The best button phone in 2016.? What to buy? Price?

The best button phone in 2016.? What to buy? Price?

  • From the Nokia button phones are beyond competition, choose to your taste and color. And the quality will pleasantly surprise you. Nokia will give odds to any modern phone models, the same Samsung. I recommend such models as C2, 6070, Express music, etc.

  • Nokia 8600 8800 moon were and remain ahead of the planet the whole truth they are now difficult to find they are about 2008, better nobody has yet invented them can be found on avito it's just a stylish phone

  • A button phone is what you need for people of retirement age - a durable screen, large buttons, comfortable holding in hands, prone to arthritis, good volume.

    Mobile phone Fly DS116 Black - one of the top sellers. This is an affordable price for 1700 rubles for pensioners, and not very sophisticated, intuitively understandable menu, a large and color screen, and what is important - 2 sims. One can be delivered for a cheap tariff between cities, for communication with children from the village who better catches there, the second - for cheap local communication.

    The best button phone in 2016.? What to buy? Price?

    NOKIA 215 DUAL SIM WHITE - a worthy competitor, a proven company for years, also a large screen and convenient buttons, the price is slightly higher than 2000 rubles, but it is tested shockproof from falls, also on 2 simochki.

    The best button phone in 2016.? What to buy? Price?

    My grandmother was like this ALCATEL OT1052D DUOS, also 2 sim, big buttons, a clear font visible on a dark background, easy, and most importantly - for only 1090 rubles. She even learned to send text on it, and still it is there that they have a rarity, an entry for the card. Why do I need a card on the quot; what for 32quot; indignant grandmother, until she appreciated the beauty of picking up a beetle in the headphones in the headphones under the quoted "flowing brook", because the phone is always with her, for any case.

    The best button phone in 2016.? What to buy? Price?

    For those who want bright colors, but still need convenience, will suit Nokia 225 Bright Yellow for 3000 rubles.

    He also has large buttons and a screen, there is an internet and a decent enough camera, better than the Samsung.

    The best button phone in 2016.? What to buy? Price?

  • In the rating, probably at the moment the best in terms of the quality of the Nokia 515 camera, the speaker is good for this phone, the audibility is excellent, but I believe that it has drawbacks, since it can often be reset by itself, the battery is weak, badly holds charge and the book contacts are small.

    I'm more for Philips Xenium X5500 improved model X623. I give my preference to this model, more advantages and functions than Nokia 515.

    Excellent keeps the charge, has a camera is not worse, improved design for a set of buttons, a large capacity of sms and books. It is possible to increase the font on the phone screen.

    The best button phone in 2016.? What to buy? Price?

    Of the shortcomings can be noted only the fact that on the street it is possible from bright light sometimes glare on the screen. But in general, the model deserves attention. But on sale I can not find it myself, they offer similar models only.

  • In Nokia, it should be released this year, in my opinion in April, a new model, namely a push-button phone. I don’t remember the exact brand, but I suggest paying attention to Nokia’s products. Since it produces high-quality tehnteu. Moreover, push-button telephones are now in low demand and there is a tendency to install one speaker on them, that is, you hear the music and conversation through one speaker. In my opinion it is not very convenient. So, Nokia has no such thing, they are not too lazy to put two speakers.

    Also, the new model will have a very awesome camera. For more information, please refer to the official website of the company.

  • His wife proved that touch phones are a new generation and so on! No! Said! I just want a button. They searched the Internet and bought, for a year already 4 back Nokia Asha 200. The view is very impressive, 2 SIM cards, plus a memory card slot up to 32 GB. You can pay attention.

  • Phone Fly DS 128 with a large screen, push-button, in silver. There is a camera, though only 1,3 megapixels. Supports two SIM cards and a memory card up to 32 gigs. Inexpensive price - 1600 rub. Bought this phone as a gift to granny for the new year, having read good reviews about nm on the Internet, until he did not disappoint. Even the advantages of this phone - for a long time keeps the charge, good quality of communication and sound when talking, the font is large enough (suitable for people with poor eyesight). Although the phone's housing is plastic, but has not yet been used, the truth has passed a little, a couple of months total.

