How to draw grapes beautifully?

Creating still lifes is a fascinating activity that everyone can master. It is especially pleasant to depict juicy ripe fruits of bright and saturated colors on sheets of paper. How to draw a bunch of grapes in stages, we will describe in this article.

Creating an outline

The quality of the sketch, depends on the successful completion of all the planned work. It is necessary to decide how to draw the grapes most conveniently. How to draw a bunch on paper - vertically or on a plane? Hanging brush, as a rule, has the correct form, which must be outlined by a triangle. The lying one is slightly deformed, therefore, we first draw a large circle, and then draw a tail to it (oval or conical).

how to draw grapesOnce we have decided on how to draw the grapes with a pencil, as well as the general arrangement of the object on the sheet, we can begin to draw the grapes themselves. We use the pencil carefully, so that we can then gradually correct errors. Each grape has a glare, draws ornate leaves and stems to the brush. When the sketch is ready, we will remove the extra lines with the eraser.

Elaboration of glare

How to draw grapes realistic? The answer is simple: to work as much as possible flare. At this stage, we need a purple pencil (or any other, depending on the planned color of the bunch). Light is reflected in a certain way from the glossy surface of the berries. It is necessary to notice these nuances and start painting the sketch with light highlights, only slightly pressing the pencil.

how to draw grapes with a pencilFurther, the task becomes more complicated: it will be necessary to compact the color with more saturated strokes as it approaches the edge of the berry. Consider how the grapes shade each other, how the lighting falls on a bunch as a whole. Watch the object carefully.

Coloring the leaves and twigs

As soon as the bunch is over, proceed to coloring the leaves. To begin with, we will highlight streaks in a darker color. Further, we are guided by the same observations about how the light falls on the leaves and how they shade each other. Pencil during toning is necessary to keep your fingers a little further from the stylus.

How to draw a grape and then paint it correctly? There are two principles with which you can tint your still life: apply shading or shading. The first method involves applying a large number of strokes of different sizes and saturation levels. They can be located both diagonally, and horizontally, and vertically, can intersect each other. Carcass is a solid pencil overlay, which is then rubbed with a finger, a piece of cotton or suede to get a more diffuse effect.

how to draw a bunch of grapes in stagesTo use the hatching, it is necessary to pre-fill the hand so that the lines are smooth, neat and exactly the saturation that is required by the idea.

Create a background for grapes

How to draw grapes and make the work complete? At the last stage of creating a picture, you should consider the background. You can make it uniform, for example, green. Moreover, the addition of gradient transitions will refresh the overall composition of the picture. And you can spend a little more time and draw a part of the landscape or setting in which the object itself is located.

From now on, it is not worth puzzling how to draw grapes beautifully and correctly, if you follow this algorithm and be patient. Develop attention and observation, and your still lifes will be simply unmatched.

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