Is mineral oil dangerous in cosmetics?

Is mineral oil dangerous in cosmetics?

  • Unfortunately, mineral oil is harmful to the skin and health in general. Now a lot of cosmetics on its basis, it's lip gloss, and much more, where it is diluted, although in its pure form it really creates an air-tight film and the skin can not breathe. If this happens, you should immediately wash off the remnants of the remedy.

  • Straight poisonous poison, God forgive. If the mineral oil was dangerous, we would have noticed, for decades of its application, its monstrous consequences on ourselves.

    In chm they accuse mineral oil in hysterical ladies' blogs, paid by cosmetic companies, who want to blacken competitors? It is carcinogenic, it is cumulative, it sucks out moisture and vitamins - only the late Osama Bin Laden is even worse than mineral oil. I remember how in the 90-ies of the twentieth century. in the advertisement of cosmetic products about mineral oil was spoken of as an attractive factor. Then the hysteria began about the "oil product" literally destroying the skin.

    At the moment, mineral oil is referred to as normal and necessary in cosmetics ingredient. What do you need to be sure of its safety? Do you want to - quote from the scientific article in a specialized magazine, I quote, here, please:

    Is mineral oil dangerous in cosmetics?

    Процитировано отсюда, простыми словами: mineral oil (liquid paraffin) and vegetable oils showed same results in terms of absorbency and cytogenicity.

    Или вот ещ исследование, в результате которого обнаружено, что добавление минерального масла reduces skin irritation when applied to the skin emulsions "oil in water".

    Is mineral oil dangerous in cosmetics?

    Blackening mineral oil was someone very profitably. The main feature is in substitution of concepts. It is based on a similar but non-identical product used for a cannon shot from the human body - with a different degree of purification, in a different concentration, in a different amount, and then horror stories are written that this substance pours out onto our delicate skin literally from any tube, from any jar. Then, the results of burns and poisonings that occurred in the manufacture of such products are described and presented as data on cosmetic products. Readers clutch at the heart, and then rush to throw out the filth from the lockers and smear the face solely with what lies in the refrigerator. And the use of such quot; folk remedies; mostly no, and here comes the "savior"; - product X, which is made from the whole natural-prenatural, that does not contain any contamination - that's it and you need to buy for money ... This is the mechanism of anti-advertising based on lies around specific ingredients, because anti-advertising of specific brands and products is prohibited by law, and anti-advertising of ingredients is not prohibited.

    Is mineral oil dangerous in cosmetics?

    In its time, and I fell for this bait. It was a long time ago, in the twentieth century, when I was still looking at women's magazines, and access to specialized literature was out of the question.

    In recent years, all the more talk about fat ostrich emu as a substitute for mineral oil. Happened answer to a question on this topic. It, of course, why not, if the poor ostrich is not at all sorry and there is a desire to pay for the cosmetic products that are ordinary in properties much more than it is now ...

    Very detailed about the myths around the mineral oil is written here - советую прочитать, автор текста явно не пожалел времени на сбор и систематизацию данных. Также советую обратить внимание на этот материал.

  • Mineral oil is a derivative of oil, and this is the reason for its criticism. But oil is the most natural and natural substance. Mineral oil is a popular moisturizing ingredient in cosmetic products, and it is absolutely harmless. The mechanism of moistening is to create a film on the surface of the skin, which does not allow moisture to escape. In doing so, it does not "stifle"; skin, does not clog pores and is not the cause of comedones.

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