Who is Oles Bouzina?

Who is Oles Bouzina?

  • Oles Alekseevich Buzina is a Ukrainian journalist, writer and TV presenter. Born 13 July 1969

    Known for his sharply negative views on the division of Ukrainian and Russian nationalities.

    Who is Oles Bouzina?

    Oles Bouzina adhered to the view of the triunity of the Russian people (Little Russians, Byelorussians and Great Russians), and therefore called himself a Ukrainian and a Russian. He supported the federalization of Ukraine, its independence and bilingualism of Ukrainian culture, the wide development of Ukrainian and Russian languages. In his opinion, the visible Ukrainians are concerned not so much with the creation of Ukrainian culture as by the destruction of the Russian culture.

    As can be seen from the wiki quote, the current Ukrainian authorities were very unhappy. And the tragedy that occurred today, 16.04.2015, - the murder of this brave man, inconvenient by his views to the ruling elite and right-wing Nazi organizations - only confirms their attitude to the opposition. I do not blame the killing directly for the Kiev authorities, but something has become very frequent in recent years in the death of disagreeable people who can really oppose something of this power, or, possibly, they have compromising evidence on the current government (the night before, in the evening of 14.04.2015 in Kiev was shot ex-MP from the Party of Regions Oleg Kalashnikov).

    Oles Busin fought against political and ideological censorship in Ukraine, which constantly exposed his books, which caused many publishing houses to be afraid to print.

    Books by Oles' Buzina:

    Ghoul Taras Shevchenko (2000)

    The Secret History of Ukraine-Rus (2005)

    Return the women to the harems (2008)

    Revolution in the swamp (2010)

    Resurrection of Little Russia (2012)

    Union of plow and trident. How to come up with Ukraine (2013).

    Dokievskaya Rus (2014)

    Against Olesya constantly brought proceedings, initiated by the Ukrainian Union of Writers and Politics. All these processes Oles Buzin won. After one of these processes, an attack was made on him right near the courthouse.

    Buzina is also known for his traditional views on sexual orientation, so much so that the public association Gay Forum of Ukraine in 2011 put him on 4 place in the rating Homophobic figure of the year. Here's how the writer spoke about homosexuals:

    They must respect my human manifestation of physical disgust for them and try not to show their vicious tendencies in me. Especially, do not impose them on society. The place of pederasts among the buggers

    Since the beginning of 2015, he was the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Today, but in March resigned because of disagreement with the censorship policy of the management of the info group Media Group Ukraine.

    Until recently, actively led author's site and Google+, also has its own pages in popular social networks: Facebook, Classmates, In contact with and your channel Youtube.

  • Oles Buzina is a well-known modern writer, publicist and journalist. 16 April 2015-th year was shot by unknown people. In Ukraine there is a series of contract killings. In my opinion, "remove"; the main opposition figures to the ruling elite of Ukraine.

  • Oles Buzina - Ukrainian writer, journalist and broadcaster. Differs in pro-Russian views, the author of the scandalous book quot; Ghoul Taras Shevchenko ;. In this book, he debunks the canonical image of the great poet and talks about the not very famous and not very attractive facts of his biography. The book was recognized as such that incites ethnic hatred and is different in Ukrainophobia.

    I read only one book of Buzina "quot;Revolution in the swampquot; about the figures, the so-called Orange Revolution, where he talks about the real causes of political confrontations and behind-the-scenes struggle for power.

    Olesya Buzina has her own author's site, where I registered, because I'm also interested in his publications. One can agree with him or not, his articles are certainly not always unambiguous, but sometimes they are worth reading.

  • Famous Ukrainian journalist and writer Oles Alekseevich Buzina was born 13 July 1969 year in Kiev. 16 April 2015 Oles was lost in Kiev. He is the author of the following books:

    Who is Oles Bouzina?

    Oles Busin supported the federalization of Ukraine, for the development of both Ukrainian and Russian. He proposed enacting laws that were forbidden by neo-Nazi organizations.

    Who is Oles Bouzina?

  • Unfortunately today, April 16 Oles Buzin was shot, here is the information. And he was a writer and a journalist. He himself is from Ukraine. Often he participated in various talk shows, expressed his point of view there, both in politics and simply in psychology.

  • Oles Buzina is a journalist and writer, author of the books "The Ghoul" by Taras Shavchenko; and "Resurrection of Little Russia". The participant has many Russian broadcasts devoted to the political situation in Ukraine.

    He was shot from a Ford Focus car in blue, four shots were fired (media version).

    He is a native of Kiev, born 13 July 1969 year.

    Recently (since January 2015 year) was the chief editor of the newspaper "Today," but in March he resigned.

    Who is Oles Bouzina?

  • Who is Oles Bouzina?

    Oles Busin was a Ukrainian journalist. He is known for all that he wanted to recreate the Russian Empire. 16 April he was killed, shot by unknown people in Kiev. Read more here.

    Oles Buzina wrote many scandalous books:

    Who is Oles Bouzina?

    There are many versions of the journalist's murder, but there is no official version yet.

    Who is Oles Bouzina?

  • Oles Buzina is a Ukrainian writer, journalist, author of poems.

    Was shot dead 16 April this year near his home in Kiev.

    Oles Buzina had his own view of what was happening in Ukraine.

    The author of the books quot; Vurdalak Taras Shevchenko; and "Resurrection of Little Russia".

    Participant of many talk shows on Ukrainian television. He differed in his vision of everything that was happening around from politics to everyday issues, which were raised in the programs.

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