How much is the certificate of the family composition valid?

How much is the certificate of the family composition valid?

  • On certificates, as a rule, the period of validity is not indicated, since circumstances may change at any time, or the date of the discretion and responsibility of the authority issuing this certificate is indicated. For example, a doctor may issue a certificate for three years, or maybe two, or maybe a year. Also, the petitioner establishes the frequency of inquiry requests, any possible periodicity of ten days and a month or more. How long is a medical certificate for traffic police?

  • A certificate on the composition of the family is issued for a period of ten days, if at that time they did not meet they will have to go again and take this certificate. In our city, certificates of family composition have always been valid for 10 days. Therefore it was necessary and through the driver of the intercity bus of the inquiry to collect and the child to cause to be in time.

  • Exactly a month. That is not a calendar month. Let's say you took a certificate 6 June, it will operate until 6 July.

  • The expiration date of the certificate of composition seven depends on where it is requested. On the certificate itself do not prescribe a term. In some bodies, the deadline may be 10 days, and some accept the certificate within 3 months from the date of issue.

  • Recently issued a subsidy for utility bills and there, among other documents, required a certificate of the composition of the family. In our region, a certificate on the composition of the family is valid for a month, then it must be registered again.

  • I do not exactly know which Russian-speaking country you are from. But in Belarus such a certificate is valid for six months. But in some cases, the certificate, the storage period of which expires in a month, is asked to redo it. This is exactly how those institutions want to ask for this information.

  • The period of validity of the certificate of the composition of the family must be specified on the certificate itself. It can be different, depending on the destination of the reference. Usually certificate of family composition is valid not more than three months. However, individual institutions can reduce this period to one month.

  • a certificate on the composition of the family acts differently well, very often in different instances asking for more fresh if the certificate more than half a year. Well, in different cases it is individual and depends on who gets to the place of presentation.

  • It is impossible to say exactly the expiration dates of the received certificate on the composition of the family, since it can be different for each place of demand. On average, the period of validity of such a certificate is limited to 3 months, but can be both 1 month and 10 days.

  • I live in the Rostov region. In a year I extend the children's and half-year subsidies (we are a poor family). So we have a certificate valid for ten days. Probably in different regions your rules, you ask about the region in which you live.

  • The validity of your certificate of family composition may vary. Everything depends on what you take. Usually, the term of validity is about one month. But there are organizations where you need a certificate, which is not more than ten days.

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