+ 7 (812) 7478910 - who called?

+ 7 (812) 7478910 - who called?

  • This number belongs to the taxi "Minute". They act like this: they call you, and make only a few beeps, in the hope that you will call them later. And the callers are bursting into advertising, and the money is being withdrawn.

  • On what only do not go now for the sake of profit. This phone number belongs to the taxi "East". They make dialing in the hope that you will call back. If all of you de call back, then you'll get on the answering machine. For this call you can withdraw money and not small in the event that you reside in another region, so to speak for roaming. The company is, as I understand it, in the city of St. Petersburg. We can say that this is a kind of telephone spam.

  • In the event that an incoming phone number has been displayed on your mobile phone's screen, like + 7 (812) 7478910, the most correct solution is to put this subscriber on the list, because with your annoying calls

    + 7 (812) 7478910 - who called?

    Increases its popularity rating and at the same time does not think about its customers makes a reciprocal call paid.

  • The phone number + 78127478910 can be called to you when they want you to listen to the advertisement, but if you pick up the receiver, the subscriber will fold and you should, by the idea, call back. In response, you will listen to the advertisement of the taxi "Minute", while the call is charged.

  • + 7 (812) 747-89-10. Thank you for the fact that there are such sites and people who leave comments on such numbers and scammers!

    I plan to change the place of work, on Avito hangs my resume with contacts, respectively. Today they called me. Very cleverly thought up, 80% of people in search of work, seeing the missed call, will call back, hoping that this is a potential employer. At me the sound has been included, the phone shouts as abnormal (even from other room it is audible), therefore and has begun to doubt, whence missed, typed on the Internet. But it turned out, that's it! Did not have time to call back thanks to you! Thank you!

  • If on the screen of your cell phone the number + 7 (812) 7478910 is displayed, but you did not have time to pick up the phone (you are not one such person), then do not call back. The thing is that a certain taxi company "Vostok" does it on purpose, so that you get caught up in the bailout and profit from your money on the phone's account.

  • Many people are interested in the question who calls them from the number + 78127478910, at what calls can be multiple and at different times of the day. It's the robot calling you, you can not talk with him, since he'll hang up and force you to call back. If you do this - you make a paid call and listen to the advertisement of the taxi quot; Minutequot; from Saint-Petersburg.

  • If you get a call from a phone number that looks like this: + 7812 7478910 , then rest assured that this number belongs to a certain company called "Classic Transit Telecom"; from Saint-Petersburg. She is the owner of a taxi "A Minute". Most likely, you recently used their services.

  • From the number you indicated you could call the bot. More precisely, he calls you, then hangs up and tries to find out who called you calling him back. As you will know later, the call is charged. During the call, you will be advertising for a taxi. So I advise you to add this number to the black list.

  • This taxi number is "Miutka". They came up with a very interesting way. They drop the wood-grouse so well, and then they wait for them to call back simply. When a person calls back, they make an advertisement. So it turns out free advertising.

  • Called from the number + 78127478910 and immediately dropped. If you call and drop - you can not call back, otherwise you can lose a large amount of money from a mobile account. If someone needs - they will call back again in a normal way, they will not be dropped, but they will wait, when you answer.

    I found on the Internet a review of a person who called back to this number:

    + 7 (812) 7478910 - who called?

    Similarly, the taxi operates quot; Minutequot; - they call, I beat them, so that the person calls back and listens to their ads. Here is my answer to the question about a taxi quot; Minute; ";

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