Day of the Angel of Hope. When is the name day for Hope?

Day of the Angel of Hope. When is the name day for Hope?

  • I want to believe that you mean the most famous of the name day of Hope - 30 September the day of Faith, hope, Love and their mother Sophia. In any case, my cousin, a very faithful sister, Nadia prefers this day of name-day.

  • Such a woman's name as Hope is purely Russian and Old Slavonic in origin.

    Nadezhda name days are celebrated four times a year - in the spring - in March 14-th and 20-th and in the autumn - 30-September and 21-th of October.

  • Typically, it is absolutely accurate to determine all the days of the angel, for any name is a difficult enough task, and the beautiful woman's name Hope, symbolizing faith in a better future, is by no means an exception.

    Having looked through a lot of Internet resources, I found about a dozen dates of the celebration of the name day of Hope. However, reliable, well-founded historical information about the admirable acts for the good of the church, on the trustworthy Orthodox sites in my opinion, are only the following:

    • 23 (10), 1 (16), 21 (8), 1877 (1937), 30 (XNUMX), remember the martyr for the faith. Azhgerevich Nadezhda Grigoryevna (XNUMX - XNUMX), the woman who spent the last years of her life collecting money to provide material assistance to the many disadvantaged in XNUMX to the clergy, and to the starving. For her work, as well as the non-recognition of Soviet power, she was accused of counterrevolutionary activity and shot.

    Day of the Angel of Hope. When is the name day for Hope?

    • 30 (17) of September is the day of memory of Nadezhda Rome (137), an unhappy, but unusually courageous little woman, about the life I already wrote in this question.

    Day of the Angel of Hope. When is the name day for Hope?

  • Angel Day girls with the name Hope can celebrate the following days of the year:

    23 January;

    1 March;

    30 September.

    Often the question arises: which of these dates is the Angel Day of a particular person? Name day is considered to be the day that follows the birthday of the owner of the name.

  • Namediny Hope celebrates 4 times a year:

    14 March, 20 March. (Martyr)

    30 September, together with Vera, Love and Sophia and 21 October. (Martyr).

    But there are two more dates:

    23 January and 1 March is the holy martyr Hope.

  • The girls, who were called Nadezhda, grow up active, confident, always go to their cherished dream.

    Purposeful, talented, like order, both in private life and at home. Little children named Hope are obedient, vulnerable, like to explore the world, are always interested in something interesting and new. Hope grows up a good mother and wife, loves cooking, kitchen gardens.

    Hope is hardworking, knows how to do many things at the same time both at work and at home, knows how to listen, express their opinion.

    Hope has a good musical ear, which is why very often Nadezhda chooses a musical direction.

    As for the Day of the Angel, the name-day of the girls with this name is not much, in winter, the name-day of Hope - January 23in the spring March 1, in the autumn on September 30.

    Day Angel

  • Name day or Angel Day a woman named Hope celebrate 30 September. This day is also a holiday for women named Vera, Love and Sophia. Also, Hopes celebrate their Angel Day 20 March, but this is not such a famous holiday.

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