What are the films about women detective stories?

What are the films about women detective stories?

  • Many serials about female detectives have been shot, but I do not like much of it. I prefer men who are investigating crimes. But I liked these TV series with female detectives:

    The Killing (USA)

    Broadchurch / Broadchurch (United Kingdom)

    Tight string / Wire in the Blood (UK)

    Delicate Case / Case Sensitive (UK)

    Law and order. Special Corps / Law & amp; Order: Special Victims Unit (USA)

  • Miss marple, Secrets of investigation, Kamenskaya, laurel, Evlampiya Romanova private detective (I do not remember the exact name

  • I remember a very interesting and fascinating series about a woman court medical expert Dr. Temperans Brenon :), and the series is called quot; Bones; it was shot 9 seasons :)

    quot; She wrote the murder "about granny detective Jessica Fletcher :)

    The mystical series quot; Havenquot; very worthwhile :), is still being filmed :)

    And another one of my favorite movie quot; Silence of the Lambs; :)

    I remembered only these films :)

  • It's strange that so far we have not mentioned films based on the novels of the ancestor of the ironic detective Joanna Khmelevskaya. And Daria Dontsova screened and Viola Tarakanov, and Dasha Vasilyev. By the way, probably, and Agent Scully from the "X-Files"; can be attributed to female detectives, although they are engaged with Agent Mulder to investigate the devils of what))

  • A series about Nastya Kamensky. Films on the novels of Daria Dontsova, I have not seen them all, but there in the main role of women. American TV series "Agency"; Moonlightquot; with Sybille Sheppard and Bruce Willis. And more films about Miss Marple.

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