How many episodes in the series "Korolek-Bird singing"?

How many episodes in the series "Korolek-Bird singing"?

  • The output of the 21 series is planned! You can watch them online for free.

  • "Korolk - a bird singing"; 1 season

    Turkish series, which can be viewed online at any time convenient for you, does not contain 7 series at all, as written by many authors above, but 24 series !!

    While the first season went to the show "Korolk birdie singing"; - watch online all the series.

    There is unofficial information that in the year 2015 they plan to show the second season of this romantic love story and series will be no less than 20.

    Answer on the merits, in the series of Turkish production "Korolk - a bird singing"; - 24 series.

    The series is shot on the very popular and famous novel of the same name Reshat Nuri Guntekina.

    How many episodes in the series "Korolek-Bird singing"?

  • In the TV series "Korolek birdie singing"; total 7 series. The actions take place during the First World War in Turkey. The film is based on a novel about the love of the main heroine Farida (Korolek) to her cousin Kamran.

    How many episodes in the series "Korolek-Bird singing"?

  • In the Turkish mini-series "Korolk - a bird singing"; total 7 series. This mini-series was filmed based on the book of the same name Reshad Nuri Guntekina. This book was published in Russian and in due time I did not read it with great interest. A very piercing story about love.

    How many episodes in the series "Korolek-Bird singing"?

  • All famous and beloved Turkish mini-series "Korolk-birdy singing"; consists of 7 series. A very interesting series, based on the novel Reshat Nuri Guntekina, who wrote it in 1986 year.

  • In the famous Turkish mini-series "Korolev - bird singing"; there are only seven series. The total duration of the series is 337 minutes. The series was shot based on the well-known novel Resat Nuri Guntekina in the distant in 1986 year.

  • In the Turkish TV series produced by 2013, under the name "Korolk-birdy singing"; there will be 7 (seven) series. But what. They have not yet come out, but everyone is already looking forward to them. Not only for the fact that this is a familiar story, and familiar actors, but because the film is filmed by Tims Productions.

    How many episodes in the series "Korolek-Bird singing"?

  • "Korolev-birdie singing" is a Turkish miniseries. The series in it is 7-337 minutes of the film. The series was shot according to the book Reshad Nuri Gyuntekina-Korolk birdie singing. I watched all the series in one breath, I recommend).

    How many episodes in the series "Korolek-Bird singing"?

  • In this interesting series, only the 7 series was shown. A series of Turkish origin, historical, such series are very popular among Russian viewers at the moment. The series continues 337 minutes.

  • In the series "Quail-bird birdie singing"; 7 series.

    Strictly speaking, Turkey has already shot two series with this name. The first series was released in 1986 year. It has 7 series.

    And in September 2013 came a remake of this popular melodramatic series. It also has 7 series.

    And even earlier, in 1966 year there was a film with such name.

    All these works are based on the novel of the same name, written in 1922 by the Turkish prose writer Reshat Nuri Guntekin.

  • The new version of the series "Korolev - birdie singing"; came out in 2013 year. The actor Burak Ozchivit from the TV series "The Magnificent Century" was invited to the main male role. But in the first version of the series only seven series of fifty minutes. The show is very good

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