Advise a movie such as Walking Dead?

Advise a movie such as Walking Dead?

  • TV Shows and Movies Similar to Walking Dead :

    The most similar series - Fear the walking dead lt; lt; (more about the release of the series)

    The second interesting film - I'm a legend, very similar and insanely sad.

    The movie "The survivors"; you will also like it.

    And recently came the cool TV series "The Last Man on Earth"; , very cheerful and funny.

  • As far as I know, "The Walking Dead"; this is not a film, but a television series of post-apocalyptic themes. If you want to see something so large-scale and post-apocalyptic, but without walking corpses, then I would advise you to watch a four-part mini-series "Confrontation"; based on the novel by Stephen King. The film, although not new, shot it in 1994 year, but it is quite decent and the series almost in 90 minutes.

    Advise a movie such as Walking Dead?

    If you are interested only in the latest horror stories, I will recommend "American horror story";

    Advise a movie such as Walking Dead?

  • There are a lot of such films about zombies. They are all of the same type, but each has its own peculiarity at the same time. For example, there are such films: "The Land of the Dead", "The Flesh Eaters", "The Return of the Living Dead", "I'm a Legend", "The Zombie by the Name of Sean" and others. Some people think that zombie movies are outdated, but many still like them.

  • You can watch the TV series "Walking dead", there is already filmed 4 season of impressions enough for a long time. From the movies you can see: From sunset to sunrise, I'm a legend, Silent Hill, Astral, Astral-2, Resident Evil - there's kind of an 5 series shot, it's planned to be continued.

  • I would still advise to look at the quot; I'm a legend; The film is very atmospheric.

  • Before the series "Walking Dead"; I've seen a lot of zombie movies. But this became the most beloved and inimitable. Is that the famous quot; Abode of evil; with Milla Jovovich can be compared with him. The film "28 weeks later" is similar;

  • If you are a fan of such horror movies, you can watch the following films: "Hell of the Living Dead", "Night of the Living Dead", "Return of the Living Dead" and all in the same spirit.

    To stifle the heart, you can see Stephen King's "Shine" movie. True, the book is much more exciting than the film.

  • If you want to

    watch a movie like Walking Dead

    I can advise such films

    • Zombie City
    • soap opera Survivors
    • Day of the Dead
    • Plague: chronicle of the epidemic
    • The Planet of Fear
    • Beast inside also a good movie
    • Invasion (people mutate because of biting beetles)
    • from popular science - quot;Ebola (on the spread of the insidious virus Ebola)
    • Boys eat girls
    • The last man on earth

    Advise a movie such as Walking Dead?

  • Advise a movie such as Walking Dead?

    TV series "Walking dead"; one of the most popular serials.

    This is a series of horrors on the topic of Zombies - the living dead.

    There are a lot of films about zombies. The premiere of the movie "The Evil Dead" was recently held. The Book of the Deadquot; and "War of the Worlds of Zquot". I also recommend the following movies on this topic.

    • Resident Evil - all parts
    • Silent Hill (not exactly about zombies)
    • 28 weeks, other 28 weeks
    • Kill Again
    • Juan is a fighter of Cuban zombies
    • Heat of our bodies

    A lot of movies on this topic you can find on the site

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