What can Witches be capable of?

What can Witches be capable of?

  • I did not meet real witches in my life, only saw their pathetic resemblance - they say more and frighten than they do

    What they ("witches") can do:

    • to deceive a gullible, illiterate, unbeliever in the God of man
    • confuse the ignorant
    • fog up a lie
    • wish health insincerely, expecting, instead of this, human misfortunes (they are pleased to wait)
    • teach a false faith in the Living God (when God pray and immediately falsely wish well-being to his enemy)

    Only this they can do, and why I say so confidently - I experienced a couple of such quotes, witches-extrasensors. I'll tell you how:

    suggested that they harm me or my relatives, but only with one condition - I will first tell them about God's love, explain that the Lord hates even the word "witch", and then I pray. My conditions accepted (the famous ones, by the way, my aunts were), I brought their daughters and their things to them, they whispered something / they wanted / cursed. It's been more than 15 years and NOTHING has turned out - my Jesus is stronger. Amen.

    In the Bible it is written that God keeps believers from all uncleanness, including from mystically inadequate persons. If there are witches on the project (I doubt it, but still), welcome - you can try it on me. I'm waiting.

    Р S: real and not very witches, God loves you, but hates what you do, even mentally, frightening and deceiving. By the way, I noticed - "witches"; very often they do not have happiness in their personal lives, but have problems with children, grandchildren, why it happens, I think it's understandable - you can not serve two masters (gods).

  • Many are capable of modern witches, sometimes they themselves do not even know exactly how wide their capabilities are. When the moment comes that it is required to change the situation, then it suddenly turns out that in a miraculous way the situation develops as they are required.

    And not all of them are evil, it's like among ordinary people, there are different, good and not so.

    And unusual abilities are manifested only from inner strength, they are usually laid down at birth, only someone develops them, some do not use the available ones and they fade, and some abilities are simply frightened and want to get rid of them.

    To each his.

    Here you can read the answer of one pretty witch.

  • Much good, and much bad. The most important thing for a witch is to learn how to control, control your strength, otherwise she will get angry here, and somewhere in there the volcano erupts. Witches have a tremendous destructive power, but not only to it, they can do good and create it. A witch can and love, yes, she is capable of love, but her love is different from that of ordinary women, this love is stronger, the flow of love energy is stronger. And, it's extremely bad if a man offends him, and even a witch can be offended, and she may be hurt, and then she can take revenge on such a man, sometimes she does not take revenge, but the forces that help her, take revenge for not .

    If you are interested in more information about witches, you can read e in my other answers, for example, This and This.

  • Witches ...

    Do not assume that they are capable of all kinds of curses, witchcraft, mucks ...

    For any harm I have done I will always say: "Let God give him health and well-being ..."; At the same time, I will always know that the evil inflicted on me or my loved ones is necessarily a hundred times more painful for the offender than he has offended me. It takes a week, two, a year ... It happens ... It is often catastrophic, I forgot about the offense, and then fatal news comes ... I consider the moment of my outrageous anger to be the culprit of the incident ... And it always happens, therefore in any new I warn you in advance: "Before you decide to make trouble for me, think." In any case, you will come back sooner or later, a boomerang of a much greater force of interaction, well, if it hits you, it's bad when it flies in the near offended ...

    The last case of many others: a friend of the family, many years considered so, not married, there were rumors that he "put the eye"; to my youngest daughter, the difference in age of 18 years ... My fury knew no boundaries ... Literally a month later, he took his mom and from the oncoming MAZ flying off the wheel and the brake shoe, the shoe directly falls into his mother in his eyes .. .

    I understand, I'm afraid, I understand: my anger is guilty, but I warned him ...

    I will never curse even the one who curses mo, but is too strong, apparently my guardian angel ... I believe in God ... But all that I do not say, always be fulfilled with the difference in time ...

    Therefore, I try to have as little as possible acquaintances and contacts, at times scary for such a developed intuition and ability to retaliate, even forgetting about the insult.

    Vorozhba does not deal with, I do not read books about such things and do not study them, but nevertheless they call the witch ... Probably, this is correct ...

    Witches are capable of such love, to which "weak aunties"; they are not at all capable, they do not even suspect what power it can be and what it can witch spiders ...

  • Witches can conjure! Spells, curses and spoilers send a current like this.

    Very often the witch goes to a deal involving an evil spirit, sometimes sells the soul to the devil.

    To defeat a witch, one must have a strong amulet of protection and an extremely desirable friend - a magician.

    At night, witches travel in the astral world, fly to the Sabbath and spy on other people.

  • Hello! I'll tell you as a witch - we are not capable of anything! The maximum is to curse or jinx it from an overabundance of harmfulness, which is unpleasant, but you can survive! Sometimes you can love yourself something good in life; quot ;;quot ;! So I arranged for me and my husband to move to Bulgaria! Sometimes not very good quotes, comrades, who are not comrades to us at all; constantly from envy and spiteful zhelostnosti wish all those around him that are bad, that those around him are very uncomfortable; And some witches see the future, the essence of things (they are often called extrasensory) ... In general, do not be afraid of fairy tales about witches!

  • Witches can influence human energy: violate e, leading to illness, sleep disorders and frequent mood swings, or on the contrary - to heal. Not all quot; Witches; they are so evil. Quite often they act for good. Well, some of them can predict the future.

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