Amazing insects - scorpions

Awesome appearance, big claws, raised up poisonous tail - and all this is scorpion. Amazing insect, which is known to the world more than 400 million years. The image of a scorpion is inscribed on the Egyptian pyramids, many myths were written about him, he was worshiped as a deity, he was cursed and feared.


Scorpio - an insect, the description of which may be of interest to any person. The length of his body is 10-20 cm. He has two large claws and a poison gland located at the end of the tail. It grows slowly, bears eggs, gives birth to young, easily tolerates heat. Can live in adverse conditions, but dies at low temperatures. However, scorpions living in highlands, with the onset of cold weather, hibernate before the onset of heat.

Scorpio is a nocturnal insect. It is almost impossible to see him during the day, as he prefers to go hunting only at night. Under the cover of darkness, he catches his prey with large claws. If she tries to escape, paralyzes her with her poison.

insect scorpions

Scorpio sees bad, but has excellent sense of touch. Thanks to the hairs on the paws, he hears a fly that has sat on the ground at a distance of 10 or more centimeters. With the help of these villi, the hunter accurately determines the distance to the victim, makes a sharp throw, and the prey is in his claws.

In the afternoon, insects - scorpions - hide under stones, tree bark, in small animals' burrows. If they find nothing suitable, they burrow into the sand. Even in places with a dry and hot climate find a wet shelter.


Scorpios never eat dead food, only live. In food they are not sorted, they can eat a spider, a centipede, various larvae, small lizards. If nothing edible comes across, they endure hunger for a week or two. In general, scorpions can go without food for more than a month - very few insects have this ability.

Scorpions on the hunt are not very active. Usually their prey becomes a cockroach or wood louse, which inadvertently stumbled upon a hunter. Scorpio sharp movement grabs the victim claws and tears it apart. And after that begins to suck the contents.

scorpion insect

This process takes quite a lot of time. Such food allows the hunter to do without food for a long time. And the liquid sucked from the extraction, compensates for the lack of water.

Cannibalism among these insects is not uncommon. With a long absence of food, they attack each other. Females very often eat their suitors after the mating process. And thanks to such actions, the female has enough strength to make eggs and give birth to strong offspring.

Insect poison

Scorpions are poisonous and non-poisonous. The bite of the first of them, for example, kills a dog in a few minutes. A person dies in a few hours if he does not get an antidote. The poison of the scorpion paralyzes the nervous and cardiac systems, as well as the pectoral muscles.

Non-venomous insects are dangerous to invertebrates, which are chosen for food. A person will feel only a weak bite, such as a wasp or a bee. But for young children, an elderly person or a person with poor health, a scorpion bite can be fatal.

The described insects (scorpions) never attack first, especially people. When in danger, they try to hide or run away. Attack only for protection purposes.


Future offspring female bears for quite some time. The process can take up to a year. The number of calves varies from 20 to 100, it all depends on the species. Scorpios are mostly viviparous. But some species lay eggs (egg-breeding), or the embryo develops in the egg membrane.

If the offspring is numerous, childbirth occurs in two sets, and at intervals of a day new insects appear on the light. Scorpios give birth only at night, in a secluded and inaccessible place for predators. Postest appears with soft colorless shell and very weak.

scorpion is an insect or animal

Therefore, at first, the babies are on the back of the mother, in complete safety. But it does not last long, just a few days. Then the young molt, covered with hard shell and ready for independent living.

Arachnids are not very good mothers. But not scorpions, females, in which the instinct of motherhood is highly developed. They gently protect their offspring and zealously protect.

Scorpio - who is he

Many people ask themselves: is scorpion an insect or an animal? Despite its small size, hard shell, a lot of legs, it does not apply to insects. It is ranked as arachnids. However, it so happened that the scorpion is called an insect.

And, of course, scorpions have enemies. Whatever they are invulnerable, they love to feast on monkeys. They gently tear off the tail with a sting, and a delicious delicacy is ready!

scorpion insect description

But most of all scorpions are destroyed by man, treating them biased and killing, whenever possible. But, like all life on earth, the scorpion fulfills its useful mission. The decrease in their numbers leads to the mass reproduction of harmful insects with which they feed.

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