How much leather shoes can stretch in size?

How much leather shoes can stretch in size?

  • Shoes are stretched only in width, in length does not change in any way. I'm suffering for the second year with shoes that I bought in the hope that I can carry it. Slap, fall, but in the finger as they crushed and crushed. Even a mother with a large foot size wore them a little to help me.

  • Leather shoes very well takes the shape of a foot and can stretch out to one size. I took somehow myself leather boots, when I bought them, they were pretty much me, but I do not like it when the shoes are hanging on my leg. I took it. It was like a week on a rainy city-boots became freer and sat on the leg. I think if you wear with socks, not nylon golf, then more are carried.

  • Leather shoes are stretched in volume. You can stretch the leather shoes a bit in volume. Due to this, you may think that they stretched their shoes along the length to the whole size. Nothing like this! Do not forget that in addition to the leather top, the shoes have a sole of a certain size. Sock and heel in the manufacture of shoes are strengthened with a special hard material that does not stretch. Hence, u the size of the shoes does not change when stretching.

    In ready-made footwear from the skin, there is a limit of stretching: the skin from the inside is specially dubbed with a cloth, so that it does not deform and not very stretched.

    If you overdo it with a stretch of shoes, keep in mind that you stretched it in volume. It is impossible to pull back. So do not put too much socks on your boots, so as not to overdo it.

    In response to the question of how to stretch shoes, I detailed the possible options and means for stretching.

  • You can stretch your leather shoes boldly for one size. Well, if you try hard, it's two, but it stretches more in width than in length. But even here one must take into account such an option that the shoes all the same are noticeably deformed when stretching. The sole does not stretch, and the stretched skin and begins to hang over the sole and spoil the appearance of the shoe.

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