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The author of the musical film that united all participants of the musical show was the resident of the Comedy Club Tair Mamedov. The project “The Voices of the Big Country”, the actors-vocalists who lost in the television show “The Voice”, turned into an enchanting spectacle, a real concert for their fans.

Short storyline description

The main heroine of the television music show Lena (Alena Toymintseva) after losing in the very final experienced a real disappointment. Now the winner travels across the vast expanses of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries, and the girl, returning home, earns additionally in a cafe. One day, fate brings the main character to Andrei, who dreams of putting on a musical based on Shakespeare's works, but so far successfully copes with the management of a music store. Hearing Elena singing, conquered by the talent of the heroine, Andrei (Andrew Grizzly) immediately invites her to play the role of Juliet in her author's musical.big country voices actors


“Voices of a big country” is a film that became the second in the asset of Mamedov, who had previously set up a straightforward comedy “Women against Men”. Purely formally, the project is a romance-production musical about backstage intrigues and passions around an amateur musical show. According to famous film critics, the plotline of the film is so scanty, implausible and conditional, that it can hardly be taken seriously. However, what remains to do to those participants of the show “The Voice”, who made an impression on the audience, but did not win? To arrange a final group concert. Farewell gift to all who worried, worried and rooted for them.big country voices movie

Scene peripetias as an eyeliner to musical numbers

And the script and the conventional storyline are only needed so that in the “Voice of a large country” the actors-ex-participants of the “Voice” can more or less associate their numerous numbers. Therefore, it is unlikely that someone from the audience will experience feelings for the fate of the main character, at the moment when she loses her job. In the cinema, this is not a tense moment, but a prologue to the subsequent musical composition “We Saw the Night”, performed on the streets of the White Belokamennaya. Even an encroachment on the rape of the main character at the climax of the film is nothing more than an approach to the “unpredictable” (in fact, absolutely predictable) change of the vocalist in the final scene of the musical. And the incident is presented in such a way that you are absolutely not afraid of the character. This is how the movie “Voices of a Big Country” appears before the audience.Andrei Grizzly


All the actors, vocalists involved in the project, in their places and their play does not look like a cheap skit. Types coincided, which means the casting was a success. Alena Toymintseva, Anton Belyaev, who acted as a co-producer of the musical, mentioned earlier A. Grizzly, Yegor Sesarev and Tina Kuznetsova do the same thing as in the TV show “Voice” appear before those who look in stylish clothes and with professional skill and exciting inspiration perform their favorite public songs. In order to watch the action more pleasantly, vocalists in almost every performance are accompanied by skilfully staged dancers. The only unexpected surprise from the director can be considered the choice of Yegor Sesarev for the role of antagonist. His character, charming for the time being, is a real narcissist fool. Revealing his character to the viewer, Egor, adding halftones to a typical image, made his role very prominent, distinguished from the rest in the film “Voices of a Large Country”. Actors, colleagues in the shop were delighted with the skill of reincarnation of the artist.Tina Kuznetsova

No fresh hits

In general, “Voices of a Big Country” is a film like “Old songs about the main thing”, an action built around the performance of popular songs by vocalists, like “Heart to Heart”. There are no new hits in the musical. Some viewers expressed regret that the performers sing roughly the same songs, which do not allow such singers as Belyaev or Toymintsev to reveal themselves in their trumped genres. Alena, for example, became the winner of the American Country Performers Championship, but she doesn’t sing anything in this genre in Voices of a Big Country. Therefore, by the end of viewing a picture, individual viewers may feel that Toymintseva sings the worst of all. Although the singer simply does not perform her own music. And since the girl is not just a performer of the role of the main character, but also the main vocalist, her “lack of commitment” can spoil the whole impression of the production.

"Voices ..." - not "Voice"

The musical television show “The Voice” captivated the spirit of competition, intrigue and familiarity of the public with unknown talented singers. According to the censors, in the musical Mamedov there is neither one nor the other, so the film should have tried to impress, surprise with music, originality of the presentation of the material and so on. But the creators of the project went the opposite way, offering a wide audience what experts define as “academic performance of academic hits.” The star charisma is obvious, professionalism is beyond doubt, but there is not a bit of intrigue, neither musical nor plot.

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