What are the chances of winning the lottery?

What are the chances of winning the lottery?

  • Working in Sberbank, she often bought tickets there instant lottery and once won 1000 rubles, and 20 rubles won often, but the joy of this is not enough, because they simply return the money spent for the ticket. Now very attracted to the site "Quoting", where many kinds of lotteries, both instant and circulation or just quick (every 10 minutes draw) games. I play mostly in Rapido or Top 3, I win constantly, but that's after I began to stick to some regularities and statistics (yes, even a random number generator, there are patterns). I developed some of my techniques and win an average of 200 profit per day, with 100 rubles spent. By the way, for all who suspect the site of deception, money is paid quickly and they work honestly. Therefore, I will answer your question - there is a chance to win, but for this it is necessary to understand the essence of the game and try to understand all the subtleties, and during this time to fill a lot of cones.

  • Any vyygash when buying a lottery ticket is an accident, as they say in the proverb (finger in the sky, guessing), Some people that would win the lottery that there calculate what figures strike out all this nonsense, kamuto is given to win and there is no kamuto

  • But I won in the lottery, with which, not even once. But the maximum my winnings was in my 500 rubles. For me, it was just happiness, because before that, I did not even suspect that the lottery could be won at all.

    But I'm wondering, are there any who won millions of such lotteries. Well, or a few hundred thousand. Are they in reality, or all that we see on television, these fortunate lucky ones, nothing more than the next set-up?

  • No one and not when will not win a large amount of playing regularly. Any lottery is primarily a profit for its creator, and not a chance for anyone. Yes, it is quite possible to win a scanty amount, but not fabulous amounts promised. Typically give from 30 to 70% of funds received for the sale of tickets, the rest is net profit. Think about it for yourself, who is interested in giving money so simply, the more than the lottery brings?)) This is the same pyramid, but legalized where several people can accidentally earn a little at the expense of the masses who bought tickets. But playing regularly 100% will still be in the red, spending and what they won earlier.

  • Chance to win the lottery there is always, of course, provided that the lottery is official and honest, and not some scam in the market. Although these chances are always very small, because otherwise the organizers of the lottery would have remained without profit, and profits are always pawned in calculating the strategy and profitability of the lottery, and everything is taken into account, including the partial sale of lottery tickets.

  • There are real chances. There are many kinds of lotteries. If to approach with mind and calculation, chances increase. At one time I was fond of Russian lotto. At first no winnings. Then he came up with something, there were winnings. Small, only offsetting the cost of the ticket, and a little bit of profit. But in this way, without losses, you can wait for your kush.

  • Был похожий вопрос. Даже несколько. Я отвечал на один из них. Не буду дублировать ответ. Думаю, Вас Вас мог бы побольше об этом рассказать)))

  • With these lotteries straight trouble! They are right and wrong. How to distinguish? I distinguish very simply: if I tried, played and won, then the lottery is correct. And if you did not win - definitely scam!

    What's "ha-haqot"? This is my stb - in fact, observations from life. I listened to such opinions not by tens - hundreds, or even thousands. "Do not you suffer?" All the same they will not win - they are there to twist the lototron in order to take all the money for themselves! Quot ;. Fso! A chela has his own opinion, its not that mathematical calculations - a tank can not be over-ridden!

    And they are right - in their own way. Everyone after all thinks about the other in the measure of his (not) depravity. True, only one was found that had the courage to stick directly: "But if I were to manage this lottery, I would twist it so that no one would win, and I would take all the money." Well, he took it. And in the next draw he took. And after ten drawings, you will have at least one applicant out of a thousand? Many in such a way "quot; would?

    Okay, God be with them, with Thomas ... Let's return to the heart of the matter.

    In kiosks, savings banks, specialized points in shopping centers, etc. distribute two types of lotteries: so-called. stretch-lottery (instant quotes; shkryabotushkiquot ;, you can find out the result in which you can "not depart from the ticket office") and numeric circulation (you choose your combination of numbers, pay for participation, get a ticket and wait for circulation to learn the result of the game).

    To assess the probability of winning in the "scrabbler", you need to know something about this particular lottery. The maximum program is the official rules. A minimum program - at least the ratio of the maximum winnings (MV) to the cost of the 1 ticket (SB). And remember that the lottery operator on winnings dates half the proceeds for tickets money. And now turn on dumalku. To hand a winnings amount in SB, the operator needs to sell tickets for 2 SB. That is, the probability minimum The winnings are 1: 2. If the maximum winnings is 10000SB (the most common CF in "scrapbookers") - you need to implement 20000 tickets. Hence, the probability of MB is 1: 20000. After analyzing all instant lotteries that sell _ukrainian_ lottery operators, I got a chance to win _hate any_ The winnings range from 1: 7 to 1: 11.

    The probability of winning a numbered lottery lot depends on the lottery formula. Ie, the number of balls in the draw and the number of balls in total. For example, the _Ukrainian Superloto in each draw chooses 6 balls from 52, you can win by guessing 6, 5, 4, 3 or 2 numbers. Pretty little with the calculator (and even easier with Ekscel), we get the probabilities of winnings according to 1: 20358520, 1: 519792, 1: 18048, 1: 1105 and 1: 88.

    And as for real or unrealistic chances ... In the same Superloto (started in 2001-th year, 1139 games have already been played), the jackpot was torn 57 times. 57 / 1139 = 1 / 20, ie, approximately every 20 edition ...

    I personally managed to catch in Superloto 5 numbers from 6, the win amounted to 6358 hryvnia. But in Super I play very rarely. I prefer Keno more - first, every day, secondly, I myself can choose the game (on 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 numbers) and, accordingly, the probability of winning, third, the win does not depend on the number of winners.

  • The chance to win the lottery is always, only it is negligible. Someone and the ruble will not win there, but some millions. Recently, Omsk won in the lottery Gosloto 187 million rubles. The main thing is to use the money received with the mind to dispose of it and of course not forget to pay taxes on the winnings)

  • Never did any of my acquaintances gain anything substantial. My husband used to buy lotteries all the time. But then I abandoned this venture. I think this is also scam.

  • Chances to win in a lottery, to win the show and the others win, I think, the clean water of the divorce.

    How are they all shown to us on TV, they are described in newspapers, and when you play the same number of times yourself, you understand that LOCH.

    I will not talk about others. I'll tell you about myself. Tried both in the Superloto, and in an instant looter - or a penny, or nothing.

    The acquaintance even went to Kiev to participate in the televised. But it turned out that nobody was waiting for him there and showed him on the way out. But he was invited to take part. I barely found the place where the draw was held, spending money on the subway and other vehicles, and returned home with a bad mood and noodles on my ears.

    The thought slips by the fact that for the snapping take front people, showing all sorts of jackpots and stuff, so that we, prostitutes, will run tomorrow for new lottery tickets.

    But we're not LOH!

  • I won 7000r in the lottery time of money !!!!!!! was pleased !!!!!!!!!!!! then carefully read the rules turned out to be 3500 !!! esch carefully! it turned out 50% of the total win! on the forums it turned out to be not so easy to take away !!!! and they can take Tipo for the work of the ticket! !!! karoche vs sad! the joy was not long!)

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