1000 rubles, how many hryvnia?

1000 rubles, how many hryvnia?

  • At the moment - 16 December 2012 year - 1000 rubles = 264 hryvnia. The exchange rate changes every day. The easiest way to know the amount of hryvnia in rubles or rubles in hryvnias is to enter in the Yandex search engine or Google the text of approximately this content: "1000 rubles in UAH", and you will immediately see the converter at today's ruble and hryvnia exchange rate.

  • As of 27.09.2013 year

    1 000 Russian rubles is equal to 252,10 Ukrainian hryvnia.

    If you buy cash directly from banks or exchangers, then

    for 1 000 rubles you can buy 250 hryvnia.

    Course dynamics for this month:

    1000 rubles, how many hryvnia?

  • According to the Central Bank of Russia on 26.08.2014

    1000 rubles = 375.13 UAH.

    Usually, when they want to find out what 1000 rubles are in hryvnia, they are going to go to Ukraine. But in the light of recent events, you understand that the issue is irrelevant, and it is easier to ask what is equal to 1000 UAH in rubles.

    1000 hryvnia = 2 665.69 rubles.

  • At the moment, for a thousand rubles of the Russian Federation will give two hundred and fifty-two hryvnia of Ukraine, this is almost the exact figure, perhaps a little quot; swimsquot; Well, in general, it is clear because of what, after NG quot; swimmingquot; currencies of the countries of the former Union, the usual thing.

  • If we take and refer to the data of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the second half of 2014 of the year, then the nominal value of one thousand rubles was then 375 hryvnia with pennies.

    And in order not to ask anyone, you can simply watch the this site.

    On it there is a special page of the ratio of the Russian ruble (RUB) to the Ukrainian hryvnia in connection with their actual exchange.

    And what is very important on this page the course is updated every minute and therefore the data will be very reliable.

    There you can see the dynamics of the exchange rate for the past periods and their difference, which is very convenient for studying this exchange market.

  • And for today one of the best courses 1000rub = 263 UAH.

  • Such information is convenient to receive in Google and Yandex. Both have built-in currency calculators. Both in Google and in Yandex you can type:

    1000 rubles in UAH

    The result (in Google): 1000 Russian rubles = 250.937422 Ukrainian hryvnia.

  • This is now 240 UAH, last year was 250, unfortunately the Russian ruble, this year fell slightly.

  • To date, 1000 rubles is 254 hryvnia. The rate of the hryvnia to the ruble, of course, fluctuates, but it is about 4 ruble per hryvnia. Those. to find out how much some amount will be in UAH just divide the amount in rubles by 4.

  • Now the course is 251,89 Ukrainian hryvnia on 10000 rubles. This is a fairly simple question, the answer to which can be found in any search engine. But it is enough to follow the news on the radio, where the course is spoken every hour.

  • To date, 2 November 2013 yearand 1000 Russian rubles give 255 Ukrainian hryvnia. The course is constantly changing one way or the other. I think it will be beneficial to change Russian rubles on arrival in Ukraine.

  • To date (25 March 2015 years) 1000 Russian rubles is equal to 395,6 Ukrainian hryvnia. The exchange rate of this currency to the ruble is approximately 0,4 hryvnia. The information was received on the Yandex website (there is an automatic system for transferring currencies at the current exchange rate).

  • At this historic moment - 14 April 2014 in Ukraine for one full Ukrainian hryvnia on average give three and a half weighty Russian rubles! Now counting - 1000 rubles - 285 Ukrainian hryvnia!

  • According to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia at the end of December 2013, the Ukrainian hryvnia equals 3,97 Russian ruble.

    Divide 1000 rubles into 3,97 hryvnia, we get that 1000 rubles is approximately 252 rubles.

    The dynamics of the hryvnia to the ruble can be seen here.

    And you can find out the current hryvnia to ruble rate here.

  • Kind time of the day Author. You asked a very interesting question, because the ruble exchange rate varies with the hryvnia every day and I am not in a position to give you accurate data. Here are approximate data on the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia for 26.06.2014: 1000 Russian rubles = 350,96 hryvnia.

  • According to data for today 7-th of July 2013 year, one hryvnia is worth 4,072900 Russian ruble. Therefore, the value of the Russian ruble is 0,245525 Ukrainian hryvnia. 1000 Russian rubles will be 245,5253 hryvnia.

  • For today, 07.05.2014, the position of the hryvnia against the ruble has strengthened - 1000 rub. = 310 UAH

    For a year, a tangible difference - from 250 to 310 UAH.

    This trend is only relative to the ruble.

    It is a pity, but this can not be said about the euro and the US dollar.

  • Today, 14.01.2014 was one Ukrainian hryvnia worth 3,998 of the Russian ruble. That is, almost four rubles. Simple calculations allow you to calculate the cost of thousands of rubles. This is two hundred and fifty hryvnia. If exactly, then 250,125 UAH.

  • At the moment (21 September 2013 year 20: 07 for Kiev time) the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine is 2,5303. Consequently 1000 Russian rubles = 253,03 Ukrainian hryvnia.

    It's strange that you are interested in this question. Although I usually changed course is somewhat different. To learn the approximate course, you need to divide it into 5.

  • To date, this is the hryvnia 400. But you yourself see which course is not stable.

  • When I was in the Crimea, went on vacation on a visit, it was the height of summer and it was many years ago, as I realized that in the summer the hryvnia is more expensive, then it cost 4 ruble, we were given such a course by sellers in the markets taking Russian rubles ... Precision up to kopecks not in the course, but I look at the answers almost the same rate and stayed to date. It turns out that 1000 rubles to translate into UAH - it will be about 250 hryvnia ... Of course, the sellers obviously exaggerated their course, but there and so not expensive goods, especially and did not go into pennies, but now I understand that the penny for all accommodation and a good amount is obtained ...)))))

  • I think for myself: 1000 approximately 30 USD multiplied by 8,1 is equal to 243grn.) The accuracy depends on the ratio of the ruble and the dollar in this variant.

    When I bought things in Moscow, I was guided that every 1000 is about 30. To date, June 2014, due to the sad events in Ukraine, the hryvnia collapsed and now 1000 rubles - 344 UAH. And relative to dollars, then 1000 rub- 29 dollars.

  • To date (05 February 2015 year) according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CBR), one Ukrainian hryvnia equals 4,01725 rubles. Berm with you the usual calculator and divide 1000 rubles into the cost of one hryvnia and get the desired result. So, 1000 / 4,01725 = 248,93 Ukrainian hryvnia. All information on the hryvnia rate you can learn, and be aware of the changes in the calculator of currencies in search engines. Well, for example, the search engine "quot; Yandexquot ;: type in the search box query: 1000 rubles in hryvnia, and the currency calculator immediately compares your request with the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, then calculates the amount you need and will give the answer. This whole operation takes place within 2-3 seconds, and you get an answer almost instantly. Good luck!

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