Show "Just-in-the-Wish". Maxim Galkin in the image of Charles Aznavour. Where to see?

Show "Just-in-the-Wish". Maxim Galkin in the image of Charles Aznavour. Where to see?

  • Maxim Galkin appeared in the image of Charles Aznavour in the release of the show "Toch-in-the-Whit"; from 20 September 2015 year. No one could recognize the artist! Firstly, the make-up on Maxim Galkin was imposed, probably, a few kilograms, and secondly, Maxim was the most talented artist and did not go out of the image, how many did not try to get out of it "quot ;; Even after the "Alla Pugacheva"; presented the artist flowers, no one understood the namka. And only after the explicit prompt of Maxim himself Leonid Yarmolnik called the name hidden under the makeup artist. Of course, all members of the jury put Maxim Galkin on the heel and in the sum he got the highest score - twenty points.

    Here is this ingenious number:

  • The image of Charles Aznavour, with whom Maxim Galkin appeared in the show "Toch-in-the-Whit"; 20-th September 2015-th year, was recognized by jury members as the best number in the program - it's not surprising, since Max did not recognize any of the jury members at all, and it happens very rarely. Among other things, Maxim did not leave the image and during the interview with the host, while the jury gave their evaluation - the idea with quot; translator; was also excellent. You can see Maxim Galkin's number here or here.

  • I do not know how anyone, but I am personally delighted with his performance, and yet he is a huge talent. If you watched this show, you saw the fact that the jury could not determine which actor-actor before them in the role of Aznavour , and even when given a hint that this Max Galkin, they still did not believe and asked him to give their voice.

    And he speaks French fluently, and it helped him to play such a role, the ninety-year-old Charles.

    And here on the official website of the First Channel you can watch roller with his performance. There he performs all the famous song Charles Aznavour under the name "quot; Eternal lovequot;. Here is a photo where he is in the image.

    a photo

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