Some information about crossbills, or What bird breeds chicks in winter

It is believed that spring is a time of universal awakening and the triumph of nature after a long hibernation. Of course, such a statement is quite true, but not always. The fact is that the question of which bird breeds chicks in winter, first of all, representatives of birds living in distant warm countries are recalled.

However, almost everyone is amicably forgetting that an amazing bird lives in our country, which can hatch chicks even in the conditions of harsh domestic winters. And her name is cleft, the mention of which can be found even in children's books, telling about what bird breeds chicks in winter. which bird breeds chicks in winter

Crossbill is unique even with its unusual beak, whose shape resembles broken scissors, the blades of which are draped over each other. This unusual shape is related to the nature of its nutrition: crossbreeds eat the seeds of coniferous trees, which are conveniently taken from the cones with such a remarkable tool. By the way, even if you know which bird breeds chicks in the winter, do you know when the beak of the crossbill acquires such a famous form? No, crossbreed chicks hatch from eggs with perfectly normal, straight beaks. They acquire a characteristic form only in the third or fourth week of life.Some information about crossbills, or What bird breeds chicks in winter

The current of these interesting birds begins in January. The male sits on the upper branches of the tree, whirls and runs along them, all the while calling for females with loud and not too melodic cries. Nest birds build on top of trees, always under the guise of thick branches. The nest itself is arranged near the trunk of a tree, using thick and reliable branches as its base.

The female is engaged in construction, she incubates eggs. However, the male is always in close proximity, protecting his girlfriend and feeding her. When the female sits on the eggs, all the care of feeding the family rests on the shoulders of the crossbill. These birds in winter, the photos of which look beautiful and spectacular, manage even in cold weather under 40 degrees Celsius not to lose a single chick from the clutch.birds in winter photo

However, the safety of the brood is more dependent not only on the air temperature, but on the amount of feed. Similar in this respect to squirrels, crossbills are essentially nomads, whose population size depends on the number of spruce or cedar seeds. In one year, dozens of crossbreeds can be found on a particular section of the forest, whereas as early as next year, not a single bird could be seen in the same place, since they all could have traveled hundreds of kilometers in search of food.

By the way, if you wanted to know what kind of bird hatches chicks in the winter, you will certainly be interested in the fact that the crossbill is perfectly rooted in captivity. These birds quickly get used to their host and easily change their meager spruce diet for a varied diet, which can even include insects. Of course, at least from time to time it is necessary to give pine nuts and fir cones to the house crust, because of them it receives a large amount of vitamins and microelements.

We hope that the article about which bird breeds chicks in the winter turned out to be useful for you!

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