How can I win movie tickets? Where can I win movie tickets?

How can I win movie tickets? Where can I win movie tickets?

  • Look at Movie Search in the section "Play"; => quot; Prize Drawingsquot ;.

    There you can win not only movie tickets, but also DVD, Blu-Ray or posters with autographs and without.

    For example, now the creators of the animated cartoon "The Family of Knuds"; announced a photo contest, the prize of which will be a towel with the characters of the film and two toys.

    And for the correct answers to questions, you can get a poster for the movie "Maniac"; with the autograph of starring Elijah Wood.

    Or maybe you want to go for free to the premiere of the painting "The Fall of Olympus", which will be attended by actors Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart? Then to you here!

    Good luck and victory!

  • I can write for that country and the city in which I live. (Germany-Hamburg)

    1. In most magazines and newspapers there are crossword puzzles, Sudoku and various quizzes in which you can take part and win, get the same ticket to the cinema.
    2. On Radio Hamburg 103.6, almost every day, tickets for movies are played out.
    3. In Russia and Ukraine, too, many radio stations offer winnings of this kind. For example here.
    4. Also on sites that are mainly associated with the cinema (posters, the program of cinemas) there are often promotions that play free tickets.
  • You can turn on local radio or television - often in entertainment programs there are quizzes in which movie tickets are given as a prize. Usually the presenter of the game will ask the topic, and the date the phone, on which you can call and give answers. If you think that in this issue is well versed, try. But keep in mind that the presenter does not give time to think and search for answers on the Internet, etc. and rely only on your strengths.

    Often, the cinemas themselves hold similar rallies. For example, they do this in order to interest potential visitors, viewers in the new released film. Typically, these quizzes are conducted through magazines and newspapers with a cultural bias. Also, each movie theater has its own website, where also announcements about the forthcoming contest appear from time to time. Usually in such contests ask questions about films, actresses or books that formed the basis of the plot.

    It happens that on the site to the new film you need to come up with an interesting slogan, write an essay on the topic "why I love Mikhalkov"; or about his love for the work, the book on which the film was shot.

    Sometimes such contests are held on major Internet portals that write about new, just released movies, and also offer tickets as a prize. It happens that you just need to write a review of one of the recently released movies. The best author wins tickets.

    Participating in such contests and quizzes, always leave your present data so that in case of your victory the contest organizer could contact you quickly and inform you when and where you can collect the winnings.

  • Very often, tickets to the movies are played on the radio. They ask some question and wait for them to call and call the correct answer. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the radio station. If I find it now, I'll write, but such contests are mostly on the radio.

  • I won in the past and the year before last in the journal Telenedelya. there is all you need to write in sms which number of the magazine and who is depicted on the cover of this issue. Then they wrote the winners in each issue, wrote on 3 the winner and came to the editorial office of the magazine for an invitation ticket for two.

  • Tickets to the movies can be won on the radio, for example on the radio quot; Europe plusquot; there is such a special game, called "KinoKayf". The meaning is that you need to guess the movie on 3 prompts and in case of the correct answer you can get an invitation to the cinema.

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