How to connect a self-stick to Android?

How to connect a self-stick to Android?

  • On Nokia Lumia 930 via bluetooth is not connected. Try through the wire to the connector. For other androids install quot; selfishop cameraquot; on android. Find and enable quot; monopod connection helper ;. If the selfie stick sees the headset, it works. An assistant will be found in the settings.

    On the Samsung for photographing, use the volume key. Or download quot; selfishop cameraquot;

  • Since the beginning of the council - check monopods before buying. It is best to buy monopods with a groove on the tripod, so that the stick does not bend under the weight of the phone.

    The first thing to do is to connect the wire to the headphone groove.

    How to connect a self-stick to Android?

    We place the phone in the mount.

    How to connect a self-stick to Android?

    Turn on the phone and go to the settings.

    How to connect a self-stick to Android?

    Download the program, which will be photographed by pressing the bluetooth button on the plock.

  • How to connect a self-stick to Android?

    A self-stick or tripod for Selfie (monopod) is not difficult to connect, an instruction is attached to it. Or there are video tips on how to do this. If your software is weak, then they will have to be downloaded.

    How to connect a self-stick to Android?

  • A self-stick can be connected to a phone on a gadget using bluetooth or by connecting a wire from a monopod to the headphone jack.

    When connecting using wire, it's best to download a special program from the premarket. For example, The Cellfie, SelfiShop Camera. You can see the settings on the video below:

  • You can connect a self-stick to the phone in several ways:

    First, the wireless way, with the help of "bluetooth".

    secondly, wired. Connect the phone to the headphone hole.

    Make sure that the phone has a special program for self-stick. Suitable programs such as SelfiShop Camera. Install it on the phone.

  • If a self-stick supports wireless communication, basically it's a bluetooth, then you just need to add a new device bluetooth (self-stick) on android and skenektitsya with it.

    If the wireless connection is not supported, then through the wire, it will be in the place of connection of the smartphone with the gadget.

  • Now it has become very fashionable to do selfie and using the android business is not limited. there were various adaptations for selfie. To which the monopod belongs also.

    How to connect a monopod to an androyd:

    • Install the application to work with a monopod (for example, Selfishop Camera).
    • Connect the wire from the monopod to the headphone jack.
    • We turn on the bluetooth on the monopod and look for the device with the name of the monopod.
    • We turn on the bluetooth on the smartphone and look for our monopod.


  • The easiest way to buy a stick for Selfie with a signal transmission on the channel "; Blutuz; - and configure it faster and enjoy convenient, though it will be necessary to install the software. Also there are monopods with the connection through the cord, more often through the audio connector.

  • There are several varieties of self-sticks and depending on the type of monopad depends on the connection option. Types of connections:

    • using Bluetooth technology - the easiest way to connect, look for a stick as a headset and establish a connection;
    • using the audio output 3,5 mm.

    Next on Android you will need a program that will be able to combine your phone and monopad and take pictures by pressing the button on the stick - go to the Play market and download (Suitable programs are SelfiShop Camera, Stable Camera (selfie stick), Selfie Sticks Available, etc.).

    How to connect a self-stick to Android?

  • The fact is that self-poles are divided according to the method of connection into two types: the first - those that connect via Bluetooth and the second - through the headphone jack. In the first case, the connection will be quite easy: we turn on the smartphone and the self-stick, wait until they find each other, go to the settings of our smartphone, look for the list of Bluetooth devices, click on the desired name, after a few seconds you can shoot.

    If your selfie stick is not connected via Bluetooth, you will have to use the second option. To do this, first check in the tinctures the presence of a special program. You can do it this way: open the applications of your camera, tap the settings and look in the applications for something similar to Volume Key Take Pictures or Volume Keys. If not, you will have to download and install a special program through the Google Play market.

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