Punctuality - what is it?

This article answers the question: “Punctuality - what is it?”. Also considered are the positive and negative aspects of this character trait.punctuality what is it

Punctuality - what is it is it?

This word is familiar to every person. It indicates the character trait of a person, thanks to which he systematically follows the rules, clearly fulfills the duties assigned to him, is accurate and responsible. Most often, punctuality implies temporary accuracy, inadmissibility of delays, violation of promises. These qualities are most important when choosing an employee, because few people will like it if a subordinate comes at the wrong time or doesn’t come to work at all, violates the basic rules within the team, carelessly related to their duties. After all, a non-punctual person also carelessly applies to instructions, forgets about contracts, about terms, hence the breakdowns in the plans of the whole team. Yes, working next to an irresponsible person is extremely difficult! punctual responsibility

A bore is also a punctual person.

However, this character trait has another side, not so positive. Some people after an hour of communication really want to quickly get rid of. And the explanation for this attitude is their tediousness, and in another way - excessive punctuality. What the hell is this - tediousness? By the way, you have invited a person with whom you have brought a “nodding acquaintance” to come in when there is time. And he took this invitation very seriously. Therefore, exactly one day a bore appears at your door. This, too, is punctuality. What is it still? After all, the invitation was received - it means that it must be fulfilled. You ask the bore how his things are. And you get such a clear and detailed account of his affairs, that you no longer know where to go from him!

Even harder to live with a man who strictly follows the rules once established. For example, a spouse requires everyone to lie in bed and sleep at exactly one hour in 21. It annoys him if someone suddenly gets an interesting book, from which one can not tear myself away. And it’s absolutely incomprehensible for such a person to want to write poetry in the middle of the night, admire the stars or paint a picture.

punctuality courtesy of kingsPunctuality, responsibility - significant components of success.

But for the artist such features are indispensable. Especially if his duties do not include the performance of creative work. But take, for example, the profession of a correspondent or a journalist. How does the editor feel, seeing an employee who dries out his time every day with enviable accuracy, who gives out “empty” and clumsy articles “on the mountain”? And even if the workplace is constantly empty next to us, since the second journalist is sleeping at this time with the baby’s sweet sleep - he has every right to do so, since it was at night that “inspiration came down” and by the end of the working day a real masterpiece would fall on the manager’s table. Of course, for the second, talented artist of the word, there are some criteria for punctuality and responsibility - these are the deadlines for submitting the material. Even the Lord God himself has no right to shift these periods!

Punctuality - the politeness of kings

This saying is known to everyone since childhood. But not everyone can follow it. Meanwhile, it is an indicator of respect for the person with whom the meeting is scheduled. Being late for a date or an interview can be regarded as theft. Yes, it is theft, and the most expensive, than the person has - time! Therefore, before being late, to linger, it is necessary to estimate: is it pleasant to be a thief who besides cannot take advantage of the stolen? After all, someone else's time spent so irrational is almost impossible to use for one’s own purposes ...

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