The story “The Pit”, A.I. Kuprin. Summary (“The Pit” by chapters)

This story for six years, wrote Alexander Kuprin. Summary "Pit" can have a rather poor. Indeed, despite the slippery theme, in this work a lot of touching details, nice sketches and important particulars. The author found this topic long before the beginning of the work and thought about it for two years. The theme of selling love has never been revealed by Russian writers as deeply as Kuprin did. Summary "The Pit" has iconic events and major plot twists, but even through them you can see how chaste and with what love for humanity this story is written.

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The story consists of three unequal parts. The first, where the reader meets the characters, has twelve chapters. Already here it becomes clear that there will not be a single plot rod here, so the diverse content is submitted. Kuprina "The Pit" is an absolutely artistic work, despite the journalistic positioning: the absence of the main character, the chronicle of pictures of the chosen layer of the social environment, observation for trifles and apparent descriptiveness.

The second part is more massive, and it is not by chance. In seventeen chapters conflicts ripen, solutions are sought, the culmination of hopelessness is brewing. Lichonin and Platonov continue to argue about the reasons for the viability of such a social ulcer as prostitution. The subtle nuances of the master of Russian prose cannot reveal a summary in the story “The Pit”. The fate of Luba, like a guinea pig on medical experiments, is an example of this: how can this be summarized in two words?

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Keeping of

Through the sketch descriptive, through all not too seemingly related episodes, the author’s philosophical concept passes. A small person cannot defeat social evil, because he himself is an episode in this endless world. That is why Kuprin called his work “The Pit”. The summary of the story - the tragedy in the fate of the inhabitants of the two-edged institution, which for the most part was brought to this place by a bitter fate - each woman has her own. In the third part there are only nine chapters, during which the action is not minimized, but it develops quickly in order to put a dot in the last chapter at the end of each tragedy.

Before we begin to sort out the summary of chapters in Kuprin’s novel “The Pit”, it is necessary to note the story lines between chapters and parts. One of the main ones is the experiment of a student Likhonin with Any. The reader has to decide whether he acted out of true love and Christian compassion, or simply curiosity pushed him to the role of the master of destinies. Throughout the second part of the story, the history of this relationship is considered, without releasing the rest of the characters from the field of view.

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Kuprin provided this story with many features of the novel, especially the last two parts, inserting episodes not related to the plot (merchant Horizon, singer Rovinskaya and lawyer Ryazanov). The naturalism of such genres, very fashionable just half a century before Kuprin wrote this story, here has all the signs of high artistry, the first part is especially good in this regard. The main thing for the reader is the approach of the author to the topic: honest, not indifferent. Deeply sympathetic, discovering the position of a true humanist artist who raised the "base" to inconceivable heights, the author himself and his story Kuprin, "The Pit" showed themselves to be such.

Summary of reviews had, of course, the most different. People do not like to look at themselves from objectivity, and those who are "not in the subject", that is, outsiders, usually do not delve into such an environment, disdain. Yes, those social problems that are raised in the story are, of course, impartial. However, the power of art is praised here by Kuprin, and public scolding is scourged, and a new system of educational and educational is being thought out, eradicating existing ignorance. Here both dreams of revolution, and the strength of the Russian character, and the eternal theme of the isolation of the intelligentsia from the people - all this is Kuprin. "Pit". Summary is hardly able to accommodate this immensity.

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Inhabitants of the institution of Anna Markovna go down from the pages, as if alive, Kuprin characterized them so artistically and vividly and vitally. Here is a gallery of different types: meek and quiet Manya Little; if sober, in all unhappy Pasha; desperately in love with thief Tamara; immersed in the next book of Eugene. Portraits are as static as static. Only Zhenka and Lyuba have a steeply developing line in the narration, the rest are a swamp. This is not because Kuprin could not twist each in the plot. It just wouldn't be true to life. The whole life of these women is not quite human, they live at the level of instincts. That is why the writer Kuprin called his work “The Pit”.

A summary of the chapters will not allow enough to say about other seemingly minor characters, such as housekeeper Elsa Eduardovna, the owner of the institution, Anna Markovna, her henpecked husband, Isai Savvich. But Kuprin wrote these images absolutely skillfully for sure. And the reporter Platonov, whose mouth is spoken by the author himself, is also an image worthy of deep disclosure. The spiritual poverty of the society will also remain behind the scenes, if the brief content is highlighted in the story "Yama".

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Anna Markovna has an institution that is not smart, but not the last one: soldiers, thieves and other "golden company" come here for fifty dollars. However, the manners and way of life are almost the same everywhere. The difference in payment. The action begins with the fact that late in the evening Anna Markovna’s guests gathered: the reporter Platonov and assistant professor Yarchenko. The guests continue the conversation started along the way, although the girls are already waiting for them.

Platonov has his own man here, but he never once enjoyed having a single inhabitant, his interest is almost professional - to understand this small and sultry world from the inside. The whole horror is that the society is not perceived as horror: the everyday life of burghers, and only that. Contrasts like piety and crime get along here. The bouncer Simeon is religious to the extreme, which does not prevent him from beating and robbing girls. The housekeeper is the last hyena with her disfranchised subordinates, but she is madly in love with her daughter, with whom she is kind and generous.


A girl appears. that both customers and friends in the craft are loved and respected - she is beautiful, mocking, bold and independent, as far as possible here. This is Zhenya. She is worried that the girl Pasha is on the verge, because more than ten customers have already passed through her.

Zhenya says that as soon as Pasha faints and goes into hysterics, the hostess again sends her to the guests, because Pasha is in demand (even to a slight degree, oligophrenia distinguishes patients with unrestrained sexuality, this is the case with the girl).

