What can I cook in a bread maker?

What can I cook in a bread maker?

  • In addition to traditional bread and other sweet and unsweetened breads, you can prepare cupcakes, cakes, casseroles, pies, cheesecakes, pastry dough in the oven for pizza, cookies, bagels, pies in the bread maker, you can cook dough for vareniki, chebureks, pelmeni. If the quot; Jemquot; - You can brew jam, if provided function "Yogurt"; - then you can do yogurt. Baker, of course not a multivarker, but the scope of its capabilities is also great.

    The recipe for curd casserole in the bread maker:

    1. Curd 500 gr
    2. Eggs - 4 pcs. (whisk the proteins separately with salt)
    3. Sour cream 3 st.l.
    4. Manka 2 st.l.
    5. Baking powder 1 tsp (or soda at the tip of the knife)
    6. Vanillin
    7. Sugar - 4 tbsp. (in the end, a little more sugar - sprinkle on the finished casserole, for 10 min until the end of baking for a crispy crust)

    Bake smoothly 70 min.

    What can I cook in a bread maker?

  • I cook different types of bread in the bread maker, mix fresh and yeast dough, jam, jams, cupcakes.

  • In the bread maker, the best is bread. But I often cook pizza dough as well. Total 40 minutes and - done! Once I used to bake a cake in accordance with the recipe in the bread maker manual. It turned out great!

    You can also cook in a bakery and jam, but it seems to me that too little is enough for this, it's better to cook it in some other dish.

  • In the bread maker, you can make yourself the most different pastries from bread and cakes to muffins, Easter cakes, gingerbread, cakes, etc.

    Even bread in a bread maker it can be according to various recipes: rye, whole-grain, oatmeal, wheat-oatmeal, half-wheat, dietary, lean sourdough or kefir, yeast or yeast-free

    In the bread machine you can cook pastries for a variety of holidays: birthday, Easter, New Year. There are many recipes for Easter cakes in a bread maker in the usual way, also from cottage cheese dough, chocolate dough, etc.

    For bread there are ready-made previously described recipes, like Borodino bread in a bread maker, Ciabatta, etc.

    Prepare the tomato-mushroom bread in the bread maker. Of the products must be taken necessarily mushrooms in tomato (honey agaric):

    flour - 2,5 glass,

    Marinated in a tomato sauce - half a glass is needed,

    water - three quarters of a glass,

    sugar - one tablespoon,

    vegetable oil - one tablespoon,

    dry yeast in the amount of 1,5 chayn. spoons,

    salt one teaspoon.

    All products are added for mixing in the same order as the instructions dictate. If too large, a little grind by hand.

    Next - baking mode quot; mostlyquot; with quot; any crust ;. We look, so that there is enough flour, we get flavored snack bread to the first, second courses or to tea. Enjoy your meal!

    tomato-mushroom bread in a bread maker

  • In fact, you can bake a lot of different dishes in the bread-baker, almost like in a multivariate.

    I propose a recipe for corn porridge cooked in a bread maker.

    You will need:

    • one glass of corn cereal,
    • three glasses of water,
    • two tablespoons of butter,
    • one teaspoon of salt,
    • one tablespoon of sugar,

    All the ingredients are poured into the bread maker, filled with boiling water. Next, turn on the "quot; or "Gem". After the end, check if the porridge is ready. If, do not, set this mode again.

    If desired, you can sprinkle with the grated cheese. Or sprinkle finely chopped herbs and garlic.

  • I understand that you are not interested in this issue of cooking recipes for something in the bread maker, but what exactly can be cooked in it, well, except for the bread, of course, from which the very name bakery oven appeared.

    So, in a breadmaker, in addition to bread, you can bake various pies, muffins, cakes, pizza and even cook dough for dumplings or vareniki.

  • Theoretically, in a bread maker, in which there is a separate baking function, you can cook anything - it's just a heating device. You can cook something in it. If there is a function of jam, which implies gentle heating, it means that you can make jam, stew vegetables, do homemade preparations. Sometimes there are bread bakers with a function of yogurt. But all this can be done in a multivark.

    But what else can the bread maker do is make cupcakes, pies, casseroles, knead dough. With this, other household appliances can not cope.

  • What can not be cooked in the bakery. I do not even know how I did not live without. When choosing a bread maker, for me the main thing was the availability of a kneading test program for dumplings. And since my acquaintances who bought a bread maker before, used it only a couple of times, I assumed that my bread maker would suffer the fate of standing in the pantry. But it was not there. Experiments have begun on the preparation of various types of breads on complete programs: French, dietary, rye, Riga, with the addition of various types of flour, etc. Also, bake cakes and muffins in it. Especially I am helped by the modes of kneading the yeast dough, without yeast, dumplings, dumplings, laid all the ingredients in the bread maker, turned it on and went to work, how the dough was prepared, the bread maker will notify. Baking in our house is much more frequent than before. We do not buy bread at the store at all. And most of all I like it when the smell of fresh bread awakens in the morning.

    The recipe for casserole: 300 gr. cottage cheese, 3 eggs (whisk with sugar 3 tablespoons and a pinch of salt), 3 tablespoons of flour or manga (with a manga will be more tender and airy). Sun mix, lay in the bread maker and put the baking program for 60 minutes.

  • When it comes to what you can bake in a bread maker, it's probably easier to say what can not be baked in it, than what you can bake in it. For example, here is a short list of what bread can be baked in a bread maker, and there are other cakes, muffins, rolls, etc.

    What can I cook in a bread maker?

    Detailed recipes for bread makers I recommend to look at the sites: hlebopechka.net и hlebopechka.ru

  • In the bread maker you can cook

    different cupcakes. But here you need to adjust exactly to your model bread maker. Because the modes are different for everyone and the way to bookmark products too.

    Try searching here http://hlebopechka.ru/index.php?option=com_smfamp;Itemid=126amp;topic=187.0

    I also tried to cook ketchup in the bakery. It turned out very saturated tomato taste. However, we quickly ate it and how it is stored in the winter I do not know. Another brewed apple jam - also very quickly eaten, tk. very tasty.

    But they say that with bread makers in which first of all liquid products are laid, one should not abuse liquid recipes and put bread in the morning. So my neighbor spoiled the 2 bowls, until she realized what was wrong.

  • In addition to bread in the bread maker, you can cook many different dishes. If you want to make cottage cheese casserole, then lay all the ingredients: cottage cheese, eggs, sugar, flour, and set the time. Time is needed a little more than if you were cooking in the oven, as the ingredients must still be mixed. I like to make jams in the bread maker. I lay apples or berries, sugar and set time. The longer the cooking time, the thicker the jam will be.

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