Who is Mare Martir?

Who is Mare Martir?

  • Well at least nobody here writes that Mare Mortir is a Slavic goddess. But such nonsense has already spread everywhere on the Internet)) This is just a beautiful name made up by the creators of the TV series "The Witch" for the main character. And then just the "witch" - fu, not glamorous. But the incomprehensible and mysterious Mare Mortir - supposedly just right for the Slavic superbeddy. The most sad that people believe.

    Mare is actually a “sea” from Latin. The writers did not like the Slavic Mara-Morena, the goddess of death, for something, they decided to do something “prettier” in the Italian style - Mare.

    Mortar - the same Indo-European root "mar" - "pestilence" is associated with death.

    In general, Death is Mortal. A good name for a witch))

  • As far as I heard, this is a fictional character in the film "The Witch" Mare Martir is a white witch, fortune-teller.
  • Mare Martir - the local hero named the main character in the TV series “The Witch”, hinting at the fact that she is a witch. The origin of this name is. Mare is derived from the word Mara (Mare, Maren, Morena) - the ancient Slavic goddess of death, illness, nightmares. Martyr is translated from ancient Greek as a sufferer.

    The series "The Witch" was filmed in 2015 year, the premiere was held in 2016 year.

    The series refers to the genre of melodrama with elements of mysticism. Consists of 20 series.

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