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Platonov forked that gives Pasha rest. Students go to the numerals with the ladies, and Lichonin (the anarchist) and Platonov continue to talk about what social evil is indestructible. The latter tells a lot about local girls, and Lichonin sympathizes. This is a man of action. He decides to save at least one girl from here.

Platonov discourages, because I am sure that soon the girl will return here with an even greater emotional wound. Marrying agrees with Platonov. But Lichonin did not calm down: he asked Lyuba if she would like to leave here with him and open, for example, her dining room. Lichonin pays for her daily fee and the next day Annabyovna demands Lyubin's passport in exchange for a yellow ticket.


Student Lichonin did not expect that the liberation of Lyuba would cost him so much. His friends, however, agreed to help him adapt the girl: Likhonin himself undertook to teach her history, geography and arithmetic, take him to the theater, to exhibitions and lectures, Nezhradze teaches her music and reads the poem Rustaveli, Simanovsky - physics, chemistry and cultural history. The results are very modest, although they take an inordinate amount of time and money. In addition, Anna Markovna literally robbed Lichonin before returning Lyubin his passport.

Students try to treat Luba as a sister, but she does not understand, considers it disdain, stops feeling desirable, beautiful and feminine. She refuses to pretend to all, because she is tied to Lichonin, but her love strains him. He even dreams to find someone from his friends with Anyone, to have a reason to leave. The burden is too heavy for him. And so, as predicted by Platonov and Zhenya, Lyuba comes back.


The famous singer Rovinskaya, a beautiful and talented woman, in a company with friends, including Baroness Tefting, Chaplinsky and Rozanov, bored, visits the ceremonial places of the city. Several eloquently described institutions clearly show that the Anna Markovna institution is not the only “pit” in the city.

Summary of the scene in a brothel with Germans: prostitutes do not even understand that they live a disreputable life. They see no sin in their occupation, because they have no regular lovers, like these dirty Russians in neighboring establishments, but they earn what they earn into a bank for a future decent life. It’s just their job. Business, nothing personal.

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The power of art

Anna Markovna was not without scandal, but the situation is much warmer, one can say - sincere. The ladies quarreled first, and Tamara understood the Baroness's French speech and answered in a clear Parisian dialect that, they say, yes, we really knew each other - in Kharkov, where you were also chorus, like me, but not baroness. She, the future Baroness, was one of the lyric tenors in the choir ...

But Tamara - thief Senechka. She loves him. After the wrathful speeches of Tamara, Zhenya, the drunken Little Mani, the situation is heating up. The ladies are going to leave, but Rovinsky decides to sing a romance. She knows well what to take any audience. And she succeeds. Everything is shocked and confusedly silent, and Zhenya falls on her knees and kisses the hands of the one she has just angrily denounced. Great is the power of art. Zhenya is crying, Rovinsky raises her and tries to kiss her. Zhenya whispers something to her, and Rovinskaya replies that this is nothing, you need to be treated for several months, and everything will pass.


Eugene admits to Tamara that she is infected with syphilis, but she hides it from everyone, because she wants to infect more of these two-legged nonhumans. They curse their pervert clients with curses. And then they leave everything as it is, that is, Zhenya does not go for treatment. She remembers the man to whom her own mother sold her at the age of ten. Zoe recalls a teacher who promised to kick her out of school if she does not obey.

And then Lyuba returns. But the housekeeper does not want to let her in, swears and fights. Eugene rushes into a fight for a girlfriend. From the neighboring rooms, other girls run out screaming, a hysterics prevail in the house. After some time, Simeon comes with friends and affects the situation physically. The girls are calming down.


Cadet Gladyshev comes to Wife, only to her. But today she is not in a hurry to caress the young man, she confesses that she is sick and says that the other will not spare him, because all prostitutes hate their clients and never pity anyone. She says goodbye to the boy forever and in the morning goes to the port of Platonov, in order to warn him that his acquaintances are infected: Ramses, who shot himself when he found out about the shameful disease, and accused only himself, because he took a woman without love, and Sabashnikov .

Zhenya repents, she no longer dreams of infecting more of these terrible males, because she understands that they are people too, each with their own sorrows and problems. Platonov can not console a girl. And on the third day, Zhenya was found hanged. Everything is moving towards a denouement: the episode of Zhenya's repentance became the most penetrating moment of the story. Such for his story chose Kuprin short content. The “pit” as such is rolled up, everything falls into decay. The housekeeper bought the institution from Anna Markovna, and now she cannot do something with the events that are happening, which do not just cast a shadow on the institution, they envelop her with notoriety.

Tamara and the rest

The girl was offered to become a new assistant hostess, with the condition of abandoning her house to her heart friend Senechka. Tamara is looking for Rezanova and Rovinsky, who help bury Zhenya in the Orthodox rite, despite the fact that she is a suicide. Following Zhenya, Pasha dies, which exhausting work has introduced into the final dementia. She is taken to an insane asylum, where she dies almost immediately. Tamara is also not so simple. She gains the trust of the notary and mixes his sleeping pills into the drink. Then he lets the sweet friend Senechka into the apartment, who opens the safe. Senechka is arrested a year later, and he gives the police Tamara.

Faith dies ridiculously: her lover, the military man, has committed a waste of treasury and decides to shoot himself. Vera is ready to share his fate. They beautifully say goodbye to life with a sumptuous feast, after which the man decisively kills Vera, but no, he does not succeed. Manya is killed in a fight. And there comes a complete end to the institution, when two offended fighters come to the aid of soldiers - a whole hundred. So ended his story Kuprin. Summary "The Pit" is also quite interesting, although, of course, there are not enough talented details captured by the writer.

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