The thinnest waist in the world

Who among women does not dream of a slim, graceful and beautiful figure? And what a man will quietly walk past a beauty with lush hips, high breasts and elegant waist? Such women have always been attractive to the male sex and there are many explanations for this. The first - for centuries women with magnificent forms were the key to good health and childbirth. And not only a beautiful figure can be only among young people, the story knows many women of quite an “adult” age - owners of chic forms. And the thinnest waist just fixed in 73-year-old woman Kati Jang. Incredibly, 38 cm - the waist volume of this extraordinary lady!

The most interesting thing is that in her youth, the waist of a woman was much more - 64 cm at the age of 28 years. Kati gave birth to three children and yet, with the help of corsets, the woman managed to reduce her waist size by 26. See Her predecessor, who had the thinnest waist - Ethel Granger, had a volume of 33. After marrying, a young woman, with full assistance her husband, began to work on his figure and subsequently achieved such results. By the way, she “made” her waist also with the help of a corset.

Oksana Mkhitaryan from Russia is the next girl who is only 7 behind her. 45 cm in girth is its narrowest point of the figure. 32 girl of the year and she got the nickname "Krasnodar wasp." Where there is the notorious 90-60-90 !!!! In the list of Russian beauties, of course, it is not the only one. All my life my beloved Lyudmila Gurchenko was famous for her figure. In her youth, she was probably the thinnest waist - 48 cm and she kept it for life. What woman can do it? Throughout his life, Gurchenko evoked envious glances among many women.

Whether the thinnest waist (57cm) was known to the world famous and beloved Marilyn Monroe, who was considered the beauty standard for many years, is unknown and doesn’t matter. Beautiful Marilyn conquered men's hearts with the help of her mad charm and fragile femininity. She was called “the goddess of love,” they considered sex as a symbol of the country, they adored her, imitated her, but was she happy? Did she simply bring female happiness to her extraordinary beauty and attractiveness? As they say historical evidence - no.

So neither the thinnest waists, nor the stunning beauty does not bring happiness and love to a woman’s life. In the history of many it was possible to observe cases when women who were outwardly representing nothing had so much love and happiness that no beauty would dream of. Therefore, it is not worthwhile, at the expense of your health and your family, to chase after the notorious centimeters. Yes, a woman, of course, should take care of herself, be well-groomed and desired, but this should not turn into mania. To maintain your shape in the right size, it is enough to eat right and do some simple physical exercise.

As already proven over the years, the easiest of all ways to get a thin waist is a corset. But how many will survive this horrible condition for a long time, and why? Are there a few centimeters of such strong sacrifices? And who said that a girl with a thin waist will surely find love and happiness? Yes, no one, of course. In any case, in order for the waist to become narrower, there is a special set of exercises. In combination with a balanced diet, it will produce results without making such heavy sacrifices.

In addition, be sure to exclude from the menu all kinds of cakes, fast food, flour and fatty foods and replace all this "good" with fresh vegetables in the first place, fruits - in the second. Connecting to this basis, dairy products and herbs, fish and non-fatty meat, plus cereals, you get a great full-fledged diet that will not contribute to the accumulation of excess fat in the waist and hips. A set of exercises will gradually remove extra pounds from the volume. Here you have a beautiful waist and slim figure. Successes!

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