Where was filmed "Peculiarities of National Fishing"? The beauties of Karelia were chosen absolutely right.

Every Russian viewer who watched this film (and probably more than once) will be able to find in it something of his own, dear, very clear and familiar. After all, there is a very simple and harmonious combination of an ironic and philosophical attitude to the character and mentality of the Russians.

Surely fans of this story have repeatedly asked themselves the question of where they shot "Features of national fishing." Let's try to figure out what kind of comedy and where the shooting took place.

Adventure continues ...

Three years before the release of this picture under the guidance of director Alexander Rogozhkin, the previous film about the features of the national hunt, which was liked by many Russians, was already released. Therefore, it was decided to continue the adventures of three friends. So it happened. And at first, no one from the film crew told about where they were filming “Peculiarities of National Fishing”.

where filmed features of national fishing

In the first part of this long story, Raivo had already learned what a real Russian hunt represents. Now he sees firsthand how local peasants are fishing. Three heroes with whom the audience had already met, General Ivolgin, huntsman Kuzmich and Leva Soloveichik, gathered for fishing. As usual, they, having begun to drink non-stop, did not pay attention to what happened to be abroad, on the territory of Finland. Since they crossed the border illegally, friends are going to quickly go back home to Russia. Only in a hurry, they completely forgot about the fifteen drawers of the warming drink taken with them for fishing. Therefore, they need to go back and pick up the vodka. Men are ready for anything for such a serious mission. They even engage the navy of the Russian Federation.

Bah, familiar all faces!

The director decided to leave the same actors for the filming of the second part of the adventures of Russian men. This was done for one simple reason: the new film is a sequel. Therefore, other persons would not give a complete picture of what is happening. So they remained in the film Alexei Buldakov (General), Viktor Bychkov (Kuzmich) and Semyon Strugachev (Soloveichik). Finn Ville Haapasalo, adored by millions of Russians, did not go anywhere.

Where was filmed "Peculiarities of National Fishing"? The beauties of Karelia were chosen absolutely right.

So, thanks to the adventures of this organically-looking fours in the frame, viewers were able to see all the beauty of the area, where they shot "Features of national fishing."

For the filming of this film was prepared as many 30 boxes of alcohol - the most real vodka. By the way, in the cast, the actors drank her. The director went for it, explaining his decision by saying that it would be a very long time to pour ordinary water into vodka bottles. Then it turned out that this rather strong drink was burnt. It’s good that no one from the film crew was particularly hurt.

"We had such a case in the village ..."

Places where they filmed "Peculiarities of National Fishing" were remembered by all the actors for a lifetime. And this is not surprising, because with each of them occurred not only curious, but also quite dangerous cases.

While working on the film, the film crew accidentally fell from the raft, which at that moment was a temporary shooting area. Eight members of the group almost choked in not very warm water. Thanks to the illuminator, who heroically managed to pull the cord (and the voltage was 380 volts) before the raft went under water, the film crew survived.

places where filmed features of national fishing

Another incident occurred with Alexei Buldakov. His ring was torn from his finger with a line - his wife's gift. The actor dived behind him into the water, catching the ring simply with the help of a miracle - his mouth. And while he floundered in the water, he continued to shoot.

Force Majeure

So where were the "Features of national fishing" filmed? The description of these places can best reveal the mysterious and sometimes incomprehensible Russian soul. The whole shooting process took place in Karelia, on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. More specifically, in the area of ​​the Northern Ladoga area. It is the beauty of places in Karelia that inspired the director to choose this object. Now this place is located very popular among tourists camping "Cordon Kuzmicha."

It seems to be the work was carried out according to plan, with the arrangement, but not without force majeure has not done. To show the beauty of the land of Karelia, the operator ran over rough terrain and tried to remove all the necessary landscapes at once, from one take. Next to him and the actors fled. General Buldakov inadvertently fell into the water, where he caught the stone. In the end - the crack of the right rib. In addition, in this frame, he was shot in a heavy suit, which pulled him to the bottom. Therefore, the actor had, like the notorious Baron Munchhausen, to get himself out of the water with one hand. At the second time there was a fishing rod.

where filmed features of national fishing description

Now, when it became clear where the “Peculiarities of National Fishing” was filmed, we can say with confidence that the choice of location was absolutely right.

Sergey Russkin (role - Sergey Savchenko) almost caught a cold. One of the scenes (according to the scenario, he stalled in his jeep on the road during a heavy rain) was shot fifty times. To pull out the hero of Ruskina, they had to pick up an SUV to the car. And then it turned out that they tied not him, but an ordinary cow.

Awards, which were not even suspected

The whole film crew wanted to shoot a simple, unremarkable, but interesting picture. And a few years later, the actors recalled how the director kept shouting about them playing seriously. Perhaps that is why this story turned out to be something worthwhile. During the filming, everyone lived in a huge happy family, worked for a few kopecks and did not think that they were doing something special. Even arriving at Kinotavr, the actors were confident that their film was pretty ordinary. And even those beautiful places where they shot the film “Peculiarities of National Fishing” no longer seemed to the film crew something special.

What was the surprise of all those present, when all the prizes received exactly this picture.

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