Why witches are unlucky in love?

Why witches are unlucky in love?

  • What women do not carry in love (so it is considered).

    Women who have a certain kind of skills magical (witches), women are strong, women are strong-willed, women bosses, women leaders, iron ladies.

    Conclusion: men just do not really like to associate their lives with strong women. He wants to see a woman near her, a gentle, feminine, just a woman and the easier a woman, the better.

    Witches are not just women, they are strong women, they are smart women and their strength and mind are simply frightening off.

    Why witches are unlucky in love?

    A man should pay attention.

    If a woman is a witch by her birth and leads an appropriate way of life, then it will take very little time for her family and husband - that's the problem, and not the mysterious power that is embedded in them. There is little time for personal life, little for a man, little for love, as a result - loneliness.

    Why witches are unlucky in love?

    But all this is our speculation, but as in real life no one knows. After all, a true witch will not advertise his abilities for anything, will not spread his nature to everyone and everyone. That is wisdom and is to have power, to protect and not to disclose your secret.

  • Eh ... Witches are never lucky in love .. more often than not luck). Yes, it is understandable - Witch - knowing, znayuschaya.Podumayet e beloved of the other, flirts, and the witch to him for this damage the mortal of resentment. Then he can forgive and regret, but it's too late.)) He will charm the witch of someone he wants, but only it hurts from that strength - every woman, even a witch, wants to be loved simply because she is, without a spell and potions .

  • Not always, there are exceptions.

    A witch, a witch, rozn.A generally it is considered because the witch has a somewhat different purpose.Not quite so to say zemnoe.Poetomu and the witch's life, special. Yes, witches are often lonely. Because they have their own a special way and its tasks. But this happens not only with witches, but with mages in general. They are often lonely. They may not have either a long time or a long time a loved one, children and even friends. Yes and loved ones do not just turn their backs on them. What can I say, it's not a witch thing to see. But the witches themselves, not would say that would not suffer from this. It is even considered a curse when a person is lonely. But a curse or a gift, in fact it is difficult to say. However, if a witch wants, she can simply bewitch to him whom he deems necessary. But whether to spend on it forces and time, the question is complex. How would it not turn out even worse. I knew such examples.

    In short, this is because witches special vocation. And they are called to serve those who are responsible for them. That thin world. This service, can consist not only in the negative, but also in the positive. Generally, the witch is the "leading mother"; Those a man who knows, is wise, has a secret knowledge.A broomsticks, stupas, black cats and stuff, it's just fantasy of people. Such witches were seen in the old days. And then people had a very developed fantasy. Therefore, they just did not invent it then. In particular, and about the witch. The self concept of "witch"; overgrown with myths and legends. But you need to understand and not much to distinguish the truth from fiction. Everything is actually somewhat simpler.

    I think I answered the question.

    Why witches are unlucky in love?

    Why witches are unlucky in love?

  • They do not even know what love is (because they yakshayut with demons and the devil). That's it!

  • Witches is not like everyone else? Some carry very much in love. Some do not carry.

  • The witch possesses strong energy, charisma, she simultaneously attracts and repels, she can ask advice, but she can hardly live with it, since she can apply her magic to the man to the full, and they are afraid of this, afraid to become slaves, slaves own life. The witch will not forgive betrayal, will not forgive betrayal and insult, sometimes witches are dangerous and evil, they can harm the health and even take life. And the man wants to be the master.

  • Probably, because men do not like witches. Imagine, there is a guy with a beautiful girl, and everything is good, they love each other. And then suddenly the guy discovers his love sitting in a circle among the candles and whispering spell. Or, even worse, cooking rat tibia along with the tail of a black cat and frog scales. Well, I'm so, figuratively. Simply if the guy finds out that the girl is a witch, he usually wants to escape.

  • To maintain the correct magical background, the witch needs a clear head. Any witchcraft requires concentration, and the direction of emotions. Emotions must be controlled, otherwise the consequences will be unpredictable.

    And the witch in love is a time bomb.

    Capable of controlling the will of men, the witch does not believe in love in particular. A charms own to use categorically will not, because it understands the consequences.

    And a banal prosaic moment - how to explain to a man the kind of his occupation? And even worse - how to keep it a secret from a man?

    So the rejection of love, relationship - often, a well-considered decision of the witch.

  • It seems to me that the witch often inspires fear that she is not like everyone else, she knows a lot and knows how to do all sorts of things, not necessarily evil, but men know that a witch can create with them if they are in some way guilty. And where there is fear, even not fear, but the smallest bit of apprehension, fears that anything can be affected for any mistake, they rarely think of love. No, men certainly attract witches, because this is what adrenaline rush, what a walk on the blade of the knife, but they constantly disagree with this knife. So it's really often the witch's lot to be unloved, or so secretive that no one knows that she's a witch. In the end, somehow the witches multiply.

    Why witches are unlucky in love?

  • Quite often a witch can not build a true relationship of love relations with a man simply because it is not possible to find an equal for the strength of the spirit, the character and abilities of man. With the weak it is not interesting, this one or becomes henpecked or just escapes from not. A man with a social role tends to dominate in family relationships, and with a witch this does not work, unless the man himself has even more abilities.

    And in general not so many ordinary women can boast that they have reached harmony with the chosen one and mutual love.

    In general, a witch can perfectly be a loving wife, a caring mother and a wonderful mistress in the house and in the kitchen.

    Here, for example, in this issue witches were noted:

    If the wife is a witch, is it easy to live with her husband?

    А lora-noch7 correctly noticed that the witches of those whom they love from themselves care for.

    Why witches are unlucky in love?

    I know her personally and I can assure her that she is a hospitable and skillful hostess, a very clever woman with whom it is interesting to talk.

    With children, not too high. With pellets - raspashonkami easily cope, and with the older child finds a common language.

  • A witch can not have a husband, more often than not, since it's not a different task than an ordinary woman, but a witch always has a lot of admirers, men are terribly afraid of e, but they wind around for years, do not dare marry and do not dare get away from it, and the witch suits it. Family, marriage witch is not needed - e loneliness is an informed choice. I do not have my own affairs, which she does. Agree that it's hard to imagine how a witch is babysitting with a child, playing with him in dolls, or in cars, if a child is a boy, it's hard to imagine how a witch is washing, and cooks, she is not a mistress, although she can cook, but that bored her, for example, a potion.

  • I think that just witches are engaged in witchcraft, and this is not the most good deed.Im for all this sin is paid back, a boomerang. Perhaps this is why they are not lucky in love

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