalevary". Then there was the main role in the picture "We are together, mother". And there was a small episode in "The meeting place will not change", he played the role of a boy, in an episode of a shop robbery. But he could not enter the theater institute.

    Mikhail loved the bohemian life. Tried to realize myself in various junior studios. Excellent drawing. Together with his father he traded his paintings at the opening day in Izmaylovo.

    Actor George Epifantsev. What is known about his life and work?

    George Epifantsev ended his life tragically. Passing the railroad was knocked down by freight.

    So one of the most beautiful acts of Soviet cinema passed away.

    Both father and son are buried next to Troekurovsky cemetery.

    But the second son Vladimir became a famous actor.

    Actor George Epifantsev. What is known about his life and work?

    He graduated from both Pike and the faculty of GITIS. He created his theatrical project, called "Prok-theater", where he staged many performances as a director. He was the founder of the television program of Drem, from where he had to leave with a big scandal.

    This year will celebrate its 45-year anniversary.

    Actor George Epifantsev. What is known about his life and work?

    In his cinematic list more than 60 played roles. Such as in the series Bratany, Flint, by the way, in the latter he is also the director of the series.

    Vladimir is married to Anastasia Vvedenskaya, who is younger than the actor for thirteen years. They met in 2004 year. They bring up two children - Hordeaux and Orpheus.

    Vladimir is a real man and the head of the Epifantsev family. He pulls all his relatives on his mighty shoulders. Mom, with her meager pension, her sister raising a child alone, a disabled nephew and her own family.

    Actor George Epifantsev. What is known about his life and work?

    About the actor's daughter Natalia Little is known, but she also tried herself as an actress.

    Parting with Moscow

    What a wonderful game.

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