Snickers on your skin - how to understand?

Snickers on your skin - how to understand?

  • Snickers bars cease to interest consumers. In Russia, as they say, they already ate these Snickers and realized that our chocolate is better. So the overseas capitalists are coming up with how to earn money in Russia, and they are driving all the bullshit. Or maybe advertising will work again, until they again understand that it is necessary to consume everything domestic. So understand correctly, that this is the next marketing move.

  • And I really liked this advertising slogan. Children in the courtyard are already singing)

    And how to understand, in the second series, they said: "Did you really believe that the Snickers will release perfume?" Snickers does not change itself already 25 yearsquot; or something like that. And personally, I agree with this, why Snickers perfume is so good for them. So understand

  • Judging by the commercial and the slogan, it is possible that a new perfume, perfumes from the famous brand of chocolate bars Snickers, will really appear.

    It will be a line of man's perfume - chocolate aroma.

    And you can notice that the presented video is more like an advertising of perfume than usual rollers about chocolate bars.

    But for me it seems more like it's a new advertising marketing move.

    In the company Snickers is soon anniversary and that's why they launch a mega company - and what will it see soon.

    Also, if you pay attention at the end of the video below the inscription:

    Snickers on your skin - how to understand?

    But even the fact that the Snickers bar pack will change is quite possible.

  • I think that the "Snickers on your skin"; - it's just an advertising slogan. And such an incomprehensible and ambiguous one that would interest the audience. I do not think that chocolate bar producers will suddenly radically change the concept and start to produce perfume.

  • While people thought - guessed and conjectured about the perfume, which is supposedly going to produce the company, released the second part of the video. In it, the creators are at a loss to ask: quot; do you really believe that we will release the perfume, Sniskers for 25 years does not change the "quot ;. So a brilliant advertising move, once again forced to speak of themselves.

  • I think this advertising still implies the appearance of a new chocolate bar snickers, perhaps with frequent use of it, your skin will look better. Those. it is not only a snack, but also very useful for the body. About the toilet water, I'm not sure that they will change their production.

  • Did you believe that the Snickers released a new toilet water? No, the snickers did not do this and do not intend to. Snickers does not betray himself.

    For the first time the Snickers bar was invented in 1923 year, and in seven years its mass production began. This is one of the world's best selling chocolate bars.

  • Perfume with the scent of Snickers - that's what people began to imagine when they saw the first advertisement. However, you know - it's from the category of fiction. In fact, the makers of Snickers are going to release a new bar - as it was when it was with the white Snickers. The purpose of the first advertisement was to generate interest. And then went into effect the laws of trade - first cause interest, and then maintain a degree that people would like to buy goods.

  • This is an attempt to intrigue the viewer. In advertising, so to speak, joked that "snickers"; will not produce chocolate bars, but men's toilet water. But, of course, this is not true. quot; Snickersquot; and will continue to produce chocolates.

  • It's too early to say how to understand this commercial. But many sources hastened to interpret what they saw and heard only as a harbinger of the soon-to-come appearance of a new men's perfume on the market (well, not the bar of peanut butter on the skin of this scorching macho) from the producer of one of the world's most famous chocolates.

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