The series “Lyudmila Gurchenko”. Vadim Orlov

Vadim Orlov - one of the heroes of the series "Lyudmila Gurchenko". The film tells about the life of the actress from the war years to 1981, the year when Peter Todorovsky’s favorite woman mechanic Gavrilov was filmed.

Vadim Eagles

Vadim Orlov - singer in the series about Gurchenko. The actress was married six times. Who did the screenwriter mean when creating such a hero as Vadim Orlov? Whose prototype singer in the film, dedicated to the legendary Soviet and Russian actress?

Before answering these questions, you should tell in brief the content of the series. Vadim Orlov appears in one of the last.

Vasily Ordynskyi

The film begins with the image of the early years of Gurchenko. Then the student years are shown. The first story tells about the acquaintance of Lyudmila Gurchenko with her first husband - director Vasily Ordynsky. Gurchenko student drama school. Her teachers are Gerasimov and Makarova. Ordynsky is looking for a heroine for the main role in his debut film, having seen Lyudmila, he realizes that he needs exactly her - both on the set and in life.


But Ordynsky forbid to shoot in his film Gurchenko. At a time when she is in Kharkov and tells all about the upcoming work in the cinema, he claims another actress.

In the spring, students of the course go to Leningrad for filming. Only Gurchenko remains without a role. But Makarova puts pressure on Jan Fried, and he gives Ludmila a small role.

eagles vadim whose prototype

"Carnival Night"

The third series shows the beginning of the film career Gurchenko. She is invited to the main role in the musical film "Carnival Night". Ryazanov young actress does not like. But the shooting is going well, and after the premiere Lyudmila realizes that she has become famous. Meanwhile, in the Kharkov cinema, Father Gurchenko watches a film with her participation, regularly jumps up and shouts out to the whole hall: “This is my daughter!”.

Boris Andronikashvili

With Vasily Ordynsky young actress breaks up. During the tour comes to him front-line girlfriend. Lyudmila finds out about it and in a hurry collects a suitcase. It should be said that later, without thinking, she leaves each of her men. At the same time, having in her wardrobe a few dozen outfits, she always leaves with two small suitcases.

Once Lyudmila meets the son of the infamous writer Boris Pilnyak. Gurchenko is getting married to a novice screenwriter. However, the career of Boris Andronikashvili does not add up. The reason is the biography of the father, who was arrested in 1937 year. In addition, Boris refuses to write a script to order.

Meanwhile, in Komsomolskaya Pravda, there is a famous article "Tap on the Left." Gurchenko is accused of money fraud, participation in the "left" concerts. And once Lyudmila invited to a conversation by the KGB. Luce is offered to become a secret employee. Refusal of this offer implies career collapse. And the actress for some time leaves Moscow.

Vadim Eagles singer in the series with Gurchenko

Lyudmila Gurchenko moves to a new home, where Mark Bernes becomes her neighbor. Around this time, one unfamiliar artist invites her to Peredelkino. At the dacha of one of the artists she meets a man named Vadim Orlov. Photos from the film are presented below. By the way, with Orlov Gurchenko meets thanks to Arkady Novitsky, whom many viewers perceive as the prototype of Vysotsky.

Vadim Orlov is a person who has connections everywhere: in a restaurant, a shop. He has a lot of friends, and he is a famous pop singer. But Alexander Fadeev becomes the third husband of Gurchenko. This man was the adopted son of the famous Soviet writer.

Vadim Orlov pictures from the movie

Alexander Fadeev

The next husband Gurchenko often drinks. Periodically calls his wife during filming and complains of feeling unwell. In addition, Fadeev gives Lyudmila jealousy scenes. At this time, Novitsky and Orlov suffer from the love of the actress and share their experiences with each other. The actor who in this film tried to create an image of Vysotsky rather clumsily made a parody of the famous bard. Novitsky dedicates songs to Gurchenko, then performs them in a hoarse voice. Meanwhile, his wife Marina is waiting for him at the dacha. According to biographical data, Vysotsky and Gurchenko have never had such close relationships.


Fadeev showed himself to be infantile, weak. Gurchenko soon left him, having collected his unchanged suitcase. Alexander goes to Novitsky. And again the men of Gurchenko share their feelings. It seems that in the life of Novitsky, Ordynsky, Orlov there is nothing but thoughts about Lyudmila and experiences regarding her creative path.

Vadim Orlov singer husband Gurchenko

The fourth husband of a star of Soviet cinema became a man who is present in the script of the film under the name of Vadim Orel. He appears in her life immediately after parting with Alexander. Assists in the organization of concerts, supports morally. And then, like other heroes of the series, falls in love with an artist without memory and marries her. Lyudmila brings daughter Masha from Kharkov. Orlov takes part in the upbringing of the girl. He is a man of reasonable, cold-blooded. And most importantly, Orlov, unlike his predecessors, has a stable income. But with him Gurchenko divorces.

Who did the filmmakers mean? Who is Vadim Orlov?

Singer, husband Gurchenko - this is Joseph Kobzon. The famous actress was bound by marriage at different times with the scriptwriter, actor, director, accompanist. Her biography also includes a three-year marriage with Kobzon. And therefore, there is no doubt that under Orlov, the creators of the series meant a Soviet pop star.

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