What substance is responsible for suntan?

What substance is responsible for suntan?

  • You really excuse me, but as always I answer the first thing that comes to mind. For if I do not know, I do not know and even think for an hour - there will be no answer, since there is no knowledge. Now it occurred to me that this pigment. And as far as this is the right answer - I do not know yet.

  • If we talk about sunburn, then the substance that can be responsible for it is called MELANIN. This pigment, or rather a whole group of pigments, which are brown and black. They are very widespread in biology: in the animal, and plant world. Melanin determines the color of the skin, as well as hair, feathers of birds, and in plants - the skin of the fruit. Melanin is completely absent in albinos. By its chemical composition, melanin is a pigment that forms during the conversion of the amino acid tyrosine.

  • The correct answer is MALANIN. Melanin is a natural pigment that is found in the skin (as well as in hair, iris). It is melanin that gives color to the skin, the more it is, the darker it is. And under the influence of the sun, melanin is produced more.

  • Tanning in the sun, we get a very beautiful skin color, reminiscent of milk chocolate. This is due to the presence in our bodies of such a pigment as MELANIN. People who do not have it are called albinos, their skin is always white.

  • Melanin is responsible for changing skin color, it accumulates under the skin from ultraviolet rays in the form of grains and is a protective agent. When the irradiation ends and the solar activity decreases, the melanin begins to wash out.

  • Darkening of the skin, that is, getting a tan by a person is the result of producing such a substance in the skin, like melanin. It protects the human skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays of the sun. A lot of melanin is found in people of the Negroid race.

    The correct answer is of seven letters: MELANINE.

  • What substance is responsible for suntan? I think that the answer to this question will be the word MELANIN. It is a substance that is activated by exposure to sunlight. And "color" color; human skin. That is, correctly speaking, pins. And after a person has been in the sun, he has a sunburn, for which "he answers"; Melanin.

  • Anyone who likes to sunbathe under the sun (or tanning lamps) will be able to instantly answer this crossword question, because it is well known that brown pigment is produced by the pigment melanin, which is developed as a protective reaction of the skin to ultraviolet light. Answer: quot; Melaninquot;.

  • For a tan is responsible MELANIN, this is natural PIGMENT, the production of which is enhanced by the influence of sunlight. Rather, it is an attempt to protect the skin from harmful radiation, but a very poor attempt, because even in the blackest black man with an unprecedented abundance MELANINand the degree of natural skin protection is the same as that provided by the SPF 2 cream (although the minimum degree of protection recommended by physicians is provided by means with SPF 15 and above). So remember that raising MELANINand in the skin - this is not the purpose of staying at the resort, but the cry of the skin for help: quot; Guard, take me off the sun! "quot;

    Напоминаю, что излишнее солнечное облучение не только приводит к образованию рака кожи, но и у тех, кого пронесло, разрушает слой коллагена и эластина в коже, что является одной из важнейших причин образования морщин. Подробней об этом же - в мом ответе.

  • What is tanning is when the color of the skin of a living being changes as a result of exposure to ultraviolet light. In the lower layers of the skin, a protective pigment is formed, which is called MELANIN of seven letters.

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