What if the cream is too thin?

What if the cream is too thin?

  • In order to create culinary masterpieces you do not need to have unique products. Most of the most usual and simple ingredients are amazing dishes.

    So, thanks only to sour cream, powdered sugar and vanilla, you can create a light, airy unique cream for the cake. True, sometimes mistresses are faced with the fact that the cream is too liquid.

    Let's try to figure out and fix a similar problem.

    What if the cream is too thin?

  • Sour cream can be too liquid for several reasons:

    • too much sugar, try adding more sour cream.
    • not fatty sour cream, for a cream is better to take home sour cream, I usually add fatty sour cream to 1 / 3 store cream, the cream is beaten perfectly. This problem can be corrected with a special thickener for sour cream.
  • You can add something that is thicker than your cream. For example, the same sour cream, but you can even more fat.

    Or butter, beforehand, of course, it needs to be brought to room temperature, and then gently hammered into the cream.

    And you can also resort to the help of gelatin, only I, for example, always feel it, so very rarely I add somewhere. Or starch, as an option. Just do not forget to hold the cream in the refrigerator in the first and second cases.

    And flour add a little. That she had a "nut"; taste, it is slightly fried in a frying pan.

    Remember that sugar will make your cream even lighter, so do not expect that this dry product will pull on excess moisture.

  • To thicken sour cream is usually added loose gelatin, but only after it is slightly cool, pour a thin trickle constantly stirring. In general, for the preparation of sour cream is better to use homemade sour cream, then the cream is well beaten becomes lush and keeps the shape well.

  • You can add a little gelatin (how to grow it is usually written on the package) and put in the fridge so that the cream thickens. Or else on the Internet you read that you can thicken with walnuts to thicken, but she herself has not tried to do so yet.

    Most likely, or sour cream is too fatty or sugar is shifted, it happens)

  • There are special additives for cream and sour cream in stores. The identity of the starch and sugar powder. Adding its cream from sour cream thickens (or its constituents). In the future, so that the sour cream is whipped, you need a high percentage of sour cream-20-30% and strain it through a gauze to bring on the night that the liquid drained, in capacity where it is poured enough salt (the salt imbues a moisture)

  • Sour cream often gets very liquid, in order to thicken it, you should add a spoonful of starch, or throw butter in sour cream and beat it again, but it is better to choose creamier varieties of cream for cream.

  • In order to thicken the sour cream, you need to add a thickener for sour cream, it is usually sold in departments with spices, seasonings and additives to baking. But in the city where I live I find such a very big problem. Therefore, in order to make the sour cream more dense I add cornstarch into it and mix it with a blender.

  • Sour cream becomes liquid from an overabundance of sugar. To thicken it, I add sugar powder (a teaspoon), a tablespoon of starch and butter. A good mix or whisk, it turns the cream even more delicious than it was.

  • Also faced with such a problem. In the end, I decided that I would still do it. I bought sour cream on the market the most fatty. And cream cheese. First I beat the sour cream with the sugar powder, then I added the cold cheese. The cream turned out not too cloying, with sourness, as I like and keeps the form. In general, I just have a good custard, and all these protein, sour, yoghurt for me are difficult .. I do not know why.

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