Where to buy a pass for 60 bus trips in Moscow?

Where to buy a pass for 60 bus trips in Moscow?

  • Here here The official website, where you can find out in detail all the necessary information and decide on the kiosk nearest to you, in which there will be an opportunity to purchase a ticket for yourself, there are all the addresses and a map. Tickets such sell Mosgortrans, which has a lot of points for sale and Aeroexpress, where you can buy the right ticket at any box office. A trip for sixty trips is a bargain, at this time it costs one thousand one hundred fifty rubles. Literally not so long ago, it could be bought for one thousand. 60 your trips will include in their cost travel on various types of urban transport, this is a bus, as well as a trolley bus and tram.

  • You can buy a ticket at any of the kiosks at Mosgortrans ", you can also buy a ticket at the ticket offices" Aeroexpress ".

    It is best to purchase a TAP travel ticket on 60 trips, it includes travel by bus, trolleybus and tram. The price of a travel ticket for 60 trips in 2017 is 1150 rubles.

    More information can be found on this. link.

  • I bought TAT60 = 1000r near the metro vyhino (the last car) in a kiosk on the street Red Kazan.

  • Buy better at once TAT (three types of transport are involved in this pass: trolley bus, bus and tram)

    You can buy travel cards for only three trips from drivers. If you need sixty trips, you can buy them at ticket sales points.

    look at map:

    Such a travel will cost 1000 rubles.

  • Moscow's transport tickets have different fares. But in some tariffs, for example, "One ;," TATquot ;, "90 minutes", there is an opportunity to purchase a ticket for transport on 60 trips or write 60 trips to a card "Quartet"; for an appropriate fee.

    If a person only needs a monthly bus ticket, the most acceptable option is to purchase TAT for 60 trips for 850 rubles.

    Where to buy a pass for 60 bus trips in Moscow?

  • It is possible in the underground for a cashier to record a general travel card for a triplet, you can buy a paper ticket in kiosks, kiosks are located at the central bus stops and on the bus stops too often, the bus costs 1000 rubles for 60 trips.

  • Buy tickets for one type of transport, and all at once, you can buy special points of sale, which is available in sufficiently large numbers in the city in order to buy an acceptable ticket for travel nearby.

    Here here We are already looking at tariffs and choosing the appropriate option.

  • The addresses of ticket sales points are available on the official site of the PMU quot; Mosgortransquot ;, see here. On this resource there is information about the points of sale of tickets, including a bus for 60 trips, for administrative districts of the city of Moscow, choose a district and look for the nearest point of sale for you. Due to the fact that the buses will be re-equipped with new validators for the passage of passengers, kiosks selling tickets are eliminated and can be bought only at points of sale.

  • Such tickets can be purchased at special points of sale, which are located at public transport stops. Note that they work with 7.00 before 20.00.

    Below on the map you can see where the sales points are located.

    Red color indicates automated items, green indicates automatic machines, gray - places where they intend to establish a sales point in the near future.

    Where to buy a pass for 60 bus trips in Moscow?

  • Buy a pass for 60 trips from the drivers will not work. To do this, you will have to apply to special points of sale of such tickets.

    Many recommend taking a "TAT" bus pass.

    Here on this resource marked places where you can purchase such tickets.

  • A travel bus in Moscow for 60 trips on the bus can be bought at kiosks, read more about the points of sale of tickets here Online. The TAT ticket for 60 trips by ground transport, namely by bus, tram and trolleybus will cost 1000 rubles, read more about all travel tickets for the same metro and various variations of ground transportation and the subway here Online all options and prices are indicated. Also information about selling tickets can be found here on this Online.

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