How to tame a unicorn in Sims 3 (Sims 3) pets?

How to tame a unicorn in Sims 3 (Sims 3) pets?

  • The Sims 3 game is still the most unique stimulant of life I've ever met. Not only that with different additions our heroes acquire new abilities, so even you can meet such participants of Sims 3 as unicorns! And do not just meet - they can be tamed and call to live in your family!

    What is so good about unicorns? Well, of course, with your inspiring touch, and the very appearance!

    In order to tame a unicorn, you can use two ways-hints:

    1. Standard. A friend with at least 3 pets, and in general the more, the better. And we bring the wedges to the very unicorn (remember, it appears in the time specified and in different places). When you have a super-relationship, make him an offer to live in your family.

    2. Not standard. I was always too lazy to act according to the standard scheme. I came to the aid of codes for the game. There is such code, activating which, it is possible to make friends with the whole town. And there is a code that allows any living thing to be moved immediately to your family. They I used in its time)))

  • Before you tame a unicorn in the Sims 3 Pet it must be found. He appears in the fields, in plantations or near water bodies in the dark, I always near the waterfall, but I heard that in other places you met, you recognize him by the white glow. With him you need to create a trusting relationship, then offer to live with you. If the unicorn agrees - it is done, if it does not agree - use the cheat TestingCheatsEnabled true

    hold down the SHIFT button without releasing the mouse over the unicorn, release and choose to add to the family. Your unicorn.

  • It turns out that in Sims three you can tame the Unicorn. To begin with, you need to prove to him that you love animals. You need to get yourself five any animals at your discretion, just the Unicorn will appreciate your quot; friendship; with the animals of the neighbors (the game admits this). Show all your care, tenderness to them, and then go look for the Unicorn.

    When you find a unicorn and invite him to live with himself, your request will be answered. Unicorn, seeing your attitude towards other animals, either will agree or refuse to be friends with you. Appears this stunningly beautiful animal on the water. But not often, with a certain periodicity.

    Imagine that you have already met. How do you know that the Unicorn gave his answer. It's simple. Pay attention to the radiance. If the answer from the side of the Unicorn is positive, then the radiance will be a beautiful green color, but if the radiance is red, then excuse me, but this refusal.

    If the Unicorn with you will be friends and move to you, his place will be taken by another, no less fairy-tale creature.

    How to tame a unicorn in Sims 3 (Sims 3) pets?

  • The standard way to tame a unicorn in Sims - It is to have three pets and show their care towards them. Then either we ourselves find a unicorn, or we are waiting for the horse to come visit us in the yard. We try to reach the level of relations quot; Friend; quot; or quot; Good friend ;. Click - Invite to the family.

    How to tame a unicorn in Sims 3 (Sims 3) pets?

  • First, be friends with different animals in your city, neighbor or street, get yourself animals. After 20: 00, follow the map, outside the residential area. More often near water bodies, there will be a glowing spot, like a rainbow, there will be a unicorn himself. We run there or teleport using cheat code. We get acquainted with the unicorn and make friends or again with the help of Chita become quickly friends. We develop relations a little more and suggest moving to you.

  • To make the unicorn a member of your family, so that you can still tame it, you need to love animals and show it to him.

    To do this, you need to make friends with at least three animals. After you have met the Unicorn, you will need to start communicating with him and you can become friends with him if you treat him kindly.

    After you sufficiently develop your relationship with the unicorn, there is such an action as: invite him to his family. After that he will stay with you.

    How to tame a unicorn in Sims 3 (Sims 3) pets?

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