What to cook in nature: ideas and recipes

Many of us love to celebrate significant events in life in nature: in a forest glade, by a lake or river, near the sea on the sand. What could be better than escaping from the annoying city bustle for at least a few hours, and preferably for the whole weekend. Whether there is a tent, a wooden house in the woods, a car as a place for an overnight stay, a five-star apartment - for many there is no significant difference. The main thing here is to walk barefoot, sing songs around the fire, chat with friends, swim in the river, and you never know the pleasures of the trip? But the important question: "What to cook in nature?" also very relevant. After all, even on a one-day picnic you cannot take anything ready with you, especially if the trip is to be long-distance and during the hot season. And even more so if it is assumed a three-day communication with kind. In this article we will try to fantasize with you what to cook on the table in nature, so that the holiday held in the “field conditions” will be a success.what to cook in nature

Natural menu

As a rule, especially when preparing to go on a short forest rest, the menu is rarely thought out so scrupulously. Usually rely on intuition and Russian perhaps. But the main dishes and snacks still need to be imagined, if only to bring along the right products and in the right quantity. Therefore, it is useful to sketch an approximate list of dishes on a piece of paper. Usually a list of what to cook for a holiday in nature, may consist of one or two main courses and a few snacks and salads. All sorts of sandwiches and their derivatives are well used: canapés, tartinki, tartlets, sandwiches (we will talk about their great diversity and quick ways to feed the whole horde later). It is also worth thinking over drinks, especially if going to the nature with children. But let's talk about everything in order.

Main dishes

The fact that you can cook on a picnic in nature, you should think in advance. The top of the most popular dishes, of course, includes dishes made on live fire, on the grill or other devices for frying. But the variations of these dishes can be very different: kebab, meat on the grill, barbecue, baked fish, kebab lula. Grilled vegetables and baked potatoes as a pioneer garnish are also popular among the people. In order to cook all this, it is necessary to make some preliminary actions, without which the holiday will probably be incomplete.birthday in nature what to make a photo

Preparatory work

  • At least you will need a brazier. Simple small folding grills, which are easily installed almost anywhere, are very popular today. Attention: when using a brazier in the forest (and not only) it is necessary to observe the rules of fire safety and not to let small children go to the burning fire: this is fraught with the fact that your holiday may soon end in failure.
  • Also, be sure to take care of the wood and coal that will be used to kindle a fire. Hoping that, they say, we are still going to the forest and there is always a lot of firewood, we should not. First of all, people like you can be many, and natural firewood can be simply disassembled. And then you will spend a certain amount of time trying to find them all the same. And secondly, not all sorts of wood can make good roast meat, keep this in mind. Therefore, we buy a couple of good bundles of firewood and, in addition to them, a bag of charcoal (sold in many supermarkets or at gas stations), especially if you plan to cook for a large company. It is advisable to buy a bottle and means for rapid ignition, so as not to mess with all sorts of newspapers and forest needles and bark. No, there are, of course, fans of the ignition of the fire in a pioneering manner, from improvised means, but believe me, the meat on such a fire can turn out to be not quite edible and not soft enough.

Cooking shish kebab

What to cook in nature, if you are going there to go quite a big company? This popular and favorite dish of all - the first thing that comes to mind. Kebabs are different choice of meat, additional ingredients and seasonings, marinade, in which the meat was soaked. Today we will try to cook traditional pork shish kebab.

Choosing meat

This procedure, respectively, must be made in advance. The choice of the carcass is yours. Someone loves kebabs from the neck - they turn out to be fat and ruddy. Someone loves cutting (it turns out dryish, but it is prepared, especially after soaking, once or twice or three). Someone prefers the back. Yes, and another tip on this topic: try to calculate the amount of raw materials with a margin. It will be embarrassing if the finished kebab will not be enough or just someone will not get yummy.


Professionals say: the success of a kebab directly depends on the marinade in which it was soaked. Therefore, this issue should be given increased attention. Here are some marinade options for a successful kebab (tested in practice):

  • The fastest and easiest way - in kefir. This is if the meat was bought directly before a picnic and it needs to be soaked quickly. We take 1% kefir - in such quantity that it completely covers the chopped meat in the pan. Add there chopped onion rings and spices. All mix thoroughly and cover with a lid. Just a couple of hours, the meat will be successfully pickled.
  • Good taste in meat, soaked in a light beer or in dry white wine (sour) using the same spices and onions. In the Caucasus, they even produce special ordinary wines for steeping kebabs. But in this case, the semifinished product should be marinated for at least three or four hours, and better all night. Then the meat becomes very tender and cooks quickly enough.
  • Mayonnaise, just not too greasy, is also suitable for marinade. Pouring the mayonnaise and adding the spices with onions, you need to knead the meat thoroughly with your hands in a saucepan and only then leave to marinate. And another thing: to mayonnaise, it is recommended to add a couple of drops of vegetable oil (preferably olive oil).
  • Mustard marinade in French. You need to buy French (not spicy) mustard, add a spoonful of lemon juice, spices. Mix everything thoroughly with the meat.
  • Some use mineral water with lemon juice and spices as a marinade.

Choose any marinade to your taste (on purpose there is no Soviet version with the use of vinegar, because the meat still has the characteristic vinegar flavor).

