Where to go with a child in Krasnoyarsk: attractions, places of interest and reviews

Where to go with the child in Krasnoyarsk? For adults, rest can be organized, even just having a picnic. But for children, not only diversity is necessary, but also the educational effect of walking. Therefore, the question often arises: “Where can I go with a child in Krasnoyarsk?” Let's try to answer it in detail.


Krasnoyarsk is a city full of entertainment. Including there are interesting places for children. In Krasnoyarsk there are many museums that will be of interest to kids. For example, in Newton Park there is a museum in which an exhibition with color and light special effects is opened.

In the Museum of Entertaining Sciences, children are allowed to conduct their own experiments, shoot a cannon, check on a lie detector, study the “suitcase-wrecking”, etc. In the "Theater of Science" weekly colorful shows and master classes for high school students.

The Euro Robot Museum has collected many game and educational androids, many in the form of man. There is an artificial intelligence system. For children older than 6, the School of Robotics works.where to go with the child in Krasnoyarsk

When the question arises: “Where to go with a small child in Krasnoyarsk?”, We can advise a museum of local lore, which contains rare antiquities and antiquities, including skeletons of dinosaurs and mammoth, woolly rhino, etc. For kids from two to three years old there are small half-hour exciting activities.

In the Literary Museum you can get acquainted with the folklore of the northern peoples or visit the real ball, in the old music school or printing house. On the eternal parking lot, where the Yenisei and Kacha merge, there is a museum-steamer. It is allowed to look in cabins, call bell, stand at the helm, etc.

Where to go with the child in Krasnoyarsk? For example, in the rocket-space museum "SibGAU". It is divided into two parts. In one hall there are parts and models of satellites, rocket stages and engines. On the screen are films about the conquest of outer space. In another room is a map of Russian space launch sites, mannequins in space suits, photographs and fragments of a meteorite. There is also a planetarium.where to go with the child in Krasnoyarsk

Geological Museum "GEOS" has many dinosaur skeletons. Also there is a collection of fossil ammonites. The museum has ornamental stones, minerals, precious metals. All exhibits are described in detail on excursions. The museum staff organizes visiting workshops and excursions. No less interesting will be the Museum of Shipping, Forest, it. Surikov.

Where to go with the child in Krasnoyarsk? Zoos

In the park "Roev creek" is a small zoo, in which children's play walks are held. There you can see kangaroos, giraffes, flying dogs and many other exotic animals. "Ecohouse" is not only a zoo, it is a living museum of the Palace of Pioneers. Animals that are in it, were abandoned by the owners or injured. They were nursed by children. Animals can be fed.

In the Butterfly Park there are tropical thickets, and the temperature never drops below twenty-five degrees. Small birdies so accustomed to people that even fly around the guests. There is a terrarium in the zoo, and you can feed a donkey in the stall.where to go in Krasnoyarsk today with children

Entertainment centers

For older children, it will be interesting to visit the Forsazh Sports and Recreation Center where races are arranged on maps. There is also a recreation area and a small cafe. In the Emerald City, children will be able to try to master the professions of a banker, a TV presenter, a photographer and a number of others. They receive a “salary” which can be spent on further entertainment or training. For the youngest there is a play area with labyrinths and a trampoline, in which you can leave the little ones under supervision.

Where to go with the child in Krasnoyarsk? Many of the above entertainment, including dry pools, racing stimulants, video games and more, is in the mall "Planet", "June", "Lunamaniya", "Wildoplanet".

DRC Fancyfox is one of the most favorite visited entertainment centers. The complex has many attractions and gaming machines, as well as a pool filled with balls, and a maze of air cannons. Many different slides.where to go to Krasnoyarsk as a child

The complex has a separate baby zone. In the DRC "Fancyfox" special programs are conducted with animators and clowning. And experts in face painting paint children with different ornaments.

Children's cinema

In Krasnoyarsk, you can reduce the kids in the "Dream" - a children's cinema. Not only cartoons are shown there, but also art festivals, chess tournaments, parachutists, chocolate and Mary Poppins festivals are held.