    The best button phone in 2016.? What to buy? Price?

    The best button phone in 2016.? What to buy? Price?

  • My advice to you, get fly FF301, a very wonderful, in all respects, phone. In addition, that it has all the necessary properties, it still has a large display, an original design and not an expensive cost. For me, in nm, the most important thing is that it keeps the charge very well.

  • On this issue there are many different options for choosing a good phone, but still the choice depends on the functions of its use. If the button phone is required ONLY FOR CALLS, then in this case priority can be given to fly and ts-91 model of the British company. Phone among the advantages has a candybar, a comfortable keyboard, a good sound player and the main thing is catching a signal,

    The best button phone in 2016.? What to buy? Price?

    works two hundred hours in standby mode, and four hours in talk mode, weighs only 67 gram, it also has Bluetooth, camera, mp-3 player, fm-radio, three SIM cards, which clearly allows him to make calls of three cellular operators. I bought SIM cards from three different cellular operators with favorable connection rates and CALLS ON ANY OPERATOR for FREE almost. So the operator of tele-2 offers a tariff for example UNLIMITED within the network for 50 rubles per month, the operator Beeline offers a tariff for example (Vsechhechka) containing one hundred minutes for free on ALL operators and plus UNLIMITED inside the network for 100 rubles per month, as well as other telecom operators . It turns out that you can how much you want to talk almost freely with any subscriber of any telecom operator. Buy this model phone can be only eight hundred with a small rubles. Also, if funds allow, you can purchase a NOKIA-C8 phone with a more powerful camera and four SIM cards, but it's almost three and a half times expensive.

    The best button phone in 2016.? What to buy? Price?

  • Something quite decent now from the button is not released. Choose your preferences: the camera - Samsung S5611 costs about 4 thousand rubles, the only camera with 5 Mp. If you prefer reliability - choose Nokia 215 / 222 / 225 / 230 with any design, color and screen size or Samsung G350. This is a basic model without bloat with good quality, medium-quality camera and an average price of 2,5 to 4 thousand rubles. Fly can be considered as an option, but like all the Chinese they often have communication problems: the sound disappears when talking with a bad reception of the network.

  • The best button phone in 2016 is the Nokia. Current variants:

    Nokia 230 (also available in the Dual Sim version)

    nokia dual sim 230

    Nokia 515 (also available in the Dual Sim version)

    Nokia Dual SIM 515

    Nokia 208 (also available in the Dual Sim version)

    Nokia 208

    Advantages of each option

    Nokia 230 is the freshest year to announce the model (2015), also has the largest screen compared to other options, there is a front camera (hello, selfie).

    Nokia 515 is the most powerful camera (5 MPix), supports 3G

    Nokia 208 is the most quot; balanced; quot; option in terms of price / features, there is 3G


    Nokia 230 does not have 3G support, 2 megapixels, little memory

    At Nokia 515 the price rolls over (from 12 thousand rubles)

    Nokia 208 has only 1.3 megapixel camera

    Of course, everyone will decide for himself. At the same time, in my opinion Nokia 230 is the most relevant. Nokia 208 is a reasonable compromise, if you really want 3G. And Nokia 515 is an option if you want to fundamentally photograph something more than your cat on the phone.

  • Mobile phone Nokia 1280. Ease of use. The device is equipped with a flashlight, so it will be a faithful assistant in the dark and in conditions of insufficient illumination.

    Long battery life. The 800 mAh battery allows the model to handle any load up to 528 hours in standby mode and up to 8,5 in talk mode.

    Together with the music. Nokia 1280 is equipped with FM radio and an 3,5 mm connector for connecting any headphones.

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