Comedian, actor and governor Mikhail Evdokimov was killed or was killed?

Comedian, actor and governor Mikhail Evdokimov was killed or was killed?

  • Bliiin ... When rushing at a speed of 200 km / h - this is our quot; cross the roadquot; or just races ... sorry ... nedoblaystvo? Here the question should be asked not "kill or accident", but - who after him, sickly, chased something like this?

    The laws of physics, you know, are written for all. Even for governors.

  • Mikhail Evdokimov was killed.

    The murder was carefully planned to look like an accident.

    Mikhail was an honest man.

    When he came to power and began to delve into the essence of all affairs, he realized that so many millions, billions disappeared from the budget and settled in bureaucratic pockets.

    For example, for repair of roads was allocated 4 billion, rub and spent only 1,5. The question is where the rest.

    He began to clean up.

    A lot of people have flown from their places.

    This did not please the higher structures.

    Even a friend of Evdokimov's Sasha Pankratov-Black warned Evdokimov: "Misha, leave it, do not climb";

    Comedian, actor and governor Mikhail Evdokimov was killed or was killed?

    On the day of his death, Mikhail Evdokimov had a folder with all the compromising documents,

    As a result, she disappeared.

    Evdokimov knew that he was walking along the blade of the knife, he was threatened and he knew how this could end.

    Very sorry.

    If everyone were like Michael in power, then we would have lived much better.

    Comedian, actor and governor Mikhail Evdokimov was killed or was killed?

  • This death in chm-something echoes with the collapse of the samol near Smolensk, where the president of Poland died. There, as already proved, someone gave orders to the crew and this was the main cause of the disaster. I think that even in the case of Evdokimov, the driver was forced to rush at such a speed. Most likely Evdokimov himself. You know, some people love it with a breeze, neglecting basic safety. And the driver, as well as the pilots, could not refuse the high authorities.

    So, most likely, his death was caused by his own carelessness and unjustified bravado. Yes, and it would be fine, if only he himself risked, but because of him other people were killed.

    Such people should think about analyzing such cases.

  • That this was a tragic accident or a cold-blooded murder of no one, Vladimir does not know this and

    never Alas does not know ..

    we can note only some quot; oddities; his death ... Even in appearance, he was a very healthy man, but after a car accident for a long time he was not given any medical help ...

    we all know that he was not the first time traveling at high speed, nothing - somehow managed ...

    the kingdom of heaven and eternal memory!

  • Now such questions can be asked only psychics or, at worst, fortunetellers. Yes, there was a lot of talk about the criminal death of Mikhail Evdokimov. But it is impossible to categorically state that he was killed, because no one was judged on anyone, and no one was imprisoned for this crime.

  • Well, why not a carefully planned murder? Its after all, "how will you spend" ... You can watch the victim for a long time in the "optics", and do not press the trigger, but it is possible and effective, with an ice ax, "to remember".

    In any case, we, like those grandmothers on the bench, are only guessing.

    In History, and not such cases have happened. And the driver ... Yes, whatever you have, "sedok"; there was not even a namk on the instinct of self-preservation of the driver. And it should have been. Governors are not taxi drivers. And that means there are questions. To these questions, no one wants to answer, quot; not of the same rank. In a few years we'll know, maybe the truth.

    Exceeding the speed was, yes. But why? The result of the usual quot; pontovoy; ride? And can a car malfunction? It is unlikely that any of the respondents here was in the commission of inquiry. Therefore empty thoughts and conjectures.

    Personally, I'm sorry for the deceased!

  • Not only he himself was killed, but even that man, in whom his governor's SUV flew at frenzied speed, hardly sent him to prison, they wanted to make him guilty. The public defended only, in particular forum users from the portal Drom. Not because we are all so friendly, in my opinion, but because everyone understands - this can happen to him.

    How could this be murder? Is the driver a suicide bomber? Very intricate such a murder would be, complicated - in the turning left ahead of coming in.

  • I do not think it was murder, most likely an accident. Murder would not have been organized in this way. So even more so, his car flew at a frenzied speed. And what actually happened should be decided only by the investigation.

  • Evdokimov, being governor, became the majority of their interests. Therefore, his death can be treated in different ways. Yes, he was in a car flying at high speed, and there was an accident. But the cause of this accident is still unknown. One can only guess about the reasons - everyone has their own truth.

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