Salvation of hair. How to get a set from Vlad Lisovets? What feedback?

Salvation of hair. How to get a set from Vlad Lisovets? What feedback?

  • Before us is a very clever and well-promoted divorce. Any, even the most expensive shampoo necessarily harmful to hair. Only natural (and cheap, by the way) hair will save. See this answer, maybe you will need it.

  • Salvation of hair.rf - Vlad Lisovets project. Since I always experiment, trying all the novelties, including expensive ones, I think that this is another disappointment. The rules of participation are set out on the official website of Lisovets. The only question is - is it worth it to participate ?!

  • And here again the project of Vlad Lisovets and Gareniere Fruktis is launched. To take part in the project it is necessary to make a photo or video appeal for Vlad with a request for hair salvation. The request should be published in the instagram or in the header with the #FRUCTISSOS hashtag. The winners receive gift sets of fuktis, and the best, according to Lisovets, the participant will be awarded a personal visit to the stylist.

  • Get a set of tools to save hair from Vlad Lisovec will not work. All promotional funds were distributed to those who registered on the quot;rescuinghuman.rfquot ;.

    At the same time, for example, if you are registered in the social network quot; Vkontakte; and you have less than 100 friends, you will not be given a gift (they would not be expelled). I think with other social networks the situation is the same.

    Organizers need a number of ...

    A set will only be available buy. While the price is not disclosed.

    Salvation of hair. How to get a set from Vlad Lisovets? What feedback?

    The name of the series for hair salvation and the manufacturer (European laboratory) will appear soon - in seven days (at the present time). Keep track of the time counter on the quot;rescuinghuman.rfquot ;.

    P.S. I believe that one tool will cost the order of 500 rubles, not less. Judge for yourself, what widely advertised means cost cheaper? Shampoo "Horse power"? No. Cream for wrinkles Lubov Uspensky "; Revolt"; (by the way, the name was also hidden)? No.

  • In order to receive a set from Vlad Lisovets to save / restore your hair according to his program quot; Hair Rescue. need to go on the site of Vlad Lisovets, register / stop using one of the suggested social networks (you should have at least one hundred friends there (!)), and leave your request for a desire to get a miracle set from Vlad Lisovets. Please note that when submitting an application there is a list of cities where the long-awaited hair-saving set is sent.

    Important - distribution of sets only until March 31 2014.

    According to the information on the site of Vlad Lisovets test There are no free kits left. It remains to wait for it on sale.

    The brand has not yet been promoted and is testing a miracle among users of social networks.

    The set includes a miraculous shampoo and hair conditioner.

    Brand promotion will start from April 7.

    From the reviews of those who have tried it, people like shampoo, it is poryatny odor and touch. And after the rinse hair as if wrapped in silicone - shine and not confused.

    But in order to have your personal opinion, you need to try of course.

    Salvation of hair. How to get a set from Vlad Lisovets? What feedback?

  • The reviews are good - many people write that the hair has become soft, shiny, etc., but almost everyone writes that the tool does not cope with split ends.

    In fact, it's just a good shampoo, which is full on the shelves. It will be interesting to learn more about the price, if it is at the level of 150 rubles, it is quite normal, but I would not buy for big money, because you can buy really helpful care products for 200-300

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