What flowers to give to 8 March mom?

What flowers to give to 8 March mom?

  • To give flowers you need always those that people like. But if there are no preferences, then the best gift will be tulips, chrysanthemums, mimosas in combination with roses and carnations, snowdrops.

  • Ideally give those flowers that your Mom loves, and how strange that, in my opinion if you do not know what flowers your Mom loves. On the other hand, for her mother, any flowers donated by her children will be pleasant, because by and large our Moms want from us only attention and not only on the eighth of March. Mamas should always be looked after.

  • Indeed, it is better to find out in advance what flowers your mom likes best. Very beautiful and really spring bouquets come from tulips. It is best to choose bright, clear colors. The most favorite and most popular are bright red and tender white. In this case, a bouquet of tulips looks best without lush packaging, tied with a satin ribbon.

  • Of course, my mother should give only the best and her favorite flowers. Or maybe mom is fond of floriculture? Then the most actual gift will be an orchid in a pot.

    What flowers to give to 8 March mom?

    This flower looks very refined and beautiful, and care for it is quite simple. Moreover, in flower shops it will be packed beautifully according to your desire. And such a flower will long-please your mother with her freshness and beauty.

  • Of course, to give my mother you need your favorite flowers. And not just flowers, but what color. And this must be known. If you suddenly forgot about it, then it's good to find out in advance what delicates it is. Also the bouquet should be beautifully decorated. Here, too, entirely individual, some women love bouquets without packaging, but with ribbons, others prefer flowers in baskets. It is also important to guess with the greens for the bouquet, not to pick up too much. Everything should be in moderation. And most importantly: the bouquet should be presented with words of love, respect and boundless gratitude.

    What flowers to give to 8 March mom?

  • Mom is the most dear and beloved person for everyone!

    I believe that my mother deserves the most beautiful flowers. And not just bought on the road bouquet, and flowers in which you can put all the love!

    That's why on 8 March this year I decided to try myself a little in the role of a florist)

    And present for mom a bouquet made by own hands.

    What flowers to give to 8 March mom?

    The best! E favorite! My example is very fond of 8 March tulips!

    Even raised this issue to BV.

    Beautiful compositions of bouquets on 8 March.

    Even those who do not quite understand how and with what to apply bouquet for mom on 8 March

    can make original packaging for the same tulips for example

    What flowers to give to 8 March mom?

    You can add a bouquet to your bouquet!)

    For example bouquet for grandmother own hands you can do this

    What flowers to give to 8 March mom?

    To make a bouquet with sweets for 8 March, you can here

    What flowers to give to 8 March mom?

    If you like it, I propose to see how to make a bouquet of candies for 8 March.

  • Here is such a bouquet you can give, very beautiful

    What flowers to give to 8 March mom?

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