Children's Soviet Writers

Children's literature has always been and remains in demand, having an immense impact on kids. Several generations grew up on the books of their favorite authors, the first to show the kids a clear line between good and evil, who taught them to understand the laws of nature, the rules of communication with each other, introduced the history and other sciences in the presentation, accessible understanding of the child. Many ideals taken from children's books written by Soviet writers became the basis for the formation of the character of the individual. They remain in the mind of man until the end of life.

Soviet children's writers - authors of books for the young generation - are a kind of educators who have placed moral and moral responsibility on themselves for the formation of a worthy person. In the adult generation of Russians, these names evoke the most pleasant associations.

Soviet Children's Writers: Agnia Barto

Almost everybody is familiar with the poems of the Soviet poetess Agnes Barto The family, the pioneers, the life of Soviet schoolchildren is the main theme of its good, often ridiculous works popular with both children and adults. In them, Agnes Barto spoke the language of a real child, and in life she did truly adult deeds: she found and returned hundreds of children scattered throughout the country by war to their families. It would seem to be a hopeless case, because in childhood there are few who know full information about themselves (address, physical signs, proper names). But many children could remember the bright moments of life (as they rode with Egorka on a sled, like a rooster pecked painfully between the eyes, like they played with their favorite dog Dzhulbars). It is these memories that Agnia Barto, who could speak the language of the children, used in her quest. famous Soviet writersFor 9 for years, she was the host of the “Find a Man” radio program, which daily read out unique signs from letters flying all over the country. Only the first edition helped seven people find their families, and for all the time, under the guidance of Agnes Barto, who worked as a translator from the “children's language”, 927 families were able to reunite.

Soviet writers: Edward Uspensky

A prominent representative of children's writers of the Soviet era is Eduard Ouspensky. Crocodile Gena, Cheburashka, the postman Pechkin, the cat Matroskin, uncle Fedor - and today these cartoon characters remain loved and entwined in every home. Soviet writersThe received engineering education did not prevent Eduard Ouspensky from becoming a favorite children's author. His book heroes successfully migrated to television screens and delight the viewer with their adventures for several decades. Many of them had real prototypes. So, in the old woman Shapoklyak the writer portrayed his first spouse, a woman who is harmful in all respects. Friend Nikolai Taraskin put on the image of a cat Matroskin: smart, hardworking and economic. At first, Ouspensky wanted to give the cat the same name, but the friend “began to pose” and did not allow it, although later (after the cartoon was released on the screens) more than once regretted it. A girl in a huge fur coat, once seen by a writer in a store, became the prototype of the beloved Cheburashka. Parents chose a baby in the summer fur coat for growth, and the girl in her just could not walk. As soon as she took a step, she fell. Dad, lifting her from the floor once again, said: “Well, what kind of cheburashka are you” (from the word “cheburakhnut” - to fall, crash down).

Korney Chukovsky - the favorite of children

But who does not know the poems of Kornei Chukovsky: “Fly-Tsokotuha”, “Moidodyr”, “Tarakanishche”, “Aibolit”, “Barmalei”? Many Soviet writers worked under their real name. Chukovsky - it was the pseudonym of Korneichukov Nikolai Vasilyevich. He wrote his most widely read works for his own and about his daughter Murochka, who died of tuberculosis at the age of 11. The poem “Aibolit” was a cry of the soul about a magic doctor who would fly in and save everyone. In addition to Murochka, Chukovsky had three more children.Soviet children's writers

Throughout his life, Korney Ivanovich helped those who turned to him for help, using his fame, charm and artistry. Not all Soviet writers were capable of such open deeds, and he sent money, knocked out pensions, places in hospitals, apartments, helped talented young writers to break through, fought for those who were arrested, showed concern for orphaned families. By the way, in honor of Mukha – Tsokotukhi, entomologist A. P. Ozerov in 1992 year named a new species of anteaters from the order Diptera - mucha tzokotucha.

The role of Soviet writers in the formation of personality

Soviet writers made a significant contribution to children's literature, having grown several generations of remarkable people on their works. How kindly, vividly and informatively narrate Vitaly Bianki, Mikhail Prishvin, Igor Akimushkin to children about the beauty of nature, from a young age instilling love for her and our younger brothers. Such famous Soviet writers as Arkady Gaidar, Valentin Kataev, Boris Zakhoder, Grigory Oster and many others are still popular among readers, because the idea of ​​goodness and compassion for the neighbor runs through all their works.

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