When the 2 season comes out in the series "A policeman with Rublevki," the release date?

When the 2 season comes out in the series "A policeman with Rublevki," the release date?

  • The first season of the series "The policeman with Rublevki"; goes on TNT channel from 21 March 2016 year. In total, the series has eight series.

    Somehow very little, for the series with such a promising title, where both words can be considered keys. I am sure that the plot can be stretched for another fifty episodes, no less.

    After the premiere, the creators of the series will evaluate the viewing ratings and decide whether to continue or close the project.

    It seems to me that the continuation will follow, which we learn about from the announcements of the second season of the series "The Policeman with Rublevki"; In six months or even a year, we need to hear something about the second season.

  • When the 2 season comes out in the series "A policeman with Rublevki," the release date?

    Recently went on the air, and, as it turned out, won the hearts of the spectators "Quack", the positive TV series "The policeman from Rublyovka". The series took, again, its non-standard, -not the number of episodes, their total 8 in the first season, and quality, they can be reviewed endlessly, and each time will be just as interesting and funny. There are rumors, of course, about the addition and the first season. But, it is more likely that in the first days of March there will be a completely new second season, with yet more unusual and amazing stories about Mega's positive scenario. So, zhdm with the impatience of the beginning of spring, and hence the release of all the beloved TV series "The policeman from Rublyovka".

  • When the 2 season comes out in the series "A policeman with Rublevki," the release date?

    It was this kind of characterization that was given to the first series of the series Police from Rublevki in one of the social networks. I can confirm (after viewing the first series) - the show is very interesting and funny. 8 series is very small for such a series. So for sure the creators will continue the series for the second season. The 2 season will not be released until 2017 year, but for now look 1 season (according to rumors - it may well increase the number of episodes in the first season)

    When the 2 season comes out in the series "A policeman with Rublevki," the release date?

  • The second season of the series "The police officer from the Republican"; will be released in 2017 year somewhere in the spring. They say that it will be released 21 March, but this is not an exact date. In fact, the series is very interesting with its script. In the series there is everything, both laughter and other positive and exciting emotions. I'm waiting with no patience for the second season of the TV series "The Policeman with Rublyki";

  • 21 March kicked off the premiere of the new youth comedy series "The Policeman with Rublevki"; Only the first episode was aired, but she already liked the audience. Therefore, most likely the creators of the series will not refuse to viewers, and will release the second season.

    In the TV program "Police officer with Rublevki"; write as quot; The series ..., the season 1quot ;, that is, consequently, that the second season in the plans.

    Typically, the series on TNT are published at intervals of 1 year, that is, after the release of the first season, you have to wait a year to see the second.

    Thus, the second season of the "Police officer with Rublevki"; It is worth waiting for in the spring of 2017.

    When the 2 season comes out in the series "A policeman with Rublevki," the release date?

  • The essence is always that the first season comes out and if he likes the audience, then the second follows, such is the policy of the TNT channel. And there are sitcoms that we watch there for several years.

    Now began the first season of this comedy, and most likely after viewing the last series, it will be clear about whether the second season will be removed.

    At the moment, there are only eight episodes ready for the audience. As long as the information about the film's creators about the second season is nowhere to be found. A.Petrov plays the main role, and his audience loves and remembers his other works in the cinema.

    And the main character has his chips, so the film will be interesting.

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  • TNT channel constantly produces TV series, the continuation of which you are looking forward to.

    I'm more than sure that "The policeman with Rublevki", judging by the first series will be rating and 8 series for the series is very small.

    Therefore, the continuation of the series is worth waiting for, but not before 2017 year.

  • The series The policeman with Rublevki just started broadcasting. Most likely, the second season will be, but so far the exact date is unknown - it will be around the spring in 2017-th year. And I'm sure that the 8 series can not end in lots, so it's worth waiting for, especially if the first season turns out.

  • While it is not known exactly when the second season will be released. But we can assume that if the first season is out today, then the second should also go out in March 2017. As this comedy enjoys a great rating, the second season will definitely come out. Will wait! And after the second season, they'll come up with a third one too, only time is needed.

  • In late March 2016 21-th number is expected to premiere the first season in the new comedy drama TV series TNT "The policeman with Rublevki";. Will the series "Police" with Rublevkiquot; continuation, is it worth to fans of the new comedy to count on the release new season is currently not specified.

    Whether the series will continue to be known at the end of the first season, presumably this summer.

    If TNT channel bosses are satisfied with the rating of a new project, in this case, of course second season, its release may consist of not before the spring of next year.

    In the meantime, we expect the premiere to watch what the guys with TNT have prepared for us.


    How many episodes of the television series "Police officer with Rublevki"?

    Who is in the cast, the actors of the TV series "Police officer with Rublevki"?

  • Day of release of the second season The policeman with ruble has already been officially announced and the schedule of his show on the TNT channel is presented. As promised earlier, the premiere will be held in the spring of 2017.

    1 series will be demonstrated 20 March 2017 goal, and the last (eighth) 30-th March.

    When the 2 season comes out in the series "A policeman with Rublevki," the release date?

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