Yogurt “Danissimo”: types, reviews

In this article we will comprehensively study the yoghurt "Danissimo". Is the product of the company useful, as the manufacturer claims? How many calories are in such a jar? And the composition? We will tell about all this in our article. Danone, which produces curds and yogurts, has long been known in Russia and managed to win the sympathy of users. But relatively recently, new products have appeared on store shelves. These are sour-milk desserts and creamy yogurts called “Danissimo”. The commercial hit the memory with the words: “And let the whole world wait!” Do all problems recede into the background while you enjoy Danissimo yoghurt? This we learn by analyzing consumer reviews. In this article we will tell a brief history of the company "Danone", we will give a complete layout of the composition of products, we will describe the benefits (and possible harm) of yogurt. We hope that the information received will be useful to you.Yogurt danissimo

History of fermented milk product

The word “yogurt” (yoğurt) is Turkish, and is translated as “condensed”. But the fermented milk dish was known much earlier than the Ottoman Empire was born. Even Pliny the Elder wrote that Scythians condense milk and make it a delicious drink. The Bulgarians, being a nomadic people, sour koumiss. And when they had settled, they began to make yogurt from sheep's milk. The Turks only borrowed this invention and gave it a name. And in Europe, yogurt became known for the intestinal colic of King Louis the Eleventh (second half of the fifteenth century). A certain doctor from Constantinople regaled the monarch with condensed and fermented milk, which made him recover. Here is what a long and winding path he made to get to the tables of Europeans, yogurt "Danissimo".Yoghurt danissimo with balls


It was not by chance that Danone was founded by Isaac Carasso, who came from the Balkans. This doctor began practicing in Barcelona in 1919. At that time, many children in Spain had intestinal disorders and dysbacteriosis. And then Isaac Carasso remembered that at home these ailments were traditionally treated with yogurt. Back in 1908, Russian professor Ilya Mechnikov determined what exactly skvashivaet milk. Strains of the Bulgarian rod (bacterium is named after the drink’s homeland) and thermophilic streptococcus are responsible for turning it into yogurt. Carasso wrote these lactic cultures to Barcelona. At first he offered his product to the doctors of the capital of Catalonia. And then, when its benefits became well known, clay pots with skimmed milk from Danon were sold in pharmacies in Barcelona. But it took about twenty years for products to occupy shelves in regular stores, and even more for Danissimo yogurt to be born. By 1942, Danon was already known in Western Europe, the USA, as well as in Brazil and Mexico. In 1953, the company launched a fermented milk product with juice and fruit pieces. Since then, nothing has restrained the culinary imagination of producers.Yogurt Danissimo photo

Wide product range

In 2007, the company adopted a new concept. Now it is focused exclusively on the release of "healthy" products that can be consumed in baby food. And, above all, it is milk and products from it: yoghurts, curds, mashed potatoes. So there was a line "Danissimo". It is designed to pamper yourself, loved ones. Indeed, in yogurt, cottage cheese and cream desserts of this brand there is so much bliss that, indeed, “let the world wait” while we enjoy them. Everyone can choose for themselves something suitable from the widest range of products. Here you will find traditional berries, chocolate chips, tiramisu, cheesecake and even ice cream! Benefits for the body and delicious taste - this is what Danissimo yoghurt bribes. "Fantasy" is a new line. The unusual products immediately striking. After all, creamy yogurt "Danissimo Fantasia" consists of two jars under one lid. Let's take a look inside.Yogurt danissimo fantasy

Assortment line "Danissimo"

Creamy yogurts and delicious desserts are produced under this name. These last amaze with a variety of tastes. Desserts combine pieces of fruit or jam, a delicate cottage cheese cake and a sponge cake. Therefore, the name of some jars speaks for itself: "Strawberry Cheesecake", "Tiramisu", "Lemon-Ginger", "Banana-Caramel". There are many desserts that use different types of chocolate. There is also a taste of ice cream. Cheese dessert with the addition of chocolate balls is quite popular. But there the crunchy properties of flakes are already largely lost from a long stay in a liquid medium. For those who adore "dry breakfasts", and Danissimo yogurt with balls was invented. It consists of two compartments. Yoghurt itself is in the larger, without any flavorings (except a little vanilla). The second, smaller, contains balls in two types of chocolate glaze (black and white), berry drops or flakes. There are also yoghurts, where there is jam (strawberry, blueberry, etc.) in such a compartment.Yogurt Danissimo manufacturer


It is listed on the package. What is Danissimo yogurt made from? Label photo shows everything without reserve. The yogurt itself (the one in the larger compartment) is made from skimmed natural and dry milk, cream, sugar and leaven. As you can see, nothing criminal, that is harmful to health. The taste of this yogurt is almost unsweetened, slightly sour, very delicate in texture, with a velvety taste. And now look closer to the smaller compartment. Take the crunchy chocolate balls. The flakes themselves are made from rice and wheat flour, barley malt, bran, sugar and salt. What is confusing is calcium carbonate as a stabilizer and soy lecithin, which acts as an emulsifier. Balls are covered with three types of chocolate: dark, milky and white. The composition of the glaze is approximately the same: cocoa butter, sugar, lecithin, milk, vanilla.Yogurt Danissimo calorie

Caloric value

What is the nutritional value of Danissimo yogurt? Caloric content of this product depends on the filler. After all, the pure yogurt itself is a dietary product. A jar contains only three grams of protein, 6,9 g of fat, and carbohydrates make up 12,3 g. The energy value of a larger compartment is just one hundred twenty-four calories per hundred grams of yogurt. But if you take into account the contents of a smaller compartment, then losing weight you need to think three times before you begin to absorb tasty fillers. Jam - strawberry or blueberry - will be a lesser evil. Although here we see the sugar content - not a very useful ingredient. Calculate the energy value of the filler, traditionally based on chocolate balls. Carbohydrates in them are sixty-one grams, fat - 26,6 g, and proteins - 6,1. As for the energy value, then one hundred grams of chocolate balls contains five hundred and seven calories.Yogurt Danissimo reviews

Other Features

Like the rest of Danon's products, in Russia Danissimo yoghurt is manufactured by a counterparty, which is Danon Industry LLC. But do not worry about the quality of the original curds and desserts. After all, the main director in the Russian campaign is Bernard Alan Marie Ducrot. He ensures that products manufactured in the Russian Federation are no different from world standards. Yoghurts, desserts, milk, cottage cheese, sour cream and cream come to the capital's shops from the village of Lyubuchany, Chekhov district, Moscow region.

Yoghurt "Danissimo": reviews

But this is information taken from the official website of the campaign. And what do ordinary consumers say about Danissimo yogurt? Many people like convenient packaging. When the flavor filler and yogurt are in different containers, you can control the sweetness of the dessert yourself. You can mix them together or eat one at a time - as you like. In addition, flakes and balls do not soak from prolonged contact with yogurt, but remain crispy. Jam can also be mixed in different proportions. Taste yoghurt "Danissimo" like a gentle cloud. It is impossible not to fall in love with the first spoon. The only disadvantage, as they say consumer reviews, is the price. Usually it is thirty nine rubles per pack. But there are pleasant exceptions. For shares of this dessert you can buy for twenty-five rubles.

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