The task of what to cook in nature, has almost been solved. Things are easy: fry the kebab itself.what to cook for nature recipes

A few tips

  1. Firewood or coal must be properly burned out. Never cook on open flames: the meat will burn from above, but inside it will be damp.
  2. Well helps to shoot down an ordinary spray gun (as for ironing clothes). Some craftsmen constantly water the meat, thus creating a steam bath over the fire. And the meat is very tender.
  3. Do not forget to constantly turn the skewers. So kebab roasted evenly from all sides.
  4. You can check the readiness by cutting a piece of meat to a skewer. If there is no pink tint, then the kebab is ready.


Now let's talk about what to cook for kebabs on nature. So, one of the main courses produced. But you will not eat naked kebabs. To him rely snacks, side dishes, salads. What to cook for kebabs on nature? Let's try to offer several options without unnecessary frills - very simple in execution, just suitable for the discharge of coarse food in nature:

  • Cucumber and tomato salad. This is a traditional, accompanying pork kebab, cuisine. Vegetables help to better absorb such heavy food as roasted meat. Cooking this salad is quite simple. We take in equal parts cucumbers and tomatoes. Add fresh greens and some garlic. All cut, but not very small, in a large bowl. Stir and salt. We fill with olive (or any other fast) oil and a drop of lemon juice.
  • What to cook in nature for kebabs yet? Here is a recipe for a very simple and tasty (and for those who had a pioneer childhood, also a nostalgic) side dish - baked potatoes. Moreover, after cooking the main dish there are still hot coals. It is quite simple to inflate them if necessary to increase the heat and bury in them unpeeled raw potatoes, previously washed. Readiness is checked with a toothpick or with an ordinary match: if it is pierced easily, it means that the potato is ready.what to cook for kebabs on nature
  • Some prefer to wrap each potato in a piece of foil and only then put it in the coals. So you can get rid of the soot that remains on the potato as a result of the previous recipe. But then, to make our side dish even more tasty, cut the potato and put a small piece of bacon into it, and then you can wrap it in foil and send it to the fire.

Cooking on the fire

By the way, what to cook in nature on a fire, so to speak, open, without the participation of such devices as a brazier? Excellent options - Cossack Kulesh, Lagman, pilau, ear. The latter option is more suitable for those who combine business with pleasure: getting out for a picnic, he also took the bait with him. For all the above dishes, you need to have a good and spacious cauldron (preferably with a tripod, on which it can be hung over a fire). For the rest, on the topic "What to cook for a picnic in nature?" recipes of dishes may be different (each has its own secrets).what to cook in nature on fire


For real Uzbek plov, of course, we need lamb, but not everyone loves its distinctive flavor. In this case, you can cook pilaf on the fire on pork ribs - just delicious! By the way, instead of fat-tailed mutton fat, ordinary pork would be perfect. So, proceed to cooking:

  1. Place a cauldron over a fire on a tripod. The fire should be, but not strong. Pour into the cauldron a little vegetable oil.
  2. Put the fat in the pot and melt it. We seize cracklings. Separate the ribs one by one and stir in the cauldron. Stir and fry until crusted.
  3. A couple of onions cleaned and cut into half rings. Throw to the meat. Fry.
  4. There - grated carrots and wean it until softened. Then pour water to cover the meat with vegetables, and simmer 30 minutes. After we introduce the spices for pilaf and salt.
  5. Rice, pre-soaked (better to take a long, not sticky), lay out in a cauldron. Fill with water. The ratio of water and rice - 2: 1.
  6. Later in the middle of the mass, we make a large hole for the removal of air and excess water. Cooking minutes 20-30 (until rice is ready, but it can be different). Just before the final we stick garlic cloves around the perimeter.

Such a tasty, fire-smelling dish is one of the best choices for cooking in nature (photo above). Pilaf is eaten hot, decomposed in portions. You can sprinkle with fresh herbs as a useful decoration.what to cook for a picnic on nature snacks

What to cook on a picnic in nature: snacks

As for snacks in the open air, one simple rule can be derived: they should be simple and straightforward. Because, first of all, everyone wants to relax and talk, and not fooling his head too complicated performance. And secondly, nature itself disposes to simplicity and a minimum of refinement.

What to cook on a picnic in nature? Snacks can be very different. The simplest thing that comes to mind is the cutting of smoked meat and cheese, decorated with vegetables. Everything is simple. With nature you need to take several types of smoked meat and bacon, cheese, cucumbers with tomatoes. Next, do this: take a huge dish (to be enough for the whole company), cut into thin slices all this stuff and artistically arrange it in random order, decorating with dill and parsley.

Pickles are also one of the fastest and most delicious choices of what to cook in nature. Recipes blanks all different. It can be rolled up cucumbers or tomatoes, oriental eggplants with garlic and pepper, marinated zucchini, plums in a spicy sauce. We act quickly and simply: open the banks, lay out in prepared containers, decorate with fresh greens. You can make a mix of pickled vegetables: arrange cucumbers with tomatoes, for example, or make a salad of salted foods by adding fresh onions and dressing with vegetable oil.


If you decide to spend a birthday in nature, what to cook? Photos and recipes of the main dishes were presented above. They can be successfully used by everyone. But the most convenient and problem-free option for this holiday, on which there are usually many guests, is sandwiches, tartlets and canapes. What is their charm and significance for a picnic? On a small section of solid bread or in a small basket, you can place almost anything. Yes, and cooking these dishes for one bite is quite simple and fast. Cheese paste, ham, salted fish, vegetables and even fruit can be used as fillings. And most importantly, they get a lot! You can easily feed the whole big company snacks.what to cook on the table in nature

So decide for yourself if you are going to spend your birthday in nature, what to cook. Photos and recipes of these simple and tasty dishes will help you in the preparation, but it is not forbidden to use your own imagination.

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