When Valeria Novodvorskaya died?

When Valeria Novodvorskaya died?

  • Judging by the reports of all major media outlets, she died today, on Saturday, 12 July.

    V.Novodvorskaya entered the hospital with exacerbation of a chronic disease. The condition was so severe that doctors could not help her.

    Although some publications say that she is in the hospital, she is alive, but still do not believe the mainstream media ... If they were mistaken, how to call it?

  • Valeria Novodvorskaya has died.

    Death came on Saturday 12 July 2014 year.

    Novodvorskaya died in one of the clinics in Moscow.

    U did not have a serious infectious-toxic shock.

    In the intensive care unit of the 13 clinic in Moscow, Novodvorskaya did everything possible to get out of shock, but what happened happened - Valeria Ilinichna Novodvorskaya has died.

  • The well-known politician Valeria Novodvorskaya died 12 July 2014, while she was quite active in recent months, actively participated in the movements together with Andrei Makarevich and the discussion of the situation in Ukraine. The cause of death is not specified yet. Perhaps, more accurate comments will be given tomorrow.

  • As far as I know, the well-known Russian human rights activist Valeria Novodvorskaya died on Saturday, 12 July 2014, in the city of Moscow. Unfortunately, she left us only at 65-th year of life, and her death from infectious-toxic shock became unexpected.

  • A strange situation with reports of the death of Valeria Novodvorskaya.

    On the website of RIA Novosti they write that they are in intensive care in a serious condition (the time over the article is indicated - 18: 51).

    What the politician did to the City Clinical Hospital 13 yesterday, 11 July, with a severe infectious-toxic shock (I'm not a doctor, I can only assume that this can happen from a purulent appendicitis if help is not provided in time).

    Now - in resuscitation with surgery, the condition is heavy.

    But on a lot of other sites (and such authoritative ones as UNIAN) they write that Valeria Ilinichna died on 12 July (that is, today), the reason is the same as the diagnosis above.

    To whom to believe, while it is not clear.

  • The death of well-known human rights activist and opposition politician Valery Ilyinichna Novodvorskaya 12-th of July in 2014-tom year. Valeria Novodvorskaya died in one of the clinics in Moscow in the resuscitation department on Saturday.

    In resuscitation Valery Ilyinichna entered on the eve of 11-th of July 2014.

    The true cause of Valeria Novodvorskaya's death is not published, they only write that a well-known oppositionist died of an exacerbation / complication of one of the chronic diseases.

    Our President expressed his condolences to Valeriy Ilyinichny's family and relatives due to his death. Valery Novodvorskaya's colleagues deeply mourn her and remember Valery Ilyinichna as a fundamentally unbending person.

    Information there.

    When Valeria Novodvorskaya died?

  • Valeria Novodvorskaya is a very famous person, with an unbending character died 12 July 2014. She was seriously preparing for the overthrow of the communist system in her student days, with age she began to express even more bitterly anti-Soviet views

    She died at 64 year, the age is relatively small

  • As reported on LifeNews, doctors stated the death of Novodvorskaya 12 July in 18: 05. A day earlier she was hospitalized with pain in her left leg. She had an emergency operation. But it did not help. Perhaps already there was a blood poisoning. A few months ago, she hurt her leg but did not contact the doctors. There was a purulent infection - phlegmon, which develops very quickly and affects the muscles.

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