What is the name of the game, when paper is stuck on the forehead?

What is the name of the game, when paper is stuck on the forehead?

  • This game has a lot of names. But many people call it simply quot; Stickerquot; eight quot; Crocodile & quot ;;

    On a sticky note write a character. A neighbor next takes a piece of paper and molds it on his forehead

    And the person must guess which character is enigmatic.

    What would the character guess, you need to ask leading questions

    The number of questions is discussed by the participants

    Indeed, this game has become very popular, after watching the movie Inglourious Basterds

  • Perhaps this is a game that has become popular in companies, which has become more popular after watching the movie quot; Inglourious Basterdsquot ;. With us it goes under the name quot; Who am I?! Quot ;, quot; Guess whoquot ;. Each player must guess who he is, under what character name in his company.

    What is the name of the game, when paper is stuck on the forehead?

  • It is called "Sticker".

    The meaning of the game is not just to paste a piece of paper on the forehead.

    for example, sit 4 rights, each is written on the sticker word and glued to the forehead, so he saw, and the other participants saw. And every participant with suggestive questions tries to guess the word he has envisioned. Usually, according to 3, the question is alternated, i.e. first 3 of the question one sets, then another and so on until someone guesses its word.

  • There are a lot of names for this game. Sticker, crocodile, quot; who am I? Quot ;. In different companies, they call it differently. Rules, by the way, also vary slightly ...

    We played like this: One of the players is pasted onto the forehead a piece of paper with the name written on it (this can be the name of a famous character from the movie, or a fairy tale, an actor ... of any famous person - real or fictitious). After that, the player who has a sticker on his forehead must guess what kind of character this is while asking suggestive questions.

  • I have two options for the name of the game: a sticker and a crocodile. We also call our friends a game crocodile, each participant draws a word on a piece of paper and gives it to the participant, or glues it on the forehead, and then with the help of movements or leading questions it is necessary to guess what was written on the piece of paper.

  • Perhaps in different companies this game is called differently, but we called e Crocodile. They invented characters for each other, wrote them on a piece of paper, and then guessed their every role. An interesting game, develops acting skills)

  • I agree with one of the respondents, in different companies of people this game is called in different ways. Some will call this game "Sticker", others will say it's "Crocodile". Our small company would say that this is a game called "Who am I?". The essence is simple: take an adhesive tape, take a piece of paper with a written word, a piece of paper glued to the forehead. You can stick a sticker (we, for example, never have stickers), but he is in the habit of flying off the forehead of the player, and the game spoils. Next, a person who has a piece of paper on his forehead should ask a question about the word, and such a question, which can be answered "yes"; or quot; no-quot ;.

    By the way, this game was played by drunk Watson and Sherlock in the British TV series "Sherlock". The third season, it seems, be sure to look.

  • In every city and countries a game with a piece of paper and an inscription on the forehead is called differently-who am I ?, a sticker, a crocodile, the meaning of the game is the same. The player must guess what is written on the sheet and ask suggestive questions to the seated person. The other answers "yes", "no". As a result, the player understands what the inscription on a piece of paper. On the Internet, you can find the same game with Aladdin and called Akinator.

    What is the name of the game, when paper is stuck on the forehead?
    What is the name of the game, when paper is stuck on the forehead?

  • I like very much during the game (I play the Dot 2) to listen and watch TV.

    And basically I watch either cartoons or music channels. So on one musical channel quot; mus-tvquot; like the transmission was on quot; crocodile & quot ;;. I think about it there is a speech.

  • The game in which you paste a piece of paper on your face is called - "Sticker".

    It is called so because it is usually used stickers.

    The purpose of the game is to guess which card you have.

    And you should ask a question, to which you can answer either yes or no.

    If you ask a question so that they answer "yes"; you have one more move, if you asked a question, and the answer got "No," then the question is asked the next player and so until everyone guesses who he is)

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