Beauty requires sacrifice ... Ballerina's feet as a working tool

An ideal figure, pointe shoes with ribbons, chic costumes for ballet, touring, ovations and a sea of ​​flowers ... All this is a dream, probably of any girl. Someone leans in favor of the career model, and someone dreams of dancing, dedicating his life to professional ballet.

Costumes for balletThe poll showed that about 40% of people talk about ballet as dances on tiptoe, as much ballet dancing on socks, and only 20% of the respondents said that this is a dance on pointes. "Pointe" is translated as "point" or "point". Indeed, if every touch of the ballerina's socks with the floor could be drawn, then we could observe the dotted line from the dots. Ballerinas, like airy fairies, hover over the stage, and it seems that the force of attraction to them does not work at all. But no one has any idea about what this lightness and grace is worth.

The ballerina's feet can not compare even with the feet of experienced track and field athletes involved in jogging and jumping. They are so elastic, so tight that they seem unnatural when touched. And this is understandable: the ballerina's feet should be strong and hardy, because the area of ​​a couple of square centimeters (the size of a "patch" of pointe shoes) rests on the entire weight of the dancer, whose beauty is admired by almost everyone.

The feet of a professional ballerinaBut the ballet fascinates only the viewer, behind the scenes and in the halls where rehearsals take place, everything looks different. This is a tough, even cruel reality.

Legs of dancers are subjected to a lot of injuries and torture. Especially frequent injuries in the ballet are stretching, fractures, dislocations, damage to the joint ligaments. The greatest percentage among ballet injuries is in the region of the hip joints, the consequence of which is a complex of problems that causes inflammation in the pelvis.

It is not necessary to have a scientific degree to calculate the pressure of a ballerina in the weight of 50 kg per square meter of 2 centimeter. This is the power that is hidden behind the professional legs of a professional ballerina.

Among dancers there is such a thing as "breaking up". This is a violent stretch of the ligament of the foot (the upper part of it). Most girls in order to pull the lift, slip the rollers under the fingers. Thus, an unnatural re-bounce is obtained, but, as you can guess, this does not lead to good consequences. Stretch, and even often tear ligaments, working with stretching, blur and weaken the ligamentous apparatus of the feet.

Legs of the ballerinaWith age, the ballerina's feet are easily tucked, especially when jumping or running. Arthritis, thrombophlebitis, arthrosis ... All this - concomitant diseases of ballet art, a terrible fee for beauty. Moreover, not every dancer, having retired (by the way, at a very early age), can afford to wear open shoes because of deformed feet.

But behind-the-scenes tragedies are not exhausted by this. About inconceivable diets and fierce competition, it's not generally accepted. Another shadow side of beauty - PT disease, nervous breakdowns, tears, disappointment ...

Thousands of girls come to the ballet, but the real stars are the ones. Many, unable to withstand the strain and colossal loads, leave already in the first months ...

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