Miss Cathy's Channel. Do your children look? Your attitude?

Miss Cathy's Channel. Do your children look? Your attitude?

  • For a small child there should always be supervision. It is necessary to control what he does and what he looks at. Miss Cathy's channel will be of interest to many children, but the question is whether this video will benefit him. More likely no than yes. And the choice is yours.

  • Many children I'm sure envy the heroine of these videos Miss Cathy. She is still a child, but she has already become popular, she tells many interesting things, she teaches other children to learn interesting things and all this thanks to their parents, of course. Who made such a childhood for their children and often spoiled them. Although the channel can already be said untwisted, but I do not see ads on it. In my opinion this is in vain. If there was at least some advertising, the parents could earn at least some coin and pamper their children even more. Get additional support from advertising and perhaps in this way and earn. Or maybe just parents do not want to earn money on their child in this way. And they shoot such videos for the sake of interest.

    Miss Cathy's Channel. Do your children look? Your attitude?

  • A daughter of friends simply adores the channel of the Ukrainian father of two children, "Miss Cathy", and generally he has quite a lot of views. I looked out of interest what was there. And there are a lot of reviews of toys, kinder-surprise openers, excursions to recreation parks, a trip to Turkey and many other things. I have one question - this man that works in a toy store, since he does not have anything. Yes, and his income is high, apparently, from youtube. But I am morally opposed to putting personal video on the Internet, the more sacrilegious to earn on their own children.

  • Channel quot; Miss Katyquot; very quickly gaining popularity and increasing the number of subscribers. At the moment, the video on the channel has been viewed over 591 a million times, which is impressive.

    I believe that in this video in fact there is nothing wrong. If the father of the family decided in this way to get additional income, then why not.

    But at the same time, I think that it is undesirable for children to watch such videos. It is necessary that the regime of the day for the child was completely painted, so that he simply did not have time to watch such channels. Only in this way will the child develop fully. And if you have a child all the same, watch TV or video clips from the Internet quite often, then you must, first, control the nature of the videos you are watching, and, secondly, it is better to train the child to the beautiful one and often give them a look at cognitive children's programs, and not the life of other children.

  • I think many children are interested in watching, as the main character of this channel is a little girl and she has an interesting and active life thanks to her creative parents. Games, entertainment, children's cosmetics, walks and rest - all this is told and shown at an accessible level for children, and what is most important is everything from children's interests. I do not read that dad and mom earn on children - they just want to show by their example to all other parents how diversified their children can be. They share their experience and the memory of children will remain remarkable. It is necessary to be able to combine shooting, comments and classes with children. Mom and Dad are great fellows!

  • Once, in search of animations on YouTube, my sister came across a chance on the Miss Keti channel and began to look at him often, and then found out about Max's channel and started combining views of these channels. Looking at how she observes it with delight, I can assume that she likes to watch their actions, but as for me their father has nothing to do, he decided to just make money on his children and I do not approve of it, but if the kids like that, let them be all .

  • The channel, to be honest, they were already podnataskal, barely barely untied)))) We now like the Margarita channel there without pathos, development, preparation for school) https://youtu.be/Ss3KQfmP16E

  • My daughter is watching the Miss Kathy channel, I don’t find anything bad in their videos, and sometimes it’s even interesting to watch travel even for me. Another thing is that not all men would be able to play like Katya's dad and this is a bit annoying for me personally. But not only women can lisp ... some men apparently also know how. It is interesting to look about parcels and orders from other countries. I don’t notice the change in the psyche of my child from these videos, it’s rare to ask for something from the video, because we have our own heroes from a favorite cartoon. We watched a video about the water park and really enjoyed the child, I myself wanted to go to the water park, we are going to visit in the neighboring town, in our only building.

  • Mr. Max and Miss Cathy are a good channel, it's just that not all videos can be shown to children (it is not advisable to show a video with a lot of sweets), as the children copy and will necessarily ask for sweets themselves, referring to "stars"; channel. Thanks to some children's videos, children can see and virtually visit places in which they have not been. There are many more balanced channels, for example, the Sophie channel: https://youtu.be/7jOntN3-9aA

  • My daughter is looking))) And I'm with her. Especially they like their video blogs. In September they filmed a trip to Disneyland. So cool!) As if we ourselves have been there)))

    Recently created a children's channel. If you are interested:

    Miss Katie in Paris

  • My daughter is still small and does not envy these children, looks out of curiosity, in those moments when I have no time to mess with her. But I do not like this family at all, children are brought up some kind of consumer attitude to life, you can not pamper children every day with new toys and they have not developed speech - neither children nor parents. I do not understand those people who after the review leave enthusiastic comments.

  • Look at the Miss Mili channel, they are somewhat similar, but this channel is still quite new, and my daughter was very fond of it

  • Too many of them in youtube! Everywhere we run into them. At first she looked and herself, but soon got tired and began to irritate. We dilute our daughter with other good channels. My love for Glory, Diana has even more development. Recently, we always look like Nastya like a lot more fun but I do not watch for more than an hour!

  • complete nonsense, my child is already dependent on this channel. Even I do not know what to do. I do not understand why I put my family on public display.

  • Miss Cathy's Channel. My boys 7 and 10 years look with pleasure, and even where they are envious. After watching this video, the children are also asked to go to Istanbul.

    My opinion is not unique, I am both for and against. It is interesting to look at all this, but at the same time the children begin to ask for everything that they see in the rollers. But unfortunately, not all parents can afford to buy such toys and so often drive children to rest.

  • My child is watching both Katya and Max and recently we sat down on another channel no less interesting and now we are not sick with Katya and Nastya)))

    The channel is called Mini Miss

  • My daughter also watches this channel. I see nothing bad in this, and sometimes even on the contrary, I say that toys need to be cleaned, which would be purely like Katya. Or you need to comb, because Katya does not walk disheveled. And we made a cake for Katya.

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