There are many children's theaters in Krasnoyarsk. This is a puppet where performances for kids are staged. From one year to three years - short performances of twenty-five minutes. There is a separate theme for children over three years old. For all the time of its existence in the puppet theater more than three hundred performances have already been staged. The troupe has puppeteers of different ages, including young students of theater universities.

Where to go in Krasnoyarsk today with children? Every day in the city are representations. You can find out where to go, choose the most interesting performance and choose the optimal time to visit the theater, guided by city posters. Or you can see the schedule on the Internet.where to go with a small child in Krasnoyarsk

In the Drama Theater, fairy tales about the cat Leopold, Skate-Hunchback, treasure Island and others are staged. The repertoire contains many modern works. Babies can be reduced to the "Pink Country". Performances in this theater are designed for children from four to twelve years. The performances involved mimes and child actors. There you can enroll a child in drama school. It teaches acrobatics, vocals, pantomime, acting, stage speech and choreography. Children are accepted from five years.


The philharmonic society hosts concert programs of organ and orchestral music. For visitors from 5 years, season tickets for themed concerts are sold. They are specially selected works of foreign and Russian composers. Pupils of ballet and opera are included in school passes.


Krasnoyarsk has its own circus located on the banks of the Yenisei. It works almost all year round. Not only local artists participate in the performances, but also touring companies that regularly come to this city.


If you come to rest with children in Krasnoyarsk where to go? You can go all day to the island Tatyshev. You can relax there both in winter and in summer. There is a park with beaches, bike paths and running routes. As well as several playgrounds for football and volleyball. In winter, there is an open large ice rink. All sports equipment can be rented.


A large number of attractions are in the park to them. Gorky. There is located the Ferris wheel, which offers a panoramic view of the Yenisei. In addition, among the most popular attractions are trampolines, trains and rocking chairs for the youngest visitors. There are various types of carousels, racing tracks. Separate rides - for teens.where to go in Krasnoyarsk as a child in summer

It is in the park to them. Gorky is the first Russian Children's Railway. It was opened in 1936, modernized and repaired in 2007. Replaced equipment and trains, and the path was extended to 1,3 kilometer.

Where to go for a child in Krasnoyarsk in the summer? Amusement rides and many other attractions are in Troy Park. There are located trampoline complex, carousel, playground, labyrinths and children's safaris. At the circuit you can ride with your child. And also go through the cycle route, play air hockey or table tennis.

Recreation Parks

In the park "Roy brook" you can ride on the Ferris wheel and visit the "Treasure Island". In the fan park “Bobrovy Log” there is a children's summer camp, a beach, a swimming pool, an outdoor climbing wall. You can climb the viewing platform with the help of a chair lift.

In Newton Park, children can puzzle, become real scientists by visiting the Kubling Studio with the designers. In it you can build bridges out of sand, experiment with plasma and electricity, draw with sound. During scientific experiments, children will be able to see the eruption of a mini-volcano, a tri-headed snake and much more.

Where to go with a child in Krasnoyarsk for a relaxing holiday? For this great Park Gagarin. But if you want to move a little or new impressions, the Entertainment Center "Lunomania" is open on its territory. Outwardly, he resembles a planet. Inside the complex there are no flat walls at all. For the little ones, there is a specially equipped baby zone with soft mats and fences. It has a ball pool, slides and swings.

Two years ago, a new Garden of Dreams park opened in Krasnoyarsk. There are many streams along which footpaths are located. There are benches for rest and children's swings. Also in the summer, open trampolines, free and paid playgrounds. The park has a pancake shop and a cafe where you can have a delicious lunch.rest with children in Krasnoyarsk where to go

Children will be delighted with the cosmic parks, which are located in large areas. There are not only attractions, but also a lot of machines and video games.

Water excursions

Where to go baby on weekends? To Krasnoyarsk sailing water pleasure boats. You can visit one of these excursions. This is not only a pleasant trip, but also an informative tour for children. Moreover, such a walk is possible in any weather. There are closed and open decks, restaurants and cabins for recreation. Excursions can be just walking or thematic. For example, pirate, during which a colorful show is organized. It will be interesting for children of any age.

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