What is the difference between anaglyph movies and real 3D movies?

What is the difference between anaglyph movies and real 3D movies?

  • Anaglyph movies are also essentially 3D movies, but obsolete, so to say grandfathers of modern 3D and imax 3D, and they differ in the way of creating volume, anaglyph glasses have multi-colored glasses (red and blue or red and green).

  • The same as potatoes are different from real vegetables

    Anaglyph is one of the methods of producing and demonstrating stereophiles, based on the color coding of the image for the left and right eyes. Thus, anaglyph is a special case of 3D-movie.

  • An example of an anagrafic film is a Soviet stereo movie. When watching anagrif films, I wear special glasses with light filters. On the left eye - a red light filter, on the right - blue. The principle of action: a film is a video-pair image; red for the left eye, and blue for the right eye. Because of the light filters, each eye sees only its own color.

  • Differences 3D-movies from anaglyph movies (stereo movies):

    During delivery anaglyph movies on the screen simultaneously projected picture for both left and right eyes. Only the picture for one eye is displayed in red, and for the other eye - in blue. Such an anaglyph film should be watched in red and blue glasses. Anaglyph image films are traditionally called stereo images. Lately anaglyph movies mistakenly began to be called 3D-movies, although they are not 3D-movies in any way.

    В The difference from anaglyph in 3D-movie on the screen alternately projected image for only one eye. But the image for each eye very often replaces each other. For example, on the screen of an 3D-TV with a screen refresh rate of 120 hertz, 60 once a second, an image appears for the left eye and 60 once a second appears for the right eye. To ensure that when viewing 3D-movie each eye only saw its image to the 3D TV. An additional technique is needed for watching 3D movies.

  • The difference is very simple. In 3D movies you see a three-dimensional picture and you have the feeling that you can see one or another movie object in fact. In addition, movies in the 3D format need to look at the glasses which make the image favorable for the person's eye.

  • If you do not go into details, what methods produce 3D images for stereo movies, even for modern 3D, then I personally do not find any difference between them. Once upon a time, several times I went to Indian stereo movies to the cinema, and now very rarely we watch 3D on TV. I personally do not notice any difference, for me, so everything is the same, only earlier they called it differently.

  • Anaglyph movies are not very pleasant to watch. Points interfere, colors through colorful films are not very bright and beautiful, and the image does not look really three-dimensional. Therefore, I want a real three -d image, when the characters of the film will be just like real live their lives.

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