What is Yota?

What is Yota?

  • The new emerging mobile operator Yota (iota) is nothing more than the brainchild of Megafon, offering quality telephony and an Internet connection with a stable connection and at high speeds. The coverage area of ​​cellular communication Yota (Yota) is growing rapidly, and it can be said that soon it will be a pretty solid competitor for monsters of the cellular network of MTS, Beeline, etc.

  • Yota is a telecommunications company in Russia. This company represents mobile communication services and connects unlimited high-speed Internet 4G.

    The company was founded by Igor Torgov in 2007 year.

    At the moment, 1200 employees are registered with the company. Yota provides a pretty good choice of services. Maybe you will find something for yourself at a lower price, as the company is new and the services are worth it.

  • Iota is a new mobile operator, provides communication and Internet services for smartphones, tablets and modems for Internet access. Currently, Iota is changing the cost of calls to the number of packages in minutes in some regions. There is an official website, but choose your region.

    I have already given an answer in detail about whether to connect to this telecom operator, you can follow the link and read to have an idea. They write on the changes in the news for each region separately, that they will provide the number of minutes more for the next month for the same price, and the price of service packages depends on the number of minutes. If you increase the minutes, the price will be more expensive, in the minimum 100 package for 90 rubles (for all operators and other regions) in our region will not be, and take 200 for 110 rubles right away! And the quality of communication remains the same. We will pay more for the tariff for the increase in minutes, but it can be beneficial for those who call a lot, since 300 minutes were changed to 400, and the price of 240 rubles remained.

    On the other hand, the offer to connect new customers for a month is free of charge and the 50% bank card is linked. In general, its pros and cons, like all operators.

    Once connected, technical support is available online. The hotline does not always answer.

  • Now there is a recent advertisement on television and they say we invite you- Yota is the new mobile operator.

    Yota (Yota) is a Russian federal operator for wireless and mobile communications. They provide a wireless Internet service for a long time, but I saw the announcement about mobile communication for the first time.


    Yota is a good service reviews. They have a small payment for a dedicated line for the Internet.

    Yota is not really known to everyone and can be a very creative service at this point in time. There is Yota.TV It's hard to judge Yota until you know everything and everything is known in comparison.

  • quot; Yotaquot; is a Russian mobile communication operator (same as MTS, Beeline and so on), quite a prosperous company that uses the "Megaphone" towers; for communication and the Internet. In addition, for services and tariffs, it is not inferior to other cellular operators.

  • Yota (Yota) is a federal wireless communications operator, a Russian telecommunications company. The main activities of the operator are the provision of unlimited wireless access to the Internet and mobile communications.

  • Yota is a mobile cellular operator. which offers its services at very competitive prices. The company is young (2007 year). Despite the youth, the company successfully entered the communications market and occupied its niche there.

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