What are the movies and TV shows about the hospital?

What are the movies and TV shows about the hospital?

  • The feature films about the maternity weekdays, about the everyday life of the chambers, where the future mothers lie is not so little.

    There are even whole series on this subject.

    I will name some of the series of movies about the hospital: quot; You will have a child; quot ;, quot; Pregnancy Testquot;, quot; Good Hands ;, quot; Oh, mother-of-war! quot ;, quot; Female doctor ;.

  • I can offer films about the maternity hospital to see a few quot; You will have a child; quot ;, quot; Maternity hospital ;, quot; Pregnancy test; quot; urine! quot ;, quot; female doctorquot; and of course the series quot; 9 months ".

  • Among the serials and films I have seen about the hospital, I can name the following: "The personal life of Dr. Selivanova", the series went like on the first channel, "You will have a child"; and "Female doctor". All, I do not know anymore.

  • In February, 2000 in the UK aired the television series "Roddom". The series was the everyday life of the maternity home of St. Mary in Manchester. The broadcast was broadcast live.

    The main idea is to show the work of the staff every day, what they are facing, what situations it is necessary to "disintegrate".

    In total, 39 episodes were shot. I will not say that the series had a frenzied success, but he enjoyed a certain popularity. However, no follow-up followed.

    I do not know if it was translated into Russian, but there are quite a few references to free viewing in the English-language Internet. If it interests you, find them without difficulty.

  • And I really liked Serat quot; Female doctorquot ;. The actors are all good. Likely as in many films there is a lot of fiction, but it looks in one breath. There is a second season with him.

    Another Russian TV series "The personal life of Dr. Selivanova".

  • I recently watched two TV shows of Russian about moms and maternity-it's serials "9 months"; and "Oh, uh, uh, uh, uh ... :-)

    I like the first and second, very much.

  • I personally advise you not to watch movies, but serials and on the Internet I found a lot of serials about maternity and pregnancy.

    Namely: "Roddom", "Personal life of Selivanov's doctrine", "Test for Pregnancy".

  • Films do not eat much, but they do not convey the atmosphere of the maternity home.

    It's best to watch a couple of TV shows. There are very good. Among them, "The pregnancy test", very similar to the series "Roddom". Also on this topic is the series "The personal life of Dr. Selivanova".

  • Now very popular series about the maternity home, about beremennostenie (maybe my age is such and began to pay more attention to such things). It's very interesting to watch TV series "Pregnancy test", "Good hands", "Stories from the hospital".

  • TV shows about the hospital are mostly Russian. The most notorious and on hearing names such as:

    quot; female doctorquot; - The doctor is a man, there is also a continuation, quot; Pregnancy test; - doctor woman, quot; Personal life of Dr. Selivanov; and another "Oh, ma-moch-kikot." Look, there are a lot of life stories there.

  • I watched the Russian TV series recently on the first channel, called "Good Hands". A series about how in the hospital children were sold to wealthy and wealthy families. I liked the show very much, interesting, the actors are beautiful. True the end was a little disappointing, not all the guilty ones were punished, some left punishment, so they were promoted in their posts. And in general I advise you to look